Three Cheers for The Boss.

The Boss danced around the front yard among the firelies while the family cheered Go Max, Go Max, Go-Go-Go Max!

If they stopped he would pause for a moment and then cheer for himself Go Max, Go Max, Go-Go-Go Max! Kicking and dancing around in the twilight.


Yesterday I was barely able to crawl out of bed.

Yesterday TOTT stayed home from work to take care of The Boss while I slept.

Yesterday I heard The Boss’ little voice echoing down the hall Have it Daddy! Day Tripper, Daddy! I thought, how kick ass is my kid that he not only knows what Day Tripper is but tries to play it on the guitar and sing it?

Yesterday I let The Boss have ‘zipped’ cream and saltines for lunch because I was too weak to fight him while TOTT was on a conference call.The Boss ate broccoli and pasta for dinner so some nutrition was had. Thank God.

Yesterday I was wracked with jealousy that it wasn’t me playing and dancing with The Boss. But I just couldn’t.

After I dinner I went back to bed, dizzily drifting in and out baffling at the sexual tension between Agent Booth and Bones (no, I don’t know what happens I just started watching- I’m late to the party) when POP! Power outage. I remember power outages being magical times when I was little, my mom and I reading by candlelight and listening to a battery powered radio.

I heard The Boss say is dark as the family trecked out to the front yard and I drug myself out into the warm evening air and shivered on the porch watching The Boss dance around with the fireflies as the last light of day slipped away. I’m pretty sure his first real power outage was magical as well. We really should let him dance outside after dinner more often, even without a power outage.

Go Max, Go Max, Go-Go-Go Max!!

What do you and your family do during a black out?

Vote for sick gal will ya? Please?  VOTE!

Well, it must be true then…

Proof. Irrefutable proof. I am sociable and entertaining.


According to a Fortune Cookie.

Awww, thank you Fortune Cookie!  I am indeed sociable. In fact I just went to High School to hang out. Rarely made it to class unless it was choir, performance or Bib Lit. The rest of the time I just chatted with whoever had a free period. So fun, but not so great for my academic career. Ah well,live and learn and then go to Junior College.   I hope I’m  entertaining. I try. Some days I probably do better than others. Today probably not so much.

The Boss and I are sick. Especially me. Ugh. Hit us yesterday afternoon and by nighttime I was DONE FOR. TOTT was rushing home, but was waylaid by a suicide jumper on the Metro.
Dude. I’m sick and that guy thought he had problems? Proof that suicide is selfish.  And also? My heart breaks for his family, it’s terribly hard to feel sorry for oneself knowing that another family is in the midst of such grief.
Oh, I managed to feel sorry for myself, don’t you worry. But the enjoyable indulgence of such an emotion is nullified by real life problems, such as death. I hope he finds peace now, whoever he was.

TOTT eventually showed up armed with seltzer and OJ, Pedialyte and Vitamin Water.  A good husband is a thing of beauty.
Good Chinese food is also a thing of beauty, a beauty I was impervious to before TOTT.  I love TOTT and TOTT loves Chinese Food so now I love Chinese Food. Actually, now I really do. Honestly. Not in a 7th grade I’ll be whoever he wants me to be way, but rather an OMG these veggie steamed dumplings are to die for! way. I’ve been thinking about my lovely fortune for about three days now. What a lovely fortune for a blogger to get, non?  It’s really not a fortune, now is it? I mean, compliment yes. But fortune? Perhaps they are afraid to fortune tell due to possible litigation? Cause seriously…it’s a cookie. Anyone who believes a cookie could  predict a fortune and it didn’t come true…well they’ve got bigger fish to fry.
Anway, who do we talk to about changing the name? Because I am sick in bed and weary of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Imagination Movers {*Sidenote- even The Boss screams CUT YOUR HAIR SCOTT! at Imagination Movers. Young minds are so easily molded.} so  I’m looking for something to do. Maybe demand some Fortune Cookie truth in advertising.
Compliment cookie? Truer Word was Never Spoken Cookie? Thing You Can Add The Words “In Bed” Too And Giggle Like a Twelve Year Old cookie?

Whatever we rename it, the fact is that I want a cookie now. Great.

ps~ sorry about the photo. have i mentioned i’m sick in bed?

Minky’s Monday Musings: I just became the Mayor of tearing out my hair.

I  have just experienced the most epic temper tantrum ever.

Oh, no. It wasn’t The Boss.

