Apparently I’m a tv star…or four.

So the other day Baby Max (a.k.a. Stinker, The King, King Max, Monkey…I tend to get carried away) and I are chilling out,  kickin it on the couch reading some books. We had a busy day, we had vacuumed; I used my Pet Hair Eraser and he made quick work of the floor using his vintage Fisher Price light up vaccuum. (His is way cooler than mine, let me tell you.) We sorted some blocks and called every cat in the house ‘Mo’, even if only one of them is actually named Mo. We worked on the colors and had several rousing performances of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, danced our booties off and now we were resting on the big cushy couch having a snack.
I may or may not have switched on a little General Hospital. There. I’ve admitted it. I watch GH. I have since I was kid and I can’t stop now! I love me some General Hospital. Always have. Always will! I DVR it. I am a proud GH’er.
Then Max (who shall now be known as The Most Glorious and Sweetest Boy Evah) pointed right at the TV and said excitedly “Mama!” and looked at me then back to the screen “MAMA!” he pointed and waved all happy to see me on television.
Here  I am:

Don’t I look good?
(That’s the ridiculously gorgeous Rebecca Herbst a.k.a. Liz on GH)
Baby Max clapped his fat hands and pointed back and forth from the television to me saying “Mama!” to each of us, before crawling into my lap and kissing me.
Suddenly I wasn’t alone on television..oh no. Someone else special had shown up! DADA!

How cute are we? (Actually I’m obsessing over her sweater)
Baby Max was loosing his mind at how exciting it was that I could be there with him and yet on tv at the same time! And Dada too! He waved and giggled and clapped and I had to jump for the remote as um…’Mama’ and ‘Dada’ were clearly about to engage in some un-toddler friendly nekkidness.
I floated on a cloud of happy all day thinking ‘That’s how he sees me! Glamorous, hair all curled, perfect make up and tiny. Wearing gorgeous clothes not these same old yoga pants. He looks at me and sees that gorgeous creature! Gosh I love him!’
Over the next couple of days Sweet Baby Max pointed out several of my other career highlights.
Perhaps you saw my husband and myself doing fashion makeovers on What Not To Wear
I’ll take it! She’s cool!
Or keeping a clean house and a snarky sense of humor:
Not bad…not bad at all!
Hey! I can really sing!
(Plus, she’s like…12! whoohoo! Thanks Baby Max!)
Or perhaps you enjoyed my ground breaking turn as a Drag Queen:
Thanks for everything Julie Newmar.
I told you guys I was a versatile actress!

6 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a tv star…or four.

  1. OMG, the tears are streaming I am laughing so hard. What a brilliant little man you have!!! 🙂 Em likes to point out the mama, dada & baby animals in our books. She does, thankfully, usually choose the largest one as Dada 😉 Not sure I’ve ever been so fortunate as to be on tv, but since she’s usually watching Blues Clues or Mickey Mouse, that’s probably a good thing!

  2. That is so cute. I used to watch GH. In fact, I’m old enough I saw Luke and Laura’s first wedding, that’s how long ago I watched the show. Now, it’s been years since I last saw it.

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