Friday Fabulousness~ Blogger Body Calendar

This week was so fabulous I had a hard time picking one thing! I mean, we had the Boss’ Birthday, went to a Nationals Game and of course… I saw the President of the United States speak. Which is like…Lifetime Fabulousness really.

Someone may or may not have gotten up on to the photographer’s dias and taken pictures with the big boys. Relalted: I have camera envy.

I’ll do a full write up of that asap but rest assured that it was brilliant and amazing. I left inspired and very proud to be American and proud to be a parent.

But my Friday Fabulousness this week is The Blogger Body Calendar.

I don’t think I have ever really written about my eating disorder, not even in a journal but this project hits close to home to me and I thought perhaps now is the time to share. I am one of the lucky ones, I made it out the  other side and today I am honored to be the featured Guest Blogger. I was taken aback by how hard it was to write. How once I started I wanted to write more and more about it, make it perfect and at the same time I wanted to bottle it all up and not share.

So I sent it off unedited and full of misspellings because I knew I would chicken out …and they kindly allowed me to clean it up a bit. I had to send it right then or I never would have

For some reasong sharing makes it less mine, it breaks the bond between me and my eating disorder a little bit more. More space between us.  Whatever cracked up crazy sense that makes. It’s one more way of letting go of it. When you get over an eating disorder you are left with a big question: Who am I if I am not that? My eating disodrer was so all emcompassing it was my identity along with my addiction. And it almost killed me.

Now I know who I am without being The Girl With The Eating Disorder or The Bulimic, or any of the other labels I carried around that helped make me The Girl With The Eating Disorder, but it was a tough road to get here.

So, I ask you for a favor. Please read my post over there today. Please take the time, comment if you feel like it, and if you are struggling or know someone who is please know I am here…just an email away to supprt.

 I hope you know, each and every one of you, how amazing you are. How strong and resiliant our bodies are. Trust me on this one, you can (but don’t) abuse your body to the point where it almost stops working entirely and (very slowly) it can re heal. 

Eating disorders grow more prevalant by the day, our girls in particular are subjected to not only unattainable physical goals but false altered images and that bridge between self worth and physical beauty is short to cross and hard to cross back.

This weekend try to identify when you think a bad thought about yourself…we think hard thoughts about ourselves all the time and we need to stop.
I would never say to anyone some of the things I find myself thinking to a friend. So I challenge us to treat ourselves as we would a good friend. With forgiveness.
Be kind to yourselves this weekend! You make my life brighter and I can only hope I’ve brought a giggle to your life a time or two as well.

Please check out the Blogger Body Calendar. All proceeds will benefit the National Eating Disorder Association and hey, while you’re there, maybe give my little essay a read. It is entitled

As it turns out, I wanted to live.

Because, y’know I do.

What was fabulous in your life this week? I want to know!

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Bizzaro World and I liked it.

I really can’t blog right now, I’m too excited. It stinks too because I have things to tell you.


About how I just saw this new picture from Kate Monroe

and I felt like crying  because I don’t have that hair anymore but instead have a strange mushroom helmet. But then I went to the grocery store and saw a woman who was almost entirely bald and I got over myself. {why hello in real life parable from the Bible, I’ll take that b*tch slap now}

Or how The Boss graduated from his swim class today and even got a report card. He got an A in puts face in water and blows bubbles but needs more work on will float on back with assistance.

He even walked up to the teacher to get it. Adorbs.

I’d tell you how yesterday we took The Boss to his very first baseball game {he loved it} and to see Strassberg pitch for the Nationals {he didn’t}

And how the Nats have a great Rookies playground and a build a bear there which was suhweet! Or how The Boss took off like a shot for the top of that playground and we were so proud of him because he isn’t usually that brave. 

Then I’d have to tell you about how he realized how high up he was and tried to get to me and fall down three levels of the play ground.

nationals game playground




before landing on the soft padded ground.

I’d tell that I now know I have a blood curdling scream that can stop everyone within 100 feet in a very noisy stadium right  in their tracks.

