I’m seven and so is she. And so is he.

Last night during one of our late night text-a-thons Dub was telling me about a friend of ours who is dealing with some vandalism. We’re pretty sure it’s kids or teens since it’s pretty harmless stuff so far and of course we hope it stays that way. Among other random silly things, they buried a HAM in his backyard. A pig? I asked. Nope. A ham.  I was trying wrap my brain around this bizarre event, texting her questions furiously. Was it in a can? Like a honey baked Ham? A frozen Ham? How did he find it? Was it in a shallow grave? An open grave? 
And that was  when it hit me…he’s been HAMBURGLED
Thank you! Thankyouverymuch! I’ll be here all week! Don’t try the veal, is cruel and disgusting! Tip your waitresses, Goodnight!
Perhaps it was the late hour but I was giggling so hard as I tried to say (text) this to Dub that it took three tries to convince the dang iPhone I did indeed mean Ham Burgled.  I didn’t get a text for about three minutes and then I got one…full of typos. 
-I’m crying. Too funny. 
Then a few moments later- My stomach is killing me and I’m trying to laugh quietly so I don’t wake the baby but I’m dying! 
Even all the way across the country I can still make my sister laugh! And honestly, this is quite a feat because even if I’m sort of known as the ‘funny’ one, she is actually WAY funnier than me. The only person who has ever made me laugh almost as hard is my husband. That’s how I know he’s the one.
Ham burgled. It’s such a 7 year old’s joke. Heather  (Dub) and I were once reduced to tears when the Archdiocese of LA gave an award to a Cardinal (Or Priest or Dr. I can’t remember) Titse. Tit-See. And they repeated his name over and over and over on the news and because we are seven year old boys…we laughed over and over and over. 

My son’s sense of humor is clearly developing in the same vein. Yesterday he crawled all the way across the room and up to me placed his mouth in the crook of my elbow and blew the biggest, wettest, fartiest, zerbert I have ever heard. He then proceeded to roll over onto his back and laugh maniacally for about five minutes while kicking his legs and holding his belly.

We are all enrolled in second grade for the fall.
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4 thoughts on “I’m seven and so is she. And so is he.

  1. Tru and Max are going to get along so well! Blowing zerberts on my arm is one of her favorite things to do. Can’t wait for them to meet. And Mav too, of course.

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