I think I’ll keep him.

All because Little Boy and Little Girl can do it!

Something happened at the beginning of this month that caused me great joy. I’m pretty sure my husband was going to call the loony bin from the way I’d been moping about since we left L.A. and he’s tired of hearing me say dramatically “I miss my frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends“. But then, out of nowhere…my friend W moved here! I KNOW, RIGHT??? Now I’m pretty sure the husband is going to call the loony bin from the way I randomly squeak “I’ve got a friend!” at inappropriate times. And even better? My friend has kids. Two, effing cool, cute as a button kids. A daughter who is exactly one year older than Baby Max and a son who is 21 months older than her daughter. Cool kids, and they are so good with Baby Max, letting him use their toys and teaching them how to do things like dance and crawl through tunnels! He loves Little Girl, but Little Boy? He is obsessed with! It’s fascinating to see him at such a young age already know which one he is, and which one to emulate. And whatever Little Boy does? Max is desperate to try it too. I’m certainly that he will walk in the next week because he wants to go where Little Boy goes.

So, My friend has another friend in DC and that friend has kids too! We all went to the zoo together, three mommies and six kids from 6-1 and it went to well. W’s friend K has a 6 year old boy, so whatever Big Boy did was quickly imitated by Little Boy and then by Baby Max. Comedy gold people, and so sweet to watch!
Yesterday we all met at Cactus Cantina for a little dinner. This time all the husbands came a long so it was a whole to do. A great time was had by all. K and I were seated at the end of the table with Baby Max and her Baby Girl (who looks like Cindy Lou Who. All of her kids are so cute.) Baby Max and Baby Girl did very well at dinner, she is three months older than him and the differences are amazing! I can’t wait to see him at that age. They shared crayons and watched each other like crazy. Then it happened. Baby Girl some how in the blink of an eye smashed her chin on the table. She made what we refer to as ‘the saddest face in the universe’ and started that cry. You know the one, I know the one…and Baby Max knew the one. Baby Girl was of course, scooped up and comforted by Mommy. Poor Baby Max didn’t know what to do! He was so upset! He speaks her language! He knew exactly how bad that bump hurt and how upset she was and he kept reaching out to comfort her and trying to calm her down. Baby Girl was very busy with Mommy as she should be but that didn’t stop Max from trying! Once the crisis was over and Baby Girl was back in the high chair next to him, Max reached out and grabbed her hand. I swear to God, they looked at each other for a while holding hands and then he gave her hand a little pat and they went back to playing.
How fricking cute is that?
I’m totally gonna keep him!

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