Also how I’ve never heard The Boss screamand cry  like that but a mere two minutes later he was smiling and saying “Bounce please!” so I guess he’s ok.

I’d share with you all  how nice everyone was to us and took such good care of the Boss. Special shout out to the nice Dad who when TOTT was helping The Boss get back in the playground biz, took the time to ask how I was and reassure me that everything was fine and that his kids have done that a million times and that yes, it is scary but he is ok and that is all that matters.


Finally how I got a little bit bored at the game and took self portraits. I call this one ‘Vanity”

But the Boss just giggled and signed and said more! more baseball!

When he woke up in the morning the first words he said {after Mommy! open the door!} were More Baseball Game.

He just liked it cause they put him on the jumbotron.

Sigh. I just can’t write it all out and make it witty and funny for you because I am too excited.

Tomorrow morning I, yes lil ol me, gets to attend President Obama’s speech on education reform. I’ll never sleep tonight and I am so excited I’m afraid I’ll wet my pants with y’know, excitement.

I’d really rather not do that, for many reasons. The least of which is I’ve been potty trained for many years now and I have a perfect record.

I’d hate to mess that up.

1997 called…

I got my hair cut. I did. I totes dig the chick who cuts my hair, but somehow inbetween when she styled it and when I styled it, well let’s just say my hair time travelled back to 1997.

Finding a great hairstylist is quantum physics hard and every once in a while I still weep for my LA love guru/ hair magician Hunky Paul. Sigh. So when I found this chickadee out here I was happy. I mean, she might not be as nice to gaze at and gossip with as the Hunk but she’s good.

Except ya know, this last time.

I always bring in a photo. Hunky Paul drilled this into my little medium brown colored head.

This would be what I brought in:

This would be what I looked like after I ‘did’ my hair today.

{The boobs didn’ t come with the haircut. sads.}

I asked TOTT what he thought and he said ‘oh honey, you look sooooooo cute. In 1997. Where’s your backpack purse?’

Then he called me Rach. I told him that made him Ross and he better get to gelling that hair up and practing saying Hi in that mopey Ross way.

So I did what any self respecting gal with an immediate gratification problem would do. I grabbed some scissors and hacked off the bottom.

I no longer look like this:

I’m now sporting something more like:

{Shelby was right. It does look like a brown football helmet.}

I kid, I’m such a jokster! It doesn’t look like that! No,  I’m not rocking a mid 80’s mom do now. I’ll be heading in later this week to have her her thin out the heavy top layers and *gulp* I’ll probably have to go a little shorter. One of my super powers is super fast hair growing so I’m not too worried. Super fast hair growing super power is way cooler than say, the power to move things with your mind.

Oh wait. No it’s not.

 more like this:

and less like this:

{*Note to Target. Garden decoration fail. I am 12 and I giggled about this ahem, mushroom for 10 minutes and took a picture. I was not the only one to do so. Several grown adults were observed mimicing my awesomeness}

But for now….at least, I can leave the house without anyone singing I’ll Be There For You.

Two. The Boss is two.

Today is The Boss’s birthday,  or as he calls it his ‘Happy Day’. I can’t believe it! He is TWO! My tiny, squeeky, baby is two and Sunday we had a lovely happy day for his Happy Day.

The Boss had a nightmare around 3 am which made me make the sad face x2000 because you should only have sweet dreams for your happy day. When I went into him he had big fat real tears running down his little chubby cheeks and he put the choker hold on my neck. After some snugs and some boo-ah-booing both sides he was back to dreamland and he finally called mommy open ah door! around 9 in the am.

Good morning, I am two now.


Headed down to the kitchen for some pre-breakfast and morning presents. Happy days are like X-mas round these parts. On X-mas morning you get your stockings first and on Happy Days you get Kitchen Table pressies first. I like to get the celebrating off asap.

Elmo and little presents.

Some celebratory finger painting. They made me handprint pictures…so cute!

After a snack, some coffee (just me and TOTT thankyouverymuch) we couldn’t wait any longer…we had planned on saving the BIG pressie till after brunch but TOTT and I were crazy excited and decided just to give it to him!

