I shall now be known as Madame Ambassador

I’m waiting for them to tell me where my Embassy will be located in Port Charles. Near Sonny’s Mansion? Near the Metro Court Hotel? Windemere??? Where is my EMBASSY?!?!? What? I don’t get an Embassy, just some awesome insider knowledge and possibly a tote bag and a coffee mug?

Well, that’s awesome too.

Oh yeah. Mom Central selected lil ol General Hospital loving me to be a GH Mom Ambassador. It’s my first foray into marrying two of my loves, Social Media and GH (three if I get my hands on that coffee mug! Coffee!!) and I’m dang stoked to be a part of it. (did ya catch the dang? Lent people. I’m rocking it! No slip ups today…yet.)

This is a good deal on several levels, the least of which is that when The Lying Liar Who Lies (aka Zach) gets home from work early and interrupts my GH time he cannot whine “can we change the channel?” because Dude!  Did he miss the part where I am AMBASSADOR! (Do you think it’s going to my head? I’m drunk with…well, not power…but something!)

Now, Zach might tease me with the GH love but just the other day he straight schooled me on the intricacies of Liz’s brother returning to Port Charles and just how messed up it is that Sonny was married to Johnny’s sister and LuLu was with Johnny and now Johnny is with Olivia and LuLu is with Dante who is Olivia’s son – with Sonny!  Whew. (I knew all of that of course, but it was just amusing that the lad protests too much, know what I’m sayin?)

I’ve blogged about my GH love before, and of course my love for Liz. Poor Liz. Image of an Angel. Behaves like a lady of the night. Three babies, three baby daddies! This new one on the way…is it Nicholas’s? Or his brother Lucky’s? Either way the moral of the story is if you bang both of the Brothers Grimm they will put you in the looney bin.

Such is the stuff of General Hospital. Where everyone is gorgeous and has amazingly large engagement rings. Where there are like, only two criminals in the whole place and the police chief can’t make a charge stick. He’s too busy making out with the D.A. (who has a daughter by the head mobster, natch)
I love it.
Plus, I get a nifty badge for my blog! And you…yes, YOU can enter to win a trip to LA and a walk on role on GH. Sigh. I never got to be on GH. I had a rocking lil part on PASSIONS, which was so fun, but Passions was no GH. No. No it wasn’t.
You can enter till Feb 28th, so get your hot little booties over there and ENTER! Because it would rock my socks if one of my readers won!

*I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.

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