Forget Moms Clubs, It’s all about MOMZSHARE!

Dare I say I am beginning to make a life here in the D.C. Metro area? I think I am. One of the things that has helped quell my insane homesickness for the land of breast implants and Lohan court dates is Momzshare. Momzshare is the brainchild of Lara from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and Jennifer from Hip as I Wanna Be. Check those hot chicks out because it is no exaggeration to say that the two of them have made the DC Metro area a lot more like home for me.

I tried the moms club route and was met with, how to say this nicely, the cold shoulder. Well harumph right back at ya! I don’t need you! I’ve got 80 brilliant funny and fabulous bloggers to hang with! If you are in the DC Metro area I seriously recommend you join us! I can guarantee you a good time.

This past Saturday’s Momzshare was held at The Little Gym in Silver Spring, MD. How fun! I can’t wait to take Max there. I was only sad we didn’t really get to swing on the uneven bars. Although we did have wine, so perhaps it was a wise choice to prevent 80+ tipsy mommy bloggers (and non moms too!) from going crazy on the kids equipment! I kid – we were very well behaved. I had a great time chatting with several of the girls I had met before and met many more funny women who I may or may not be currently blog stalking. The concept of Momzshare is to get fabulous women together for networking and fun…and maybe to do a little good. So while we were all buying raffle tickets  for fantabulous prizes like crazy amounts of awesomeness from BitMoms and La Papillion Spa while scarfing down cupcakes and vegan soup (oh, asparagus soup…I’ve been dreaming of you!) we were actually giving money to Team Why Mommy.

It was a great time from start to finish
. Great food, great women, great conversation. Won’t you join us next time? Cause for
reals, wild horses couldn’t keep me from the next Momzshare!

Lauree from SimplyLeap spoke to us about finding our passions. It’s always interesting when you have to boil it down to one word what you are really passionate about.

What’s your one word?

(see this? random background? that would be why I’m moving. wth! and no…no, I’ve not highlighted it.)

8 thoughts on “Forget Moms Clubs, It’s all about MOMZSHARE!

  1. One word? How tough is that?! I'd have to say…"children" or "books" or "family" or "beauty". None of those seem to sum up what I'm passionate about. There has to be a word that envelopes all of those things. How about "truth"?

  2. Sleep. Definitely passionate about sleep.And quiet. Can't forget that little gem of a word.We need to get Salt to come to the next MomzShare. Not all the women their are Moms and she would fit in GREAT!

  3. I worked at The Little Gym of Pittsburgh for 3 years… it's an awesome program and the kids really get so much out of it! The best part is that they just think it's fun but it's really helping them grow physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. I highly recommend it.

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