Who was it you ask? Well, who has two thumbs and writes this blog? This girl right here. Have I learned from my 23 month old? Have I taught him this behaviour?  I’m going to blame him. He’s young. He won’t remember. I mean unless he reads this eons from now and then he’ll be all hey Mom, you know what sucks? Being a tiny baby and being blamed for a grown woman’s bad behavior and I’ll be all I learned it by watching you!

{If you remember that, you can probably guess my age. but don’t.}

You see, I had such a treat planned for you on this happy day. I did. And then, like they always say “The best laid plans of mothers and toddlers with fathers who go off on three day bachelor party extravaganzas…”

What do you mean that’s not the saying? Whatever it that saying is…it applies! Harumph.

And you know the rub? I’ve been nominated for not one, but two Social Luxe Blogluxe awards! Best Eye Candy {hubba hubba} and Funniest. So yeah, not feeling any pressure now. But SQUEEEEEE!!

This is why I decided to have a hysterical fit, post a ridic vlog, and not wear any make up. Cause nothing says nice to look at like the false-advertising-waterproof mascara rings under a gal’s sleep deprived eyes.

I’m a friggin shoo-in.

Also? This vlog works best if you make it a drinking game. Every time I say ‘I lost it’ drink up ‘yo!

And now, I will beg on my knees {like your mama – oh you don’t go for your mama jokes? My apologies, but pretty please?} for you to go and vote for little ol’ me  in Funniest and Best Eye Candy. You can vote every day until 7/12.

And if I may get serious here, blogging really has changed my life. I understand the phrase it’s an honor to be nominated  now. That someone sent my little old name in means the world to me, so thanks.

And Vote.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to spend the rest of the day looking up other ways to say “I lost it” (you’re welcome)

Friday Fabulousness! Link up #1~

AS the only child of a single mother I longed for family. I craved it. For the most part it was just my mother and I against the world, except for summerly trips to Galveston to visit my Nonny (and her Valium fridge) and Grandpa and occasionally my father’s parents. I pressed everyone for stories of their youth and tried to catalog all the family history in my little brain.

I come from a long line of strong women. I am the weakest link, certainly, with my Great Grandmother Bessie being the toughest of them all.
She died when I was young but my memories of her are strong, one in the living room of the Valium Fridge house ~ her sitting in a recliner telling me a story and me standing at her knee laughing stays with me.

She was so cool. She filed for divorce in the 1920’s because my great-grandfather was kinda no good. In the South, this woman filed for divorce…unheard of! She worked retail to support my grandmother and her three brothers; working such long hours on her feet that she suffered a prolapsed uterus. Her uterus literally fell out people. That’s hardcore.

During the great storm in Galveston she saved a cow, floating by the Avenue I house and saved it, keeping it in the upstairs bathroom till the flood passed. How cool is she?

This past Christmas my mother gave me something very precious, my great grandmother’s ring. It was Bessie’s, then Nonny’s, then Mumsy’s and now mine.

It is a beautiful diamond flanked by two sapphires. My birthstone is sapphire. I feel a direct link from her to me when I look at this ring and when I wear it I feel powerful. It’s like an antique wonder twin ring.

I hope some day to have a little girl and name her Elisabeth, after my grandmother Bessie. I hope that she will take after her. Strong enough to know that we are better off alone that in a bad relationship- no matter how scandalous a decision it is to leave. Sweet enough to save a cow from drowning, strong willed enough to get that cow up a flight of stairs and into a bathtub for it’s own good.

My grandma Bessie was a bad ass, and her ring makes me feel FABULOUS!

What was/is fabulous in your life this week?
And thank you for linking up on what I hope will be the first of many Friday fabulousness posts hosted by moi! In conjunction with Meredith from My Magic Mom. If you don’t know Meredith, go check a gal out. She’s the shizz.

I hope you’ll all link up, and if you don’t this week then perhaps next…Remember Friday Fabulousness can be ANYTHING in your life that makes you feel fabulous!

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The secret to comedy is


The secret to the ever ellusive Toddler Nap is also timing. So, can anyone tell me why the whole world deems a free for all on suburbia ~ and anywhere a small child resides~ to knock on doors and call the home phone
{Also, we have 8 cells at the American Dream. Why do we still have a home line?}

This frustration is what brings us todays missive:

Dear UPS,

what.the.hay? There are so many hours in the day. So very many. Why do you insist on coming between the hours of 1 and 4? I’d like to request morning deliveries from here on out. Oh sure, you might find me in my pj’s and covered in The Boss’ breakfast but that would be so preferable to you waking him up every single time you visit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the goodies you bring me. Sephora,…I love you long time. You know what I don’t love? A cranky over tired toddler whose nap has been interrupted.

