Celebrity Sighting!

I had to run into the mall just for a minute. I had a gift card that was  burning a hole in my pocket and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it on! I was going to let Stinker walk around but as we entered Nordstrom’s,  sitting all alone in the alcove, practically lit with God rays was one of those red car mall strollers.  And while I thought: Yuck! Germs, ugh! Stinker thought: yes, yes YES! I NEED TO GET IN THAT RIGHT NOW!!

Guess who won?

Max pretended to drive and beep the horn and had a grand old germ infested drive through Nordies while I quickly acquired what I desired. (hee) He was having such a good time, I thought I might cruise around the mall a bit and show him some of the decorations. And okay fine, you caught me I might have also planned on stopping at Caribou for a peppermint soy latte.

Stinker was busy driving and pointing at everything red asking “Memo?” which in Stinker speak is Elmo, how could you not just get that? Duh.  🙂 When all of a sudden there he was. Walking toward us, smiling and being basically just totally awesome. I squeaked with delight and Max turned around abandoning his all important stroller driving to see what I was bubbling over about.

I couldn’t help myself, it was so exciting. He was so tall, so powerful so…SANTA like!

Max, look! It’s Santa! Santa Claus, right here! (uh, note to self…Santa is frequently at the mall in December, no need to lose your mind over him. Oh, too late!) Max stared up at him eyes wide and this huge red figure, who was clearly NOT Elmo, (Stinker himself said Memo in a decidedly you are not Elmo tone of voice) and warily gave Santa a smile. Baby was cool as a cucumber.

I however was not.

I continued babbling excitedly saying Santa Max, it’s Santa!  And Santa, bless his heart, took the time out to make a Christmas crazed new mom’s day. He walked right up to us bent down to Max, who’s eyes got wider and wider, and said

 “Hello little one~! Ho ho ho, how are you today?”

Stinker said “oooooh nana”

Santa responded with “You love bananas? Oh good, they are so good for you! That puts you on the nice list!”

I squeaked again, and may or may not have teared up a wee bit.

Stinker said “Memo”

Santa said “Oh, you like Elmo do you?”


I totally lose it at this point, I am completely aware of the ridiculousness of my reactions and yet I cannot.stop.myself.

Me “Santa, he loves Elmo!”

Santa “Well, that is good to know! You be good little one!”

I say “Max”

Santa says “Max, you be good for Mommy and I’ll tell Elmo you love him”

Stinker’s eyes get even wider and says “Memo!”

Santa says “Yes. Memo!”

Then he turns his cheery eyes to me and says sincerely “Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!” and turns and heads into his Santa area where all the little boys and girls and their parents are patiently waiting to sit on his lap and have their picture taken, and maybe one or two of them might ask for a Memo of their own.

We are planning to take Stinker back this week to get his picture taken. I am hoping two things: 1. Stinker will be as cool as a cucumber while actually sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture and 2. Santa won’t remember me or will at least remember me fondly. Sweet guy.

Lesson? Max is totally cool, Santa is frigging AWESOME and I am a huge dork.

It was so neat.

9 thoughts on “Celebrity Sighting!

  1. We wanted to take our Max to the mall to see Santa too, but our Max would never stand still in the line. Never. Not in a million years. And our Max also loves Elmo. A lot.

  2. You are not a dork! I think every new mom is like that when it comes to her kids seeing Santa for the first time! You can’t help but get all teary-eyed…it’s just such a magical moment!

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