Friday Fabulousness ~

Last year I read a quote about the lovely Stephanie Nielson of NieNieDialogues it was something like “She chose to see the beauty in life and the more she saw, the more she had” How great is that quote? In fact, I said it would be my theme for this year in the I Wills post at the end of 2009. It’s easy to get distracted from seeing the beauty, and even easier to get bogged down with the difficut miutiae of the day to day. Running out of diapers, a flat tire, a certain toddler getting every bit of clothing you put on him or yourself smudgy within 2.5 seconds. {not that I know anything about that *wipes not before noticed oatmeal off of jeans*}

In an effort to see MORE beauty in my life I’ve decided to chronicle one thing each week. One thing. Big or small. A new pair of earrings that I am loving that I got on the cheap at Nordie’s {who me?} , something delightful The Boss did, something sweet about TOTT, just something…anything that was beautiful in my life this week. Perhaps you’ll join me for a little Friday Fabulousness next week! {I hope to have figured out Mr. Linky by then and perhaps have a little badge. I hear that’s what all the cool kids are doin and I am not one to be left out.}

And so…My Friday Fabulousness is: from totally geek to totally chic {take 3}

I am utterly obsessed with learning how to redo furniture. It’s an obsession that is even threatening Twitter. I know…I know…hard to believe right? And so when I saw this old dresser which my next neighbors were desperate to get rid of I said : GAME ON! At first look you think, why that doesn’t need much done to it at all! I thought so too…but oh, the crumbling icky veneer of it all. That shizz had to go. So off it came. Until I learned not to struggle too hard to get it all off the sides. {thank you antique dealer for chatting with me about redoing furniture} Apparently the more beat up it looks, the more it sells for. Not that I’m selling it, I’m just learning how to do this stuff. I needed a nightstand, and one that sort of kind of matched the hutch that we are using for TOTT’s. And so…Behold! My new nightstand!

But Minkster, says you, are you ever going to…I dunno…paint something a color other that white? I *gasp* and say do you not see the grey detailing of the curvy bits? And under the top of it??? And also yes, I will branch forth from white ASAP before TOTT begins to feel he is living in some sort of shabby chic store which only sells nuerotic puppies, cute babies and a half ton of various lip balms.

And so I present to you this, which used to be white and is now butter yellow. I paid a few bucks for it at a yard sale and suffered a fit of giggles at the antique store when they had almost the exact same table selling for $75. I love yard sales in rich neighborhoods.

In fact this I’m going to do something fun with this bad boy this weekend:

We may also attempt a headboard this weekend. TOTT and I together. Wish us even more luck with that one.

My ‘new’ nightstand might not be perfect, it might not last forever. I’ve got a lot more learning to do, but I loved every second of working on it and everytime I see it I feel FABULOUS!

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are I hope you have a lovely, happy , healthy one! And for reals, yo, won’t you join me in some celebratory Friday Fabulousness next week?

6 thoughts on “Friday Fabulousness ~

  1. Sister we have GOT to hit The Barn Show together this fall. I’m all about the found! Working on turning a window frame from an 1800’s hay barn into a photo hanger/peg board for the ole home office. One question… Should I be concerned that I have gray detailing in my curvy bits? TMI?

    • You’re my twin flame! I just put some pictures in an old window today! I can’t wait to see yours!! What is this Barn Show you speak of? Just let me hit the ATM and lead the way {in the fall}

  2. Is that a desk? I can’t wait to see what you do with that desk!! I used to sit in one just like it for school.

    You are awfully handy. The invitation for you to come up and help me with some yard sale shopping is always open!

    • I am a yard sale whore now. There is no other word for it. Obsessed. And yeah, that’s an old desk my MIL had at her school. I already gave it a coat of paint and so far…so good! The Boss just wants to sit at it so bad.

  3. Love the lines of the new nightstand. So cute! You really MUST go and check out my favorite site for turning trash into treasures. Kelly at For reals, this woman is UNREAL with what she does to crap. She makes good freaking money buying junk, or finding junk and just painting it up and tweaking it a little. It’s ok, go look, you’ll thank me later!

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