I mean, I love him of course…oh you know what I mean! Stop being so persnikkity UPS!

If you insist on waking The Boss up with your ill timed visits, the least you could do is swing by Starbucks and pick me up a drink.

Sugar free vanilla soy latte, thankyouverymuch.

See you next week when you bring my etsy finds. I’ll be seeing you a lot as I’ve just discovered etsy (stop laughing! I’m slow sometimes) and have ordered twenty bajillion things. SO for reals…morning or after five. Thanks!

Minky {moo}

PS. Soy latte. Remember the soy.

*** Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for Friday Fabulousness! What made you smile this week? Big or small, silly or sweet…anything goes. Whatever made you feel fabulous, I want to know…and also? I really want Mr. Linky to work. {not so tech savvy sometimes}

The Randomness and The Swoon

Soooooo, Bachelor Jake and Mean Girl Vienna broke up. Apparently, he was cheating on her with another man. I mean, she- SHE was cheating on him with another man. Whatever it was, the demise of yet another Bachelor couple combined with Heidi filing for divorce from Spencer has totally shaken my belief in love.

I mean, if these totally normal, well adjusted kids can’t make it who can? I’m rocked to the core I tell you. I really thought Heidi was going to get domestically abused her Cinderella story ending.

And given sweet Vienna’s relationship history how could Jake not be her forever home? Just think of all the plastic surgery she could have gotten by cleaning out his ABC funded bank account! Certainly much more than the paltry boob job she got from her ex’s! Silly man, leaving his bank account unprotected while he was off serving our country.

If The Boss ends up believing that one of these reality shows is a good model for a relationship, I will feel I have failed as a parent. {totally pretending my stint on Change of Heart never occurred. Pretend with me, will you?}

I mean look at the swoon?

{photo by kate monroe }

SWOON! I want to wrap him up in a fluffy blue blanket of protection and not ever let anyone hurt him. Such is the bittersweet pang of mommy hood, non? We have to let them go when all we want to do is hold them close and freeze  these feelings forever. Dear God please let The Boss find a nice girl, a good girl {or boy…whatever- just good}, someone who will love and respect him and not cut him down.

Please let him find someone as wonderful as he is to love.


But not for a very, very, very, very, long time. He’s all mine right now!

Don’t mess with my kid.


Fact: Maryland has more spiders and ants per capita than any other state in the Union.

Did you get that? More than anyother state. That is a TOTALLY true fact that I.just.made.up. But Marylanders {is that what we call ourselves? I’m still checking the Angeleno box, so what do I know?} does it not seem this way? I am assaulted by spiders on the hour in the playroom downstairs and the ants? Well, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has less participants that we have marching through here on the daily.

When complaining about the infux of creepy crawlies on Twitter one of my {male} followers told me that we are never more than 8 feet from a spider.

Thanks. Sweet dreams, me. {I swear to God I just looked up and there is a spider hanging out in the corner just staring at me with it’s 6 freaky eyes}

This causes me great distress because:

  • I am a sissy
  • I hate spiders with the firey passion of a thousand suns.
  • ants are freakishly strong and secret evil geniuses
  • Anthropologie still hasn’t special made my Valium refrigerator a la my Grandmother
  • I am a sissy

TOTT is all to familiar with my voice shreiking out: come kill this for me!

If the Boss had his way we would spend all day every day outside looking at bugs, saying hi to the birds and squirrels and throwing balls for the puppy bear. Come to think of it, if Puppy Bear had his way our days would also be spent in this manner. It is I, mom, who ruins the fun by insisting we do things like eat and nap.

The Boss is a busy little dude and so I’ve taken to bringing a blanket outside with us in the late afternoons so we can sit and watch the planes overhead and play many games of “night, mommy!’ and “back up, mommy!” a good time is had by all, I assure you.
One of his favorite afternoon activities is pacing back and forth across these 2×4’s (4×4’s? I dunno) that we bought to frame out a garden~ y’know, one of these days. He can do this for hours and I let him because he enjoys it, he’s only 2 inches of the ground and I get a kick out of the “look mommy!” everytime he reaches the end and turns around. He is so proud.

