Happy New year and The I Wills For 2010

I am not one for resolutions. If I resolve to do something like lose weight I find I am resolving to finish the Hershy’s kisses faster than you can say January 2nd. So I do the “I Wills’, and I hope you’ll join me!  The rules are simple, what will you do in the new year? I encourage your I Wills to feature both lofty goals and small ones. A small victory is still a victory and taste of success just makes you want more. (Also like Hershey Kisses)

  • I will be kind to Zach in action and thought, expecting nothing in return
  • I will eat healthily in order to be strong for my family
  • I will exercise regularly
  • I will create a beautiful living space, wherever that is.
  • I will be kind to my baby in his frustration, recognizing that he cannot express what he wants and that must be so stressful for him!
  • I will tell him I am proud of him every, listing his accomplishments of the day (I already do this before bedtime…so check!)
  • I will begin to prepare my mind for weaning the baby
  • I will begin to prepare my body for (God willing) baby #2
  • I will do something for me every day.
  • I will do something for my career every day
  • I will do something about my anxiety. 
  • I will start wearing real clothes on a regular basis, and make up too! (instead of my yoga pants/hoodie uniform of late) 
  • I will behave kindly when I feel grumpy, even when people stop in the middle of a walkway to text. (Grrrrrrrrrr)
  • I will smile and say thank you to valets, parking attendants, check out workers, mailman…those who cross my path.
  • I will donate money to my favorite charities.
  • I will host a family dinner in my own home. (Christmas!? apartment or house, doesn’t matter. Just has to be our home)
  • I will try very hard to let my baby be independent and not need me as much, resisting the urge to keep him wholly dependent on me.
  • I will trust others with his care.
  • I will talk on the phone more (I’m not good on the phone for some reason. I’d rather text!)
  • I will NOT be afraid of following me the path laid out for me even if it is not the one I would have chosen.
  • I will accept abundance 
  • I will accept success
  • I will caretake my friendships.
  • I will play more
  • I will laugh more
  • I will think better of my appearance
  • I will love him up one side and down the other every day! 
  • I will fit into this dress again and have somewhere to wear it! 
  • I will also learn some photo editing, not just iPhone apps!
  • I will figure out what I want to call this blog!
  • I will move it to whatever that is, without loosing people
  • I will get a real design! 
  • I will continue to pursue the creative side of my personality.
  • I will embrace being a wife and a mother. 
  • I will continue to pursue my acting 
  • I will be GREAT on set when I film in February. 
  • I will treasure every day as the gift that it is
  • And lastly, I will live by this quote for 2010
She chose to focus on the beauty in life, 
and the more she saw; the more she had.

Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for joining me this year, I’ve loved reading your blogs and loved every comment and every visit you’ve blessed me with. BE SAFE!!!!

Wordless Wednesday~ Live! In Concert!

Preparing to take the stage…

Presenting BABY MAAAAAAX!!!

Even Rock Stars get distracted by the lights sometimes!

A little dancing for the fans.
Pause for the camera close up.
Taking a bow…sort of.

Plum tuckered out, still clutching the guitar.

Many, many thanks to the Newseum for letting Max take the stage
and to all the wonderful people who stopped and clapped
 and cheered for, let’s be honest, my little ham.

The Christmas Spirit.

Things have been tough here at the American Dream and honestly? There isn’t a lot extra money for Christmas presents. I love Christmas, love it. But this year? Let’s just say I’ve been glad all my decorations are packed away.

No Christmas Spirit to be had in my heart this year.
Until today. See, along with the joy of blogland, I belong to one of those message boards, I have for years. And dare I say it, those women are exactly what Maya Angelou was talking about when she described PHENOMENAL.
They’ve been with me from the high of the highs, celebrating my debut on a Soap, putting my commercials on you tube, attending my wedding, coming to my baby shower. They’ve been with me through the low of the lows, moving, my husband loosing his job, the economy, losing my beloved Minky…everything.
They’ve always got a funny snarky comment, they tell it like it is, and I have always been honored to call them my friends. Yeah….we met on line, but they’ve become a part of my daily life. We’ve visited each others homes, attended weddings, baby showers and certainly had our fair share of destination get togethers.
They are good people.
Today Santa arrived in the form of many boxes from UPS. Some with familiar names and addresses. Some anonymous. Presents for Max, and one or two for me and Zach. But really, for Max. Because Christmas is truly about the innocence, the love and the belief of children right?
Baby Max will have lots of presents to open now!! And it’s not the presents, they are wonderful of course! But it truly is the thought. They know first hand how hard this year has been on me. On my marriage, on my self esteem and yes I admit it, my ego has been bruised this year too.
With a few presents they gave me more than they could have imagined. They gave me the Spirit of Christmas. They took the time to think of us, to think of Max. In this economy they spent their hard earned money to purchase and send these gifts. I am so, so humbled.
 If anyone says Santa doesn’t exist…well, they are just plain wrong.
Some of them put their return addresses but most just put SANTA on the return label. My heart is so full tonight. I’ve had Christmases where money was coming out of my ears and I spoiled everyone rotten. (I truly do love to buy and give the gifts more than I like to receive them. And I like to receive them, so that should tell you something!) This Christmas will go down in my memory as one of the best of my life. Because I was given more than just presents. I was given the gift of love, of charity, and of kindness.
I’ll never be able to convey how much these women and their families have touched my heart. Ever. I am not a good enough writer to come close, and I am certain this is truly bordering on cheesey as it is.
I can promise to pay it forward. I may not be able to repay them for what they have given me, but I promise to carry it in my heart all year and try, even if it’s just in a small way, to pass it along to someone else.
Merry Christmas to you all.

