Have you ever..

Have you ever been so tired that you well…have no recollection of certain things? I fear I am losing my mind, my brain is quickly turning into an Elmo addled bowl of mush.

(Goodnight mush)

Last night while playing with my oh so sweet baby I popped on one of my tiaras to make him giggle. He likes the sparkle. Andyes I said one of.  I have more than one. I have many. I am a princess, deal with it.

Also? You should all order some tiaras because, for reals, vacuuming is way more fun whilst wearing a tiara. 

This morning I achingly roused myself from my way too comfy, way too snuggly, way too warm bed to
respond to the shaky new voiced cries of King Max. I got him up and brought him back to my oh so snuggly bed to cuddle. We snuggled and giggled, enjoying our morning routine. Finally we crawled out of bed and headed up stairs for a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal and banana. You can’t keep King Max from a banana, he will cut a **** (ARGH LENT!) to get to a nana. I got my coffee and settled down with him to munch and ran my hand through my hair. Where it got stuck. On my tiara.

Can I put that on my resume? Can sleep whilst wearing a crown? 
Good Morning, your Highness.

I wonder if I can talk The Lying Liar who Lies in to calling me Her Royal Highness along with Madame Ambassador.
Oh who are we kidding, he already does.

*It should be noted that this is not the first time I have forgotten I was wearing a tiara. Not too far in the distant past I sat through an entire dinner with my WHOLE FAMILY while wearing one, until I realized it and embarrassed said “why didn’t you guys tell me I was wearing it?” My father in law said “oh, I didn’t even notice, it’s so natural on you.”

6 thoughts on “Have you ever..

  1. Oh you make me laugh. At least you don’t have a penchant for wearing underwear on your head. My aunt once let her toddler son put a pair on hers and forgot about it until she opened the door for guests…

  2. You are talented. I surely would have poked my eye out if I slept in my tiara*.*I did used to have one, but I lost it when I moved back east. I think maybe it’s time for a new one. In the meantime, I have a sparkly rhinestone one on my bride tee shirt.

  3. And now you’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get a tiara (or is that something my husband has to get for me? do I need someone to crown me?). It totally fits you… and now you have an excuse to have your hair in a bun every morning. πŸ™‚

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