Friday Fabulousness~ It’s the little things.

I am wondering if my joy at my Strawberry Bonne Bell Lip Smacker is disproportionate to it’s actual value. Which was $1.99 by the way.

Every time I slather it on I am transported back to my youth. Only this time I am one of those girls. You know the ones with the perfect wave bangs and the eyeliner perfectly on the inside of their lower lash line. They have the perfect Le Sport Sac mini purse with a long handled comb and they smell like strawberries. Strawberry lip smackers. I am one of those girls and I most certainly do not have Coppertone orange streaky legs and no one calls me Casper, which sucked. Even if he was the friendly ghost.

Being a mouth breather this week has not been my fav. My nose is stuffed to the top of the Chrysler  Building and I have a mean case of the chappies. You know what helps? You got it.  $1.99 Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in strawberry. I also recommend Dr. Pepper. Get while the gettin’s good y’all. It’s not going to be 1989 forever.

While I was out shoppping for {the Bride and Groom} myself I wandered in to Kohl’s. I’m not a big Kohl’s shopper, but I managed to somehow come home from Hawaii without the bottoms to my swimsuit which does not bode well for next weeks trip to Myrtle Beach. Or maybe it does. {hubba hubba} No, it’s definitely a bad sign.

Note to self: waxing appt. STAT!

Note to self the second: You still don’t have a bottom to your swimsuit. Nice.

But I digress…quelle surprise! The boss took of like a shot straight through the store  having been freed  from his Target cart prison and there it was…God rays. Holy Chorus of Angels. I love a good cheap bag. I especially love a quality vegan bag. and oh! YAY! A yellow one. And a pink one. How to choose? My two faves. Oh, Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiter? Are you there Twitter, it’s me Minky.  Of course you, you never disappoint.  Except when you constantly fail whale. But truly my tweeps never fail and soon enough I had back up. I ALWAYS know what I want. But sickness has stolen my resolve and I needed a second opinion. I got 7 of them from my fashionable fabulous Tweeps. Yes, you are part of my Friday Fabulousness too. I love my new bag, it was on sale and then at the register even more on sale and then they gave me a 15% off coupon! Oh, Kohl’s, you had me at hello yellow purse! (today…I’m not sure about always)

And lastly…NyQuil. First off YOU LIE! You’re ‘original soothing flavor’ does not ‘taste better than ever!’  It tastes like menthol poop. And I am not sure that there are varying degrees of better tasting menthol poop.

But thank you, NyQuil for helping me breath and sleep last night. Even if I had trouble waking up this morning and found my mother in law getting The Boss out of his crib. Awesome.  I love looking like a crap mommy in front of her.  That notwithstanding, thanks for the rest. And the oxygen flow. I’m pro oxygen, you know.

We are off to Park City, Utah tomorrow for a wedding and then to the beach for our fab vacation and 20,000 girls dancing at ShowStoppers. The 8 year old in me dies of envy a bit.

As always this little sick dude is the most fabulous of the fabulous in my life.

So, what was fabulous in your life this week?

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