Is that for me?

Auntie Keek whipped up her famous caramel french toast and egg whites, goat cheese and tomatoes on baguette…delish!

And then back down to playroom for some more play the guitar mommy!

And then….well, then he just passed right out. The Boss who wakes if a fly sneezes a mile from where he rests slept through (my very first) severe thunderstom.

HOLY BUCKETS People! That shizz is scary!

We had planned on an afternoon at the splashground but The Birthday Boy slept until 4:30 and after the rain we decided to skip it, all he wanted to do was play guitar anyway! We had a snack and some toddler dance party before The Boss’ favorite dinner of veggie tacos!
Finally? What he had waited for all day. Guitar Cake. We had practiced singing the song and blowing out the candle, but as it turns out my little guy is a bit like Frankensteins Monster. The Boss no likey the flames. I think he has PTSD from Sean and Hallie’s wedding when a votive spilled on his wee hand. (Oh mah gah I wanted to KILL myself over that one.)

Some more presents and then…his first set of wheels. It was time. He’s two and you can’t keep em at home forever.
He saw it and cried out joyously a motorcycle! uhhhh TOTT? How does he know about motorcycles? Never fear, TOTT quickly corrected him and now he is calling it his Hog.


I hope his Happy Day was indeed happy. He is such a blessing to me I simply cannot imagine a cooler person on the planet than my kid. I’m sure you feel the same about yours. I love that he was surrounded by people who love him crazy style and his day was filled with things that he likes to do. It was definitely Max day round these parts.

But then, every day is Max day.

I love you baby. Happy second birthday.

{this is crazy rough. the power kept going off and on due to the storm I guess and TOTT put this together for me even during all of that! how sweet is he? A better B-day vid to come!}

Friday Fabulousness! {morning has broken}

The Zombie arose this week. And by Zombie of course I mean me. And thus, this week after having been so dang sick, everything was FABULOUS.
You know when you finally feel good? And you’re like oh! The breeze is so much cleaner! The stars are so lovely! Oh! Those flats I wanted at Target are now on sale!

I missed you world.

The In-Laws decided to steal The Boss for a bit  on Sunday and so  TOTT insisted I get up, roll outta bed and drag a comb across my head. Then he popped my weakened lil self in the car and drove me out for brunch and antiquing.

Everyone swoon for TOTT now. Even if flea markets aren’t your thing, the fact that the dude who would sooooooooooooo much rather be drinking a beer and watchign some sports, took his woman out for waffles, lattes and hunting for an antique typwriter and such means he is an A+ stud.

Post that he took me for a little shop in downtown Bethesda. Key-ute.

I promptly fell in love with Lola and wanted to take her home. Her family said no. Can you believe that? Rude.

Meet Lola. Getting cool in the fountain. I miss you Lola.

Puppy Bear + Lola 4 ever.

{Special thanks to Lola’s fam who for some reason though I was funny and not just some freak stalking their King Charles. Ah Lola.}

Also fabulous? Where have you been all my life Germantown Indoor Swim Center ??

Oh yeah, in Germantown. Whatever people! Check this shizz out: The Boss has started swimming lessons and lo and behold slides! kids areas! waterfalls! open year round!!

The Boss is crazy lovin it and we are planning on hitching our wagon to that star all winter. How fun to escape the dreary snowiness for some splashy fun!

Locals, who’s up for a play date?
What was fabulous in your life this week? I wanna know. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anatomy of a Rock Concert

First off make sure that your front row is filled with celebs. Seen here at The Boss’ surprise concert are Frosty the Snowman, {that bitch} Ruby and her little brother Max. Todays concert was a benefit for Elmo (seen in the chair of honor and nestled in a favorite blankie) who was rendered a severed head in some sort of bizarre elmowouldmakeagreatpillow accident.

Grab your sticks and demand silence as you take the stage!

Play your greatest hits. The Boss’ treated his fans to I Me Mine, Get Back, Twist and Shout and his new fav The Empire Flooring commercial jingle.


