Minky’s Monday Musings~

I am Twitter obsessed. I admit it. I’d go to a twelve step program except that I am pretty sure TOTT would rather I tweet random things and engage in conversations about pop culture minutia with people across the country rather than text him all day.

So really, my Twitter addiction is a gift to TOTT.

Sweet. Happy Father’s Day here’s your present!

Yeah, I didn’t think that would fly either.
But I am obsessed. I love it. I love the interaction, being a social animal such as I am, and being 3000 miles from all my friends.
But it’s a whole different medium than blogging. To me anyway!
So while was reading a coupld of articles on whether Twitter is killing blogging, I kept thinking No! Heck no! But then I thought again…And so I vlogged. You guys are so stuck with my mug now. Actor is clearly code word for ‘camera whore’ and now that I have popped that cork there ain’t no resealing it!
Lesson for the week:
First vlog, hair and make up.
Second vlog, roll in from painting a dresser and film.

Plus, apologies for the mosquito bite scratching. Sheesh. And also, where’s the calamine?

What do you think? Is Twitter killing blogs? And will I ever neaten up a room before I vlog?

11 thoughts on “Minky’s Monday Musings~

  1. I totally agree. Although My Facebook page gets more action than my Twitter. So people would rather “like” my post than comment on the blog. I try to comment on other blogs I read for this exact reason… and elsewhere (Twitter/Facebook). But I’m a fan of blog comments so I assume everyone else is too. 🙂

    • Me too. I really should comment more. I am just as much at fault on the commenting side! I can’t wait to see you in TWO DAYS! That reminds me…I should dye my hair. Like, now.

    • You’re such a stinker. But I adore you. You’re like the big brother I never wanted. 🙂 Kidding! Plus I bet I am way older than you. But let’s pretend, shall we? You’re my tech God, that’s fo sho.

  2. I’m most likely to comment on Facebook. For some reason I do feel the need to write more when I comment on a blog post. Clearly not here. Cause well, I know you. So whatever. 😀 I love reading everything you write though cause you crack me up and miss seeing your face so the vlogs rock.

    • I know! I appreciate anyone reading or commenting. It’s so funny all my guy friends read and post on facebook, the gals? twitter all the way.

  3. AHHH! I have to catch up so much with you! For some reason you weren’t updating in my feed but you are now. You are my favorite vlogger, you know! So cute!

  4. A little late to this party…but better late than never, right? haha 🙂

    As you have seen, I have the same addiction to twitter. I have made “in real life” friends with many of my local followers. Very cool thing to observe as soon as you start meeting people, how it changes your tweeting behavior. I am a self proclaimed social media guru, in fact, I’m making a living doing so. Your way of thinking about needing all your @replies, Facebook comments and blogs comments rolled into one intrigues me. I prefer to think of all these platforms as being separate communities and people find their comfort zone. I prefer twitter for several reasons, I will not elaborate here.

    Twitter isn’t killing blogs. It is a great way to post things greater than 120 characters, keep all your loyal followers up to date on new blog postings, and provide your fans the social interaction/connection with you to keep them interested.

    Stephanie, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and following you on twitter. Hopefully one day I will have the honor of meeting you in real life. 🙂

    Oh and by the way why bother cleaning up just to vlog. Probably the two best and well know vloggers keep it real that way, so you should too. 😉 (re: Shaycarl and CharlesTrippy)

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