Tales from the playground

Yesterday was clear and bright but chilly. The air was really sharp and you could just tell…Winter is coming. I had a monster case of cabin fever and the minute Zach got home from work I practically screamed  “Let’s take him to the playground!” He’s finally walking now, and I’ve been waiting patiently for that so we bundled him up, leashed the Prozac Puppy, stuck Max in the  (did I mention the brake is broken on my freaking expensive useless) stroller and off we went!
Max’s eyes lit up like a child at Christmas when he saw those swings. Oh how he loves to swing! We swang, he went on the slide with Daddy and even got brave enough to slide himself into my waiting arms.
We weren’t there alone for very long. Soon a dad and his three year old boy arrived on the scene and suddenly we were responsible for two kids. Thanks random dad.  Luckily little boy was pretty friendly although he did not understand that Max was too little to just go down the slide with him and he was frustrated Max couldn’t climb as well as he could.
After a bit they decided to head out and oh! you’ve never seen a three year old not want to leave more than this kid. He screamed, he wailed he arched his back.

Zach said, as he carried Max to his stroller “I’m so glad we’re not there yet.”
I smiled to myself…silly man.
Cue Max: he screamed. He wailed. He arched his back.

Safe to say the playground was a hit.

8 thoughts on “Tales from the playground

  1. Our son (who is also named Max) is almost 14 months old and we haven’t taken him to the playground yet. I’m kind of a freak about germs and public places. Boogers and things. I know, I know, I’ve got to get over it. It sounds like your Max loved it, and I’m sure mine will too!

  2. Amoi, I left off the part where I wiped him down with an antibacterial wipe as we put him in the stroller. Better story telling without it! But I am a freak about germs too! When we took the baby to NYC I just about died. All plans to move there were immediatly scrapped.Thank you all so much for coming by!

  3. it’s all about DIVERSION – tell them you have to leave b/c you’re going to go get an icecream and then half way home tell them it’s closed – it’s not 100% thought out but at least that keeps the screaming contained to the car ride

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