Show off not just your mad drumming skillz but amaze your audience by announcing what color drum you are rocking.

Boo! Lellow! Weh! Green!

Whew. That was exhausting. You deserve a snack! How about a “bite of bread and butter?” {where did the Boss get that one, we wonder. Super stealthy late night crib Oliver watching?}


Safe home, y’all. Officer TOTT doesn’t like drunk drivers.

An Ounce of Pretention.

Well, well, well. lookie what we have here!

 I gotta be honest with you kids, my mind is utterly blown at this. But you, yes you and you and you and you and you all voted your little hearts out and now I am a finalist in The Social Luxe BlogLuxe awards for Eye Candy! Can you stand it?? This little blog that could is a finalist. And that’s because of you.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am crazy about this little slice of the internet I call home, and you will never know how much writing it and meeting some of you in person – not to mention your comments/emails/tweets of support have changed my life. No lie.

I know I’ve touched on just how sad I was when I started this blog. Seriously I was in the trenches. Post partum, moving away from Dub, Zu and WWJD (among others!)  being stuck stuck in Ohio, then TOTT lost his j-o-b and we moved in with the folks….it was a lot for this self sufficient chick to handle. And trust me, handle it I did not. I was drowning in self pity and depression.

Then I started to write. Trying to find the humor that used to come easily for me, the happiness in life. And yes, we all love comments, but I was so isolated in the real day to day life that that first comment to me was like a life line. And the first get together, the SITS Bloggy Bootcamp meeting people and creating new friendships really was a turning point.  I started to feel better, to venture out more. In LA I was always going somewhere and doing something so to be in a new state with a new baby and know no one was really hard on me.

So, blah blah blah basically I am saying THANK YOU. TOTT thanks you, and of course, The Boss thanks you. I’m a happier wife and mommy because I found blogland. Everyone at The American Dream is so grateful

 Thank you for reading my silly tales, for coming by, for voting for me…just THANK YOU!

Minky’s Monday Musings~And then the earth shook.

Yeah. So all those years in the City of Angels and I never once (thank God) was at the epicenter of a quake. I also never had my car broken into.

So far, LA- zero. Maryland – 2.

Oh yeah the DAY I moved here someone smashed my window and stole my GPS. Welcome to the suburbs.

And then Friday at 5:05 the bed shook like that scene in the Excorcist and I sat bolt upright and freaked out. Cause, y’know WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!

Now, let me explain that in LA we don’t roll outta bed for anything less that a 4.5. This little 3.2? That doesn’t even warrant turning on the telly or even the light. Context people. Cause here in Maryland where you don’t expect the earth to quake, a 3.2 in the middle of the night is like crazy scary.

I was not a bastian of coolness.

Cut to the morning time and guess who is hanging in our neck of the woods? All the news teams. Turns out the epienter of our little quake and the cross street where The American Dream stands are one and the same.

So once again, someone call Alanis because I have another example of ironic.

Someone may have been a little too overzalous in her feeling good-ness this weekend and is paying for it now, but it was great to get out of the house after being in bed for 6 days straight. (I mean other than that trip to Target. But I practically live there so, really that’s just like going to the kitchen.)

You know who is awesome and not sick? Dub. Oh yeah. And guess what? She’s got a new webseries and while I am like, greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen with envy that she’s all acting and shizz and I am, well, not I’ve just got to show off my sis, bro in law and my nephew!!!

Check it out, it’s a pretty funny premise and like all series it grows and get better as you go. If’n you’ve got a minute or two please take a gander at Dub’s new project. I am so proud of her and her team of talented peeps who are making this happen. Jealous though. Did I mention that? But when aren’t sisters jealous of each others projects while at the same time wanting to shout from the rooftops how awesome and blessed they are to have a sister such as this!
And since I am klutz I think I’ll skip shouting from the actual rooftops and just shout from my blog.


Lien On Me The Series

And yeah, I am totally using her video as my vlog this week. I am really not suitable for filming yet. Dub however is effing gorgeous so oogle her.

Also how cute is my Zuzu!!!

