What do you mean flip flops aren’t Winter footwear?

First off let’s just discuss how I finally got it into my head that the proper term for these lovely little slip on shoes is now flip flops. Where I grew up we called them thongs. Call them that now and you get quite a few odd looks. Not that I don’t usually get odd looks, but it’s as if I’ve said something very dirty calling flip flops thongs.
Ah, well.

This week Zach and I got a bee in our proverbial bonnets (I really would give anything for a picture of Zach in a bonnet right this very second) to go through all of our many boxes and weed out the stuff we don’t even remember we have. And a lot of clothes we’ve not worn in ages. I am big on Spring Cleaning and was raised that in order for more to come in the house…stuff’s gotta go! But when all of your stuff has been boxed up for over a year you start to realize that you have a ton more than you need. I’m not talking kitchen stuff because we are using all the in laws stuff now, but everything else. Doo-dads and what’s its.  Just stuff. Too much stuff! We paid to move all this hist across the country twice and I’ll be danged if I’m paying to move one more thing that neccessary once it’s time for us to leave this version of the American Dream.

 Plus, I am going to nest like the dickens once we get our own space and make it MINE! ALL MINE!

While unpacking I tossed stuff out left and right, broke down boxes packed up three huge bags to take to the consignment store and 6 backs for the children’s charity that will come by on Tuesday.

I also found 29 pairs of thongs flip flops. 29. I need FFA, Flip Flops Anonymous. In LA I wore them every single day unless I was wearing Uggs or heels. And pregnant? Forget the heels and Uggs. Nothing but flip flops. I’ve got three pairs of pink: baby, light and hot. Two green: dark and kelly. Yellow with a little buckle. Brown,red, white and blue. Floral, plaid ones with bows and( God help me) one pair with kitten heels. Remember those? Two of my favorite things…thongs flip flops and kitten heels. Two great tastes that taste great together? Not so much. That’s a shoe that should just stay gone, n’est ce pas? The rest are all black. 16 pairs of black flip flops. Casual. Strappy ones with a little gold Bee (also have these in pink) patent leather, ones with a flower on the toe. No rubber pool flops though…just fashion flip flops.  The idea of fashion flip flops cracked me up.

I’ve weeded it down to 14 pairs of thongs flip flops. I don’t think I can go any lower! I need them! I love sundresses and flip flops and sunglasses, it’s my year round Summer (sob) uniform.

Today is sunny but brisk. The air is chilly and sharp, but I SO busted out my cheery yellow buckled flip flops. They make me smile. Also? Made an appointment for a pedicure. Winter does stuff to the toesies!

Flip flops, flip flops, FLIP FLOPS…If I keep saying it, maybe I’ll get it through my thick skull that we do.not.call.them.thongs.

9 thoughts on “What do you mean flip flops aren’t Winter footwear?

  1. Hey thanks for stopping by! I’m always glad to meet other CoCo fans :)I too have a flip flop addiction. I’m not much of a shoe person, so I have a total of two nice pairs of dress shoes. One pair of sneakers, two pairs of converses, and a pair of boots for wintery times.The rest is aaaaalll old navy flip flops. They’re all I wear in the summer because practically being barefoot all the time is the BEST. I don’t care that my feet always seem dirty because of it. I love flip flops. Haha.

  2. 29 pairs of flip flops? I have one. For wearing to pedis. You’ll think this is strange – I hate flip flops. I can’t stand having something between my toes.

  3. I wish I said thongs. No one around here does and it would really confuse the hell out of everyone. Especially because I, too, have about 100 pairs and wear them all the time, even when it’s inappropriate. They’re the next best thing to barefoot and if I could be barefoot all the time, I would be.

  4. We called ’em thongs when I was a kid. Here in Wisconsin, I can only wear them in the summer, so I keep my stock pretty low :)I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog today; you cracked me up, because I didn’t want to hurt any feelings, but I totally agree that that store is for mom-types. You know exactly what I mean; I’m a mom, but come on–I’m not a GRANDMA!haha

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