So remember when?

Remember when I said something good was coming? Well…what? 48 hours and one phone call later we hastily purchased a ticket to ride for this morning so that Zach could fly off to Los Angeles for a job interview. And not just a job, a like foot in the door, career making job! Whatever happens, please think good thoughts for him tomorrow as his interview is in the morning.

So he’s home in LA and going to see Dub, Mahmood and Zuzu tonight and I am so jealous!
But here is the thing, if (when…WHEN) he gets a great job in LA and we head back it will be bittersweet. It’s no longer a case of oh-my-God-when-can-we-go-home and is now but-wait!-I-was-really-starting-to-like-it-here.
I do. I love D.C. I love the weather, the people, the atmosphere. I always wanted a big family and never really had one, it was just me and my mom and she tried desperately to be everything I needed. She was and is a rockstar, but I always wished for aunts and uncles and grandparents nearby and I love that Max has this at his fingertips. Wherever he goes in this house there is someone ecstatic to see him, cuddle him, dance with him and love him.
i’ll miss that.
I’ll miss the rain and how green it is. I can picture us living here, getting a cute townhouse in Georgetown, raising Max and hopeful #2. Having a real life here.
What is that about? I’ll still pack my bags and head home with a happy heart! But how odd, to realize that even while I was resisting living anywhere else than LA, DC has crept in and made a little home in my heart.
I’ve given up trying to control anything anymore, I’m just turning it all over. Whatever will be will be, wherever we live we will make a home. I am just thrilled that Zach got this interview and whatever the outcome is; it’s nothing but good.

3 thoughts on “So remember when?

  1. I am sitting here in my beautiful little house in Chattanooga looking at the green trees just starting to turn their autumn colours, amazed by how blue the sky is and that I have not heard a heilocopter, nor anyone ask me what projects I have lined up since I left The City of The Fallen Angels. It is almost impossible for me to imagine anyone wanting to be there. ESPECIALLY with a child!! But to each their own! I will be thinking good thoughts for you all!! xoxH

  2. Very excited for you both. DC doesn’t suck. I ❤ it too. I know you will make the best of where ever you end up living. Am excited about the talks of baby #2!! 🙂 Good thoughts to Z and this amazing opportunity for him.

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