The Randomness and The Swoon

Soooooo, Bachelor Jake and Mean Girl Vienna broke up. Apparently, he was cheating on her with another man. I mean, she- SHE was cheating on him with another man. Whatever it was, the demise of yet another Bachelor couple combined with Heidi filing for divorce from Spencer has totally shaken my belief in love.

I mean, if these totally normal, well adjusted kids can’t make it who can? I’m rocked to the core I tell you. I really thought Heidi was going to get domestically abused her Cinderella story ending.

And given sweet Vienna’s relationship history how could Jake not be her forever home? Just think of all the plastic surgery she could have gotten by cleaning out his ABC funded bank account! Certainly much more than the paltry boob job she got from her ex’s! Silly man, leaving his bank account unprotected while he was off serving our country.

If The Boss ends up believing that one of these reality shows is a good model for a relationship, I will feel I have failed as a parent. {totally pretending my stint on Change of Heart never occurred. Pretend with me, will you?}

I mean look at the swoon?

{photo by kate monroe }

SWOON! I want to wrap him up in a fluffy blue blanket of protection and not ever let anyone hurt him. Such is the bittersweet pang of mommy hood, non? We have to let them go when all we want to do is hold them close and freeze  these feelings forever. Dear God please let The Boss find a nice girl, a good girl {or boy…whatever- just good}, someone who will love and respect him and not cut him down.

Please let him find someone as wonderful as he is to love.


But not for a very, very, very, very, long time. He’s all mine right now!

22 thoughts on “The Randomness and The Swoon

  1. You were on Change of Heart?? Hahaha! I totally watched you.

    And you’re right. Vienna is a fool…but then so is Jake. We all knew it wouldn’t last, didn’t we!?!

    • I most certainly was not on Change of Heart and I most certainly was NOT the one who was supposed to break up the couple. Nope. Not me.
      Remind me some day to tell you all about the worst date of my life…and how that guy ended up on Millionare Matchmaker. He is still horrible. Millionare or no. Only in LA, right?

      My heart is broken over Jake and Vienna…le sigh. Oh well, on to Ali and whoever! (Thank GOD not Kreepy Kasey!)

    • mine too! I know it’s all American, but I just love the combo. When we saw that door we just insisted we shoot there.
      Thanks letting me know I can keep him forever. I’m crazy about him!

    • I’m sure both of your MILs will be happy to know that you realize that their sons belong to them and not you guys. *teehee*

    • I don’t want to share him, I’m glad I am not the only one who feels that way. I mean I will…I’d like to be a great mother in law someday. But for now, I don’t want to share. At all.
      Thanks for the picture love!

    • SarahJean! You too could have these lovely shoes for the bargain price of 21 bucks! They are straight from my favorite store, Target! Don’t say I never shared anything with ya! Thanks for swinging by my pad!

  2. That photo belongs in a magazine.

    Heidi scares me. I mean, Spencer scares me too, but he has to open his mouth to scare me. Just looking at Heidi scares me.

    • Heidi is deranged looking now…serious mental illness happening there. I really hope that she does get away from creepy Spencer and gets her life on track! Thanks for the photo love, Kate is a great photographer!

  3. OMG I used to love Change of Heart. Now I have to think back and see if I remember you.

    I mean…wait…that never happened.

    That picture is GORGEOUS.

    • thanks! and by a very very long time I really mean like an ice age. He is MINE ALL MINE!!! (don’t you agree? Your girl is YOURS ALL YOURS!)

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