I am April’s Fool.

April Fools Day is my least favorite day of the year. Worse than tax day, worse than my birthday. The. Worst. Day. That is because I am gullible. With a capital G-GULLIBLE. I fall for anything and everything even when I warn myself to be wary, I can’t help it!  Along with klutziness I would say it is one of my worst faults and best qualities.
I have fallen for some of the worlds biggest scams. I mean…I’ve never given anyone money, but I have sent baby presents to people on message boards who are complete trolls. Bonzai kittens? Oh yeah. My very own mother is pregnant? WHAT? But, ok! I believe. Of course she is. The earth is flat? Totally. (I ditched school. A lot. Also, I didn’t fall for that one. I had that earth marble during the three minutes that marbles were cool and those babies were ROUND. Marbles don’t lie. That’s a fact.)
I usually hide out of the day that shall not be named. When all of your friends are brilliant actors and artists practical jokes come intricately and well planned.

And I am always the victim.

I just want so badly to believe. I’m like Ann Frank that way. ( Relax people, Obviously the Holocaust-horrific & AFD- mildly annoying.) Even after all this time I can’t fathom that think practical jokes are funny. They seem so purposely mean, and so often are at the hands of not mean people! I just can’t comprehend that people enjoy hurting others. I’m talking every day, not just on the 4/1.
April Fools is a lot easier when you don’t know anyone in town. I’m not so stressed about it today. I’m feeling fairly confident that the all too familiar sting of humiliation might  be skipped this year.
Only two things are working against me.

  1. I am married to the Lying Liar Who Lies
  2. The New Computer God’s are playing with me. The totally RIGHT internet key is not working on my brand new pretty red netbook. So, Ha on me. 

The Puppy Bear didn’t fare so well today. He got all excited and wiggly to ride in the see-ay-are to go Pet-Smart and then trickedoo! April fools, Puppy Bear! You’re getting groomed!!

Sorry Puppy Bear,  but dangit you are so cute.

6 thoughts on “I am April’s Fool.

  1. I am exactly the same way — sooo gullible. Luckily I managed to escape it all this year!You act in C too? That’s all kinds of awesome! Right now I’m working with Elden Street Players and Deviated Theatre. What about you? Maybe we have met at an audition or something!Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. I love him! Your house is so full of cute that I can hardly even stand it. I fall for everything too, so it was nice that this year people chose to leave me alone. Bonzai kittens? I was wondering how something like that would even be allowed. Seriously horrified to the point where I cried. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

  3. I’m wicked gullible, too, and everyone knows to avoid playing April Fools with me because I’m not only gullible, but also easily upset. Tell me a bad thing, and I’ll get too upset for the trick to be fun. Tell me a good thing and then tell me it’s fake, and I’ll get upset that the good thing isn’t real.

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