Paul McCartney is doing God’s work and I need more sunglasses

A hundred million years ago before I slogged into the Doldrums and dug myself a little sad puppy shaped hole to hide in, we went to see Paul McCartney and it.was.amazing.

How many 67 year old dudes can rock skinny red suspenders and look smoking hot. One. That’s how many. And that chosen one is Sir Paul effing McCartney.

More proof Paul is chosen: the man played for two straight hours and never once took a sip of water.

It was pretty freaking amazing being surrounded by like 30 thousand people, all of us loosing our minds at each song he sang. To the right of us there were two 20 year old guys, to the left a couple in their 60’s. I’m pretty sure if her husband hadn’t been there she might have tossed some undergarments in the general direction of the stage.

All these people from all walks of life brought together by Paul McCartney. It actually kinda felt a bit like a really cool groovy church. I mean, in church everyone is brought together and you sing “Peace Be With You”. At the concert we sang “Give Peace a Chance”

Since I truly believe that all things come from God i.e. talent, the ability to move people to good, I feel there is no blasphemy in the comparison. I’m not saying Paul is Jesus or God or anything like that…but like Church we were all inspired, uplifted. And think about it…Beatles songs, Paul’s songs are applicable to all situations. There’s not one thing that can happen in life that can’t be either celebrated, commiserated or comforted by one of the songs. Lonely? Eleanor Rigby. Relationship woes? Yesterday. Your child having trouble? Hey Jude…

I truly mean it when I say it was a highlight of my life seeing him live. Amazing. I even bought merch. That’s how much I loved it, how inspired I was. I bought MERCH people!!

That’s how cool he was.

Tomorrow I fly home to LA LA Land for a visit! I will miss Zach while I am gone but I am truly looking forward to visiting home and my friends, some of whom have never even met Max because we moved so quickly. Yay!

I am ridiculously excited to see everyone. I truly am an LA girl. Growing up in Colorado I never felt at home there but when I got to LA it just felt like well…home. I’m not your typical LA girl, I’m missing several of the prerequisites for being LA. I’m missing the fake boobs. The 365 tan. The long blonde tresses. I’ve got none of them and yet in Los Angeles I found my community. Even in the land of Paris Hilton I was cherished for the very things that I was teased about as a kid. My uber pale skin, my dark hair, and my totally crazy sense of humor. Who knew that in a city where everyone usually looks pretty much alike people are given a chance to be individuals. I am, however, completely guilty of the big sunglasses-yoga pants look. I’m so getting more sunglasses when home!

I’m totally afraid to fly and flying with the little one all by myself is even more daunting! So everyone please think some happy easy flying thoughts for us tomorrow! Luckily, I’m flying with Superman so I think we’ll be ok!

Then when I get home it will be my and Kelly’s birthdays, then Zach’s birthday, then Dub’s birthday, then Christmas and BAM! We’re talking about moving home in the new year, and so my mood is considerably lifted.

I’m usually a big birthday gal but this time I don’t really care. Not in a depressed way, but honestly? I’m not twelve anymore and I’m not to excited about it. Usually for my birthday I go visit fabulous Dr. B who slathers my face in acid and then injects botulism between my eyes and where my crows feet would be and then shoves gel into my parenthesis. Since I’m nursing I can’t do any of them. Hmpf. Seriously scientists, quit trying to cure cancer and stuff and start working on approved for nursing mothers vanity treatments! (Can I keep claiming that the only reason I get toxed is that Dr. S prescribed it for my migraines? No? Sigh, that’s how it began but oh! the side effects are lovely, as are the no migraines.)

3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney is doing God’s work and I need more sunglasses

  1. A Paul McCartney concert?! Sounds like fun!I once had the “honor” of riding on an elevator with the man at a hotel! I was on the elevator alone and it stopped and on hopped Paul McCartney—-my brain was screaming “Do you know who you are?? You are Paul McCartney! Do you KNOW that?!” But I’m happy to say I remained calm and he and I chatted it up a bit on the long ride to the main floor. My heart pounded the entire time…….it was very surreal!!Anyways…..this is my first time to your blog and I’m loving it! I’m following you now from the Follower’s Club over at MBC! Loved this post!

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