6 thoughts on “The whole plate

  1. Our dog gets sick if she eats a few honey nut cheerios. I’m glad the treats were at YOUR house. Tip: if dog tries to ralf, carry, run don’t walk, to the tub. Make dog ralf in tub EVERY TIME. After first round, keep him in there in case he does more. Dog will grow up and go to tub to ralf. (worked for me!) Much better than cleaning soggy dog ralf off carpet, couch, etc. Just hose down and you’re all set! Also, I imagine the cool porcelain would feel good.

  2. We came home one night and our dog had eaten an entire bowl of Hershey’s kisses. This dog is like a roach – he is indestructible! Love the picture of your pooch!

  3. Thank you all so much for your concern! The puptart hasn’t even seemed to have a stomach ache! He’s got quite a sweet tooth, and I suppose I ought to thank him for helping me not eat the entire plate myself!

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