Wordless {HA!} Wednesday ~ I do love the bling.

Me. Lakers Threepeat Championship Ring. My heart was pitter patting. You can take the girl out of Los Angeles, but you cannot take the Lakers from my heart. Sorry Celtics fans! {I wisely didn’t go with you can’t take the Lakers out of the girl. Admire my restraint. Oh crap…}

Please to excuse my un-manicured man hands.

Note to self: you have learned to insert video and pictures into your posts. Well done! Perhaps now might be a good time to learn some photoshop? Holy crows feet, Batman!

15 thoughts on “Wordless {HA!} Wednesday ~ I do love the bling.

    • You know accessories make the outfit! If only they’d let me KEEP this ring. I mean, hopefully they will have another one soon! {I still love you even if you love the Celts}

  1. Did I miss the story about how you came into possession of that ring? Do share!

    BTW, the new place looks wonderful. 🙂

    • You didn’t miss it, my hubs grandma’s bestie’s son is a scout and he gives all the champ jewelry to his mommy. Who let me wear it.

    • LAKESHOW!! My husbands grandmother’s best friend’s son (ya got that that?) is a scout and staff and he gave it to his Mom, like a good boy! And she let me wear it. Laker dream come true.

    • Don’t we all! Try as I might I just can’t get my toddler to practice Zen meditation like Jackson gets the Lakers to do.

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