Wordless Wednesday~ Who needs lip injections?

Phooey on lip plumping chemicals! I’ve found the secret to Angelina Jolie pillow lips! Simply allow your toddler to headbutt your lips first thing in the morning and viola!
Sexy, Kissable (although kinda sore) lips! Gloss and go…
Dr. 90210 ain’t got nothing on King Max! 

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday~ Who needs lip injections?

  1. I really hate to laugh at this, but I am only because you seem to be ok. I’m a little sad that I don’t have a toddler at home to preform this ‘procedure’ on me. Maybe my sister-in-law will let me borrow one of her kids!

  2. Ok this is too funny! I cannot tell you how many times, my kids have done that to me… well at more than once each kid. Great post. Visiting from SITS!! Now a follower.

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