Friday Fabulousness~ Something warm and snuggly.

It’s pathetic how I look forward to taking my antibiotics. The last three nights when I wake I can take my pills is the last thought to flicker across my mind.

One more pill means one more step away from my ‘vicious’ lung infection. I hurt from coughing. My back hurts, my ribs, my lungs feel raw and Iseem to have pulled a muscle in my abdomen that was previously undiscovered.

This sickness is the Christopher Columbus of my stomach muscles.

I am ready to be well. Over ready. Beyond ready. I wouldn’t wish this lung infection on anyone, it sucks so hard core. Well, maybe Mel Gibson. Yes, I wish this lung infection on Mel Gibson. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, I want to marry whoever invented Benzonatate. Day one it did nothing for me, my infection was too bad, but day two? Oh blissful cough supressant!! I can tell the moment it wears off though, like BAM! Coughing fit. Pop pill. 1/2 hour- oh blissful cough suppressant!

You know what was fabulous this week in my life? I mean beside my Z-pack and the cough suppressant? The Puppy Bear.

Why you ask? Well first off no one is allowed to be sick in bed without a constant Puppy Bear heating pad/snuggle pillow co.mpanion

It’s a pillow, its a pet. It’s a Puppy Bear.

Also? I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday that The Boss’s hair must be cut. I mean, he was looking a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. One problem: The Boss? Not a fan of haircuts. Especially of the Electric Trimmer variety. But the Puppy Bear? Totes willing to get his shave on.

And shave him I did. Okay, not really I just trimmed him up a bit But the point is, if Puppy Bear can do it, The Boss can too! Other than one head buck induced bizarro line I believe I did a pretty decent job of a ‘do. It’s tough work when 1. you have no training. 2. you are happily enjoying the blissful cough suppresant and 3. your subject is wiggling and doing a seated version of the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey’s Clubhouse.

So Puppy Bear, you get the trophy this week. You’re the fabulousness this week. Thanks for keeping me company, sleeping through my coughing fits, and letting me – an untrained groomer- come at ya with a buzzing trimmer and shave ya down. You look cute, PB.

And yes, the trimmers were cleaned between PB and The Boss’ haircuts. Sigh. I feel guilty about wishing this sick on Mel Gibson. Even if he is a total asshat.

What was fabulous in your life this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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I’m raising the white flag. I’m crying UNCLE!!

{you can always count on the Puppy Bear for a snug while you’re sick}

Perhaps you may have heard – I am sick? Yeah, I have a ‘vicious’ lung infection and a sinus infection. This is the opposite of awesome. I finally caved once I coughed the house awake from 2-6 am on Tuesday morning and was basically ordered by my mother in law to get thee to the doctor! I tucked my  tail between my legs and was met at Dr. S’s waiting room door with a mask. That’s reassuring. Also? It totally sucks to be the person who is freaking everyone else out in the waiting room. You know the one hacking and coughing? The one you’re pretty sure is spreading the plague?

C’est moi!

Only not really cause I’m not contagious, thank the kittens. So me, my Z-pack, cough suppressant and throat lozenges are stuck in bed. I mean, except when I’m looking after The Boss. But TOTT is home and while totally devastated that by the lack of River Street Sweets pralines, he has decided to take the day off tomorrow to hang with the kiddo and let me rest up. Antibiotics make you tired y’all! What’s up with that?

Since we were on vacation {and I have the plague} I am woefully behind in reading all of YOUR blogs, and thus I declare today to be “what have you guys been up to while I was gone” day.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? So, today I’ll be checking out all of your blogs! (Which I usually do, but I’m going to be better about commenting today and not just reading.)

If you’ve written anything you’re particularly fond of; let a girl know! I don’t want to miss anything and we all know that sometimes I’m not all that quick on the uptake. But this time I have a doctor’s note. Actual lack of oxygen.

It’s not as fun as it sounds.

Tomorrow will be Friday Fabulousness again!  Like Lacey Chabert in Mean Girls I’m trying to make( fetch) Friday Fabulousness happen.