Sometimes I’m awesome

Sometimes not so much. But right now I have carpal tunnel from patting myself on the back. Due to the fact that I pour over an excessive amount of home decorating blogs I became drunk with idea that perhaps I, who posesses no tactile artistic skill what so ever, could indeed create what I wanted instead of buying it.
You see I had this old dresser, ugly, cheesey bad cherry finish. Thanks Al’s Discount Furniture on Lankershim. What are ya gonna do when you buy a whole bedroom set for 300 bones? Ethan Allen it’s not.
Anyway I recently became obsessed with having a red dresser for Max’s new room. And so, the ever patient TOTT shuttled me off to Home Depot and purchased me a sander and a hist ton of colonial red paint. I must admit I was pumped up with confidence from the three years that WWJD and I stripped and stained furniture on the regular. But painting I had never done. And stain seems more forgiving.
But I figured what the heck. It’s crap anyway, and if I ruin it then at least I’ve tried!


From totally geek:

to totally chic!
Forgive the craptastic iphone fauxto. I haven’t quite gotten the lighting squared away in there and also there was a small person pulling on my shirt hollering ‘Both sides!’
Demanding little bugger.
It actually turned out better than I hoped and I am now looking at every single piece of furniture here at The American Dream as a potential project. I think my in laws are going to start hiding things. And also I can’t find the dog. Which is a shame since he is all black. He could really use an accent color.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m awesome

  1. LOVE IT! It looks fantastic! I for one am not a fan of painting furniture, only because I'm mostly lazy and it seems to take so much effort, and so many coats. However, I do it anyway, because, well, it's cheaper, and because I can. I'm proud of you. Good luck on the next project.

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