Apparently I’m not the only one…

Last night after a marathon bedtime routine with the little one we headed out to see Bruno. I admit that while Borat offended the heck out of me I did laugh hard enough that my belly hurt so while its not really my ‘thing’ per se I happily went with Zach to see it. Knowing he would take me to Harry Potter to even the score.

Bruno is not nearly the movie that Borat was and while I don’t think it will perpetuate homophobia I admit it’s because I come from a mindset of no homophobia and enough experience with ‘real live homosexuals’ to know that it is just a silly character. Watching some of the non actors I could see how people could think that this was indeed who all homosexuals are. So perhaps GLAAD has a point. If you’ve never known any gay people I can assure you that the vast majority of them really are just like you and me except for the sex of the person they love.
We were in an audience of mostly teenagers and college student and the laughter was pretty even throughout the whole movie except at one point.
The children’s casting call. From the previews (so I’m, not spoiling anything for anyone) we all know that Bruno adopts a little boy from Africa, who seriously is so.dang.cute. I mean, this baby is ridiculous cute. Make your ovaries twinge cute. Cute. But that’s neither here nor there…
Bruno wants to be a star so he decides to have a photo shoot with the baby and he has a casting for other babies to be in the pictures with little O.J. Yes, that’s what he’s named the baby.
The parents of these children in the casting call might want to prepare for a visit from CPS. As is his norm he asks all sorts of outrageous questions as to what people would be ok with their babies doing. Would you get your 2 year old liposuction if she can’t loose ten pounds in a week?
Whatever it takes, said the 2 year old in questions mother.
This was the one and only section where no one laughed in our theatre. There were plenty of “oh my Gods” and “No ways” I glanced around the theater and almost everyone female had their hands over their faces and then men just looked astonished.
Having lived in Los Angeles and acted professionally for years I was horrified but not surprised. No matter how you slice people are willing to do anything to be famous. So maybe Bruno works on another level…I don’t know.
So apparently I’m not the only one who has lost their sense of humor where babies are concerned.

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