*The title of this post is to be sung to the tune of Tradition from Fiddler on The Roof.

Has Spring sprung for good?

We’ve been singing a lot of Fiddler round these parts as the wee one has suddenly begun adressing everyone as ‘the’. As in The Mommy. The Daddy. The Bob Bob. And as every loving family does, we are beginning to referr to everyone and everything using the Lexicon of Max.

Everyone is a geek about something and I am a geek about religion. So the fortuitous culmination of both Easter and Passover Seder on Sunday was a joy of much glee for me. (See? Geek) Plus an actual quote from the Seder is “Lean to the left and drink” which makes it far groovier than the Easter Mass (which I love btw). I totally dig that my kids gets to grow up in a multi denominational family.

My mother in law is Jewish and I’m slowly discovering that I know disturbingly little about her faith. Despite my fascination and all my study of religions I’ve never really delved in to Judaism. (My main fascination is the Christianization of indigenous cultures and especially the Catholic Church and Popes- the good the bad and the ugly. Let’s me honest…things are a little ugly over at the Vatican rightaboutnow, eh?)Anyway, I could write a book called Everything I know about Judaism I learned from Dub’s Mother. From my little childhood mind it would include things like this:

  1. Hanukkah can be spelled a couple of different ways and I am sure to misspell each way at least once before deeming it ok…but it’s probably not right.
  2. Hanukkah is AWESOME! We light candles and sing and then get presents. What is not to love? Plus?  Dinner at Dub’s house with Potato pancakes and apple sauce. Delish.
  3. Dub and I get to find the Matza and that is good for yet another present, usually a chocolate present. Again, what is not to love? 
  4. Dub’s Mom lets us decorate for Hannukah by painting the windows. Repeat, we get to paint on the windows.
  5. Passover, so cool. Bitter herbs- sign me up! YUM! 
  6. Getting to be with the whole fam. Sweet! 
  7. Again, we get to find the Matza and get a present. (maybe we only do that at Passover…I was a poor student.)

Not that Dub’s mom wasn’t a great teacher, we were just more interested in giggling and eating and talking about boys. Oh, how things have changed. (Not at all, except now the boys are 20 months old and way cuter than anyone we ever had a crush on. Sorry past crush boys.) So my lovely mother in law set about teaching me a little here and there and it is fascinating. I just love religions. (GEEK!)

Max even chimed in with a Dai eh nu or two of his own. Also? There is no way I spelled that right. No way. I myself had to be reminded that it is not Bah Ram Ewe, which is totally from the movie Babe and not religious at all. My kid is way smarter than me. (Thank God.)

After a delicious meal and some super yummy vegetarian matzo ball soup we headed off to bed. I had an audition this morning and wanted some sleep. Too bad Max was all hyped up from the Seder. (at last years Seder he called me Momma for the first time, I’m definitely pro-Seder.) So we were up half the night, but I made it on time Starbucks in hand to audition for the part of the stylist.

Clearly I was the only one there who watches the Rachel Zoe Project. I may have been dressed a little…ummm, Los Angeles? But it went well and as always I love auditioning. The thing I don’t like is getting there. I have all my stress about finding the place, once I’m there I’m golden!
Lietrally, because while I won’t wear fur like RZ (eeewww. My grandmother left me furs; including one particularly icky one of a full fox that was biting it’s own tail. We donated them to the theatre department of my mother’s alma mater. Cause there ain’t no way I’m ever wearing that!!) I do indeed like to drip with yellow gold during the summer season.

And fake tanner. The summer is all about yellow gold and fake tan. Now you know.You’re welcome.

All in all this weekend was a lovely juxtoposition of two beautiful religions and it ended with a rendition of Audition! Audition! Even if I don’t get the part of the stylist, I’m thrilled to have been cast as The Mommy!

One thought on “Audition..AUDITION!

  1. Apparently I’m gonna look like a creepy stalker tonight, since I’ve had a comment on ALL your posts. But, that’s because I’m just now getting to reading all of them. And while I really enjoyed this post, I’m mostly commenting because..OH.MY.GOSH. My beautiful 18 month old sons name is MAX! I knew your little boy was special for a reason. hahaha Also, congrats on the audition, hope good things come of it for you.

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