Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Me falling in love with Zuzu, less than an
hour old.
Zuzu 6 Days, Max 1 Day

I just can’t let the day go by without a public declaration of what happened one year ago today! My precious nephew Isaiah was born! And a mere 6 days later, Baby Max came reluctantly into the world! When Zuzu was born I would hold him and if he fussed Max would move in the womb, and when they were both here safe and sound we would put them together and they would instantly cuddle up hold hands.We are sure to tease them about this later in life.

Zuzu 3 weeks, Max 2 weeks.

Max and Zuzu only got to spend 9 weeks together before we moved but when we came back to visit they started right where they left off. Cuddling up and holding hands. I can’t wait to go back and visit in August and see them together, two 13 month olds climbing and crawling and negotiating a new friendship that will last all their lives. They really have no choice in the matter.
Happy Birthday Zuzu! It was an honor to be there when you were born and it breaks my heart not to be with you now, I wish you a strong and healthy second year and I hope to be with you soon!!!

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