The Treasure Chest…er, closet. Treasure closet.

Sometimes when you’ve been trapped in the house for several days you take to wandering from room to room. Especially if you are 16 months old. Or if you are that 16 month olds mother.

Max and I just wandering through the house, room to room.

So, say you’re wandering about and you head into the baby’s favorite room, his Auntie Kelly’s room. (We’ve no idea why he’s so obsessed with her old room…but there it is. You can’t find Max? Check there first) Of course he’s all confident pulling things down and attempting to see just what is on top of that table, because he knows his mommy is ever so patiently following him around (again).

Being 16 months old and supremely sweet, he decided Mommy needed a present, and before Mommy could even put down her (much needed) coffee, he swooped into Auntie Kelly’s closet and picked something pink to bring to Mommy. That boy. So young, so smart. Pink is indeed my favorite color.

Oh! (I gasp!) I’ve never seen this, I LOVE IT!

I tossed that dress down and take a picture with my iPhone, which is SO obviously my attachment object. (hey! If Max can have his sock monkey I can have an iphone…whaddya mean I should be past that developmental phase?) and furiously texted Auntie K.

Best sister in law ever, non? So now I know why a certain 16 month old is obsessed with Auntie Kelly’s room. First he found the big yellow ball there (the exercise ball, another Max obsession) and now this!  That room is like a treasure chest of awesomness.
Now I’m all floaty and happy and looking forward to the sun!

This dress gives me Spring Fever.

Also, I’m going to need some sort of slip.

I wouldn’t be East Coast if I didn’t blog about the snow.

Seriously. They’d revoke my East Coast Family (Boys 2 Men, ABC, BBD) membership card. Which might be okay, since we all know I miss the land of Lost Angels. (West Coast, baby!)

Menfolk be shoveling in the a.m.

Whatever. It’s SNOWY here. And by snowy? I mean ridiculous gorgeous. And I mean ridiculous gorgeous because I don’t have to go anywhere and  because my brilliant mother in law stocked up for Armageddon at Giant and I have enough strawberries and seltzer water to get me through till spring.

wanna play in the sand?

She also bought diapers. She’s awesome that way.
Oh Santa, my Santa! 
Things that are fabulous about being snowed in are:
  1. It’s so pretty! 
  2. My mother in law felt the need to make cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chips. My favorite. 
  3. The in-laws played with Baby Max so I could rock the yoga dvd
  4. I rocked the yoga dvd
  5. Elf was on t.v. I am disarmed by Buddy The Elf. 
  6. A molar the size of Wisconsin popped through Max’s gum. Hooray! And perhaps, relief? 
  7. Max and I had a serious dance party. The kid has moves.
  8. I abused my in-laws desire to play with Baby Max, and totally indulged in a big old beauty day! 
  9. Hair has been deep conditioned, skin has been masked. (masqued?)
  10. Many, many, many, baby snuggles
  11. Many, many, many, readings of Llama Llama Red Pajama (which come with extra baby snuggles. Bonus.)
  12. P.J.’s all day. 

Rotten things about being snowed in:

  1. Zach is stuck at the St. Regis in D.C. and will possibly be there till Monday
  2. ‘Stuck’ apparently involves getting drunk with the kitchen staff and texting me late night.
  3. No, I won’t share the texts with you! (But they were amusing.)
  4. I miss Zach
  5. My poor father in law had to shovel everything not once, but twice…and you cannot tell at all. 
  6. His back is wrecked.
  7. His sister reminded him that ‘men of his age can have heart attacks shoveling snow’. (he did not.)
  8. ‘Snowed in’ apparently involves eating everything in the house.
  9. Like yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And frozen organic vegetarian burritos. And Lentil soup. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 
Prozac Puppy in the a.m. loving the snow.

The snow has stopped now, here’s hoping that it stays gone so my sweetie can come home to me! And promptly make me mad. Ain’t marriage grand?
Cookie good.