Missing in Action

One sense of humor where babies are concerned. Night before last we went to see The Hangover, which I should have loved, loved, loved. It was indeed very funny and Zach Galifianakis is a freaking comedy genius, Ed Helms is no slouch and eye candy Bradley Cooper more than holds his own, since he’s not just a pretty boy he’s a real live trained actor! Which when you look like Bradley Cooper is not really a requirement in Hollywood but this boy knows his Ibsen and Chekov and can throw down with the best of them so I happily forked over my money to see it.And it was really freaking funny. But, there’s a baby. One seriously, ridiculously cute little baby. We meet the baby after they’ve partied so hard they remember nothing and oops! there’s a baby in the closet. Hmmm. Curious. No biggie, our three rapscallions take the baby on their wild adventure to connect the dots and find out what the heck happened the night before. No car seat obviously but the sweet little munchkin is strapped into the car after taking a knock on the head from the car door. All is well until they leave the baby in a hot car in the middle of the day in Vegas. WHAT? Bradley Cooper’s character (who is a father, by the way) say’s “it’ll be fine, I cracked a window.” Oh, well thank God someone cracked a window! I really couldn’t pay attention to the scene at hand because all I could think was- baby.car.sun.brain damage. get.the.baby.now! 

Of course Zach had to listen to me say horrified -I can’t believe that! Clearly no mothers were on set! Brain damage can occur in minutes, that baby could be dead by the time they get out of there!! (the baby is fine as it’s a comedy!)
Yeah. It’s a movie, I need to lighten up. But someone so stupid it should be spelled stoopid will leave their kid in a car this summer, and crack a window.  I’m not talking about the accidental deaths of children in cars, but someone will do it on purpose. Just for a few minutes. And I don’t think that’s funny. I’m not saying it’s the movies fault! But I am saying that now, my perspective is forever altered and things that I wouldn’t have thought twice about now keep me up at night. Like a baby in a car.
Apparently my sense of humor has gone missing in action in regards to anything child/danger related. I am sure my husband will pay a nice reward if anyone sees it, please return and collect your reward. He would like to be able to watch movies like the Hangover without statistics about child endangerment. 

4 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Nooooo, I totally agree with you!!! Men just don’t get it. I think things like this are funny until we become parents ourselves and then everything we see, whether it’s funny or not, is just plain disturbing!!

  2. High five on that! I can’t bare to watch the news anymore because I want to cry/kill someone/faint from incredulity with the id-juts out there!It really is too bad most everyone can make babies…… But I’m still dying to see this movie… 😉 LOL!

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