I am annoyed. At the fashion world. Trust me I don’t say that lightly. To me fashion is a near religious experience and I have great reverence for it. We’re previously discussed how a great pair of boots can leave me breathless, or a fabulous dress cut on a bias is a thing of wonder.

So what the hell fashion industry??? I’m no longer a twig so you’ve got nothing for me?

I’m doing ok in the post baby body pursuit. I’m 9 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body is all kinds of different. I’ve got lumps where once I was smooth, I’ve got bumps and wobbles and boobs (!) and actually, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, I quite like my new body. But finding something flattering is proving to be a bit difficult. I realize now that not everyone could just walk in, grab something off the rack and assume it would look great. I did. Snotty McSnotterson, party of one checking in. Oh, I’m learning big time now that the amount of clothes I can wear that don’t reduce me to tears is minimal at best.

Case in point, why is everything still empire waist? It’s slowly starting to change now that winter is upon us, but thanks I’m not pregnant anymore and this just emphasizes the jelly roll hanging out around what used to be my belly button.
Shopping to replace my (useless broken far to expensive I want a new one) stroller the other day I was thrilled that an employee at Buy Buy Baby was so happy to help me! Until she cheerily said “So you’ll need a double stroller soon! How exciting!” um no. Not pregnant. Just jiggly. But thanks. Now, how’s the Britax selling?

My choices seem to be blousey polyester large patterned tops  or skin tight slut wear, or if I head to the women’s department, some sort of strange tunic top.  Somehow in the time it took to grow this child until this point the juniors departments seems to have become a one stop shop to boobville.
It cannot be that difficult to design comfortable, affordable stomach flattering clothing. It just can’t.
I realize for the fashion world it’s not nearly as exciting as say, making a 3 million dollar bra made of diamonds or a gown made of rare emu feathers, but come on! Give a girl a break.

5 thoughts on “I.Am.Annoyed.

  1. Oh this so made me giggle…I know that feeling. Only double…my doubly loving twin belly is not what it used to be and definitely not the wrinkly bulldog it once was. Me and dark colors are always flattering. I hate that in between….but you are still beautiful woman!

  2. Ugh tell me about it! I’ve never, ever been skinny, small, slender whatever…doesn’t seem to be in my genes. I smallest I’ve ever been was actually a 7/8 and had in eating disorder at the time. I get depressed has hell when I have to shop. There also seems to be no in between; I’ve seen some fab clothes in size 24+ but I’m not that size either. Oh and I can’t believe she said that while you where shopping, unless it’s clear the woman is about to pop goodness keep thy mouth closed!! Though from the few pictures I’ve seen of you I have no clue why she would think that anyway.

  3. Don’t even get me started. I was below my pre-preg weight… and then have ballooned and am back to my weight three months after giving birth. Boo to me. Diet? Here I come.

  4. I hear you-and the 80’s leggings huge top style didn’t work for me then and certainly not now! I remember being so excited to get to pre-preg wt after my first only to discover that my ass still couldn’t get into my jeans. What is that about. I have gone to the other side with my jeans (they have old lady stretch in them shhh). Only problem there is they fit like leggings out of the dryer and look like a hip hop video at the end of the day. Let me know when you find the solution. Love your blog!

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