He was about 1/2 way down on his second trip when he stopped and froze. I said, Boss?  His eyes grew wide and he started signing HELP, over and over again finally getting his voice in the game too.

Signing and screaming HELP HELP HELP.

I crossed the 10 or so feet between me and my kid in a second flat and picked him up. What was wrong? And then I felt it….he was covered, and I mean covered in thousands of ants. Before I could process this, I too was covered!
Holy Hist!

I am not sure what scared him more…the ants swarming him or me, his mother who is supposed to be cool in the face of such a happening, screaming GET OFF MY BABY like Pee Wee Herman while swiping a bajillion ants from his body. Once we were both clear of the evil little bastards I put him inside the playroom, ignoring his constant BABY OUTSIDE! pleas and ran to grab the ant spray. The serious death to all bugs kind.

I sprayed those two wooden planks until they were drenched but the ants just kept coming. I flipped one over and …oh God, you don’t even want to know what a million ant eggs look like, trust me. I sprayed and sprayed until I felt light headed from the fumes and they were dead.

I might be a sissy when it comes to bugs. But I’m a friggin lioness when it comes to my kid. And no bug, not even a thousand ants will get in my way.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take another shower. Because the heebie jeebies? They just won’t quit.

Minky’s Monday Musings~ It’s a good thing she’s pretty.

My darling friend, brilliant actor {and most missed hair dresser evah} Hunky Paul is one of the funniest men on the planet. As well as being hunky. One of my favorite sayings of his- and he has many fabulous sayings- which he uses whenever someone does something dumb is “It’s a good thing she’s pretty.” {or he}

Oh, Kim Kardashian. It’s a good thing she’s pretty. And pretty she is! I think we can all agree on that, non? I mean…the hotness! But when she tweeted an anti-breast feeding tweet the other day she had no idea that can of worms {and whoopass} she opened up. The tweets were flying faster than the tempers, she tried to turn back time and un-say it, clarifying what she meant but I am not sure it’s going to work.

I must admit that  I love Keeping up With The Kardashians. You all know I love me some ‘reality‘ tv! (Depsite my proclamaition that I was going to blog about the Bachelorette and then promptly, well, not doing so. {It’s not MY fault this season is the suckitude!}) But considering she comes from a family where one sister waxes another one’s vuvuzela in the kitchen and then (Ted Bundy) the one’s hubby comes in carrying the newborn and suggests putting frozen peas on the burned newly waxed you-know-what…I’m just sayin I simply don’t believe that people in glass houses…blah blah blah. Oh, I include myself in that glass houses shebang. And not just because I am klutzy.

You know what I mean, right?

And thus this VERY long winded Monday Musing is about Kim Kardashian. And Breast feeding. And Rabbi Shmuley. And totally proves that I should not be allowed to vlog without my (fearless leader, editor) husband.
Riddle me this…Who is showing more?

{yes, I am nursing in a car. no, it’s not moving.}

I am not one to really blog about controversial things. But it’s about time that breastfeeding stopped being controversial.

Father’s Day when you never knew him.

TOTT and The Boss {1/2 hour old}
It’s Father’s Day. Until I married my husband I never really even noticed when this day was. We never celebrated it growing up, because my father passed away when I was very young. 18 months old to be exact. And no one ever talks about him. My mother will, when pressed and in the right mood. And as my grandparents get older, every once in a while they will let a story about him slip out.
I hold on to those stories like precious rubies. How my mother and he were on dates with other people when they met. How when he was at the Louvre someone walked up to him and just started chatting at him and he had no idea who it was. How every payday he would bring my mom Mums, because those are her favorite flowers. How silly he was and how much he wanted me.

Those few things are held close to my heart. He wanted me. He loved me. I don’t have a single memory of him, having been so young when he died and I try so hard to replay those few moments when his LIFE was shared with me, those stories of him alive.

I know almost every detail of his death, I’ve gone over and over it. I read all the articles, I’ve read as much as I could take crying til I vomited. Such a young man, such a good man and such a horrible end.

The effects of a violent crime wave through more than just one person who is killed, and echo through a generation I feel those ripple effect every day and to say I was messed up over it as a child and teenager would not do it justice. But as I grow up I feel his loss in a new way. The loss as a mother. What my grandmother must have gone through. The loss of her baby boy…who brought her joy as The Boss brings it to me.

Along with that comes a healing and a happiness brought to me by my son.

The Boss is 23 months old now, but by 18 months I knew his favorite song (something in the way she moves) his favorite toy (elmo, natch), how he liked to be rocked to sleep, his favorite book (sweet dreams mimi), his favorite food (avacado), his favorite everything. I knew what every noise he made  meant, the real ones and the ‘I’m faking it to get your attention’ ones, how he loved to help me vacuum the house and how he was afraid of ketchup bottles. I knew how to make him laugh and soothe his tears. I knew him.

And so it stands to reason that my father knew me. My son has brought me a greater joy than I even knew could have been possible. He has opened my heart up a million-fold. I cannot remember life before him having as a great a meaning as it does now, with him in this world. My heart nearly bursts every time he races to me and throws his chubby little arms around my neck crying “Mommy!” It explodes when I see him do the same with TOTT. He waits for TOTT to come home and cheers when he walks in the door. I hope I did that for my Dad.

I can only hope that in those 18 months I brought half as much happiness to my Daddy as The Boss has brought to me.

So if you’ll indulge me:

Happy Father’s Day Daddy, I love you. I always will. Memories or not, I love you. I can only think that you brought me to TOTT, and to his father who is a good man. I’m well looked after now by the both of them. Thank you. I hope you know that I will tell The Boss all about you, everything I know about your life when he wonders where his other grandfather is. I’ll tell him how much you would have loved him, how much we all do. I feel your loss every minute of every day. I will never forget you.

I love you Daddy, I’m proud to be your daughter.

Friday Fabulousness ~

Last year I read a quote about the lovely Stephanie Nielson of NieNieDialogues it was something like “She chose to see the beauty in life and the more she saw, the more she had” How great is that quote? In fact, I said it would be my theme for this year in the I Wills post at the end of 2009. It’s easy to get distracted from seeing the beauty, and even easier to get bogged down with the difficut miutiae of the day to day. Running out of diapers, a flat tire, a certain toddler getting every bit of clothing you put on him or yourself smudgy within 2.5 seconds. {not that I know anything about that *wipes not before noticed oatmeal off of jeans*}

In an effort to see MORE beauty in my life I’ve decided to chronicle one thing each week. One thing. Big or small. A new pair of earrings that I am loving that I got on the cheap at Nordie’s {who me?} , something delightful The Boss did, something sweet about TOTT, just something…anything that was beautiful in my life this week. Perhaps you’ll join me for a little Friday Fabulousness next week! {I hope to have figured out Mr. Linky by then and perhaps have a little badge. I hear that’s what all the cool kids are doin and I am not one to be left out.}

And so…My Friday Fabulousness is: from totally geek to totally chic {take 3}

I am utterly obsessed with learning how to redo furniture. It’s an obsession that is even threatening Twitter. I know…I know…hard to believe right? And so when I saw this old dresser which my next neighbors were desperate to get rid of I said : GAME ON! At first look you think, why that doesn’t need much done to it at all! I thought so too…but oh, the crumbling icky veneer of it all. That shizz had to go. So off it came. Until I learned not to struggle too hard to get it all off the sides. {thank you antique dealer for chatting with me about redoing furniture} Apparently the more beat up it looks, the more it sells for. Not that I’m selling it, I’m just learning how to do this stuff. I needed a nightstand, and one that sort of kind of matched the hutch that we are using for TOTT’s. And so…Behold! My new nightstand!

But Minkster, says you, are you ever going to…I dunno…paint something a color other that white? I *gasp* and say do you not see the grey detailing of the curvy bits? And under the top of it??? And also yes, I will branch forth from white ASAP before TOTT begins to feel he is living in some sort of shabby chic store which only sells nuerotic puppies, cute babies and a half ton of various lip balms.

And so I present to you this, which used to be white and is now butter yellow. I paid a few bucks for it at a yard sale and suffered a fit of giggles at the antique store when they had almost the exact same table selling for $75. I love yard sales in rich neighborhoods.

In fact this I’m going to do something fun with this bad boy this weekend:

We may also attempt a headboard this weekend. TOTT and I together. Wish us even more luck with that one.

My ‘new’ nightstand might not be perfect, it might not last forever. I’ve got a lot more learning to do, but I loved every second of working on it and everytime I see it I feel FABULOUS!

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are I hope you have a lovely, happy , healthy one! And for reals, yo, won’t you join me in some celebratory Friday Fabulousness next week?