Friday Fabulousness~ Something warm and snuggly.

It’s pathetic how I look forward to taking my antibiotics. The last three nights when I wake I can take my pills is the last thought to flicker across my mind.

One more pill means one more step away from my ‘vicious’ lung infection. I hurt from coughing. My back hurts, my ribs, my lungs feel raw and Iseem to have pulled a muscle in my abdomen that was previously undiscovered.

This sickness is the Christopher Columbus of my stomach muscles.

I am ready to be well. Over ready. Beyond ready. I wouldn’t wish this lung infection on anyone, it sucks so hard core. Well, maybe Mel Gibson. Yes, I wish this lung infection on Mel Gibson. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, I want to marry whoever invented Benzonatate. Day one it did nothing for me, my infection was too bad, but day two? Oh blissful cough supressant!! I can tell the moment it wears off though, like BAM! Coughing fit. Pop pill. 1/2 hour- oh blissful cough suppressant!

You know what was fabulous this week in my life? I mean beside my Z-pack and the cough suppressant? The Puppy Bear.

Why you ask? Well first off no one is allowed to be sick in bed without a constant Puppy Bear heating pad/snuggle pillow co.mpanion

It’s a pillow, its a pet. It’s a Puppy Bear.

Also? I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday that The Boss’s hair must be cut. I mean, he was looking a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. One problem: The Boss? Not a fan of haircuts. Especially of the Electric Trimmer variety. But the Puppy Bear? Totes willing to get his shave on.

And shave him I did. Okay, not really I just trimmed him up a bit But the point is, if Puppy Bear can do it, The Boss can too! Other than one head buck induced bizarro line I believe I did a pretty decent job of a ‘do. It’s tough work when 1. you have no training. 2. you are happily enjoying the blissful cough suppresant and 3. your subject is wiggling and doing a seated version of the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey’s Clubhouse.

So Puppy Bear, you get the trophy this week. You’re the fabulousness this week. Thanks for keeping me company, sleeping through my coughing fits, and letting me – an untrained groomer- come at ya with a buzzing trimmer and shave ya down. You look cute, PB.

And yes, the trimmers were cleaned between PB and The Boss’ haircuts. Sigh. I feel guilty about wishing this sick on Mel Gibson. Even if he is a total asshat.

What was fabulous in your life this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fabulousness~ Something warm and snuggly.

  1. My week has been fabulous because I gave up on evil potty training until we get back from vacation. I hate potty training. I’m seriously considering waiting until she’s 8 and then having a rational conversation about it. I hate, hate potty training.

    My plan is to keep her in diapers until we get back and then not leave the house (not even for my beloved yoga) until it’s done. Not looking forward to that AT ALL.

    Glad you are feeling better. I’ve heard prescription cough syrup is basically hydrocodone so enjoy that!

    • Oh man, I fear for potty training!! I say good for you taking a break. Diapers will be far less stressful on vacay than potty training!!
      I did indeed enjoy my cough suppressant. I made me a dizzy and happy. And also stopped the coughing. Which was vile!

      • Tell me about it!!!! He is 4 going on 16.. it is crazy and yet very very amazing…. to watch a little mush ball turn into a unique person with opinions and thoughts…. and ohhhh man…. I swear there are times I realize that he is just as stubborn and opinated as his momma.. while being just as sensitive… it all goes by way too fast….. as the baby turns 14months old and is looking more and more like a toddler.. time really does fly by so quickly!

  2. So sorry I missed your party this week. We host Hubs’ family reunion every year – 70+ people at our place. Luckily we have an acre so they’re usually outside. But today it’ll be over 100 deg. Think quite a few will be inside!

    Hope you’re feeling better. Can’t believe you found the strength to post! I’ll be back next week with something Fabulous!

    • Whoa. That’s a lot of work! how did the reunion go? Sounds like a blast! I’m about to redo another dresser and I was thinking about you, because I think I want to tackle an actual painting or faux finish. Terror.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I haven’t gotten caught up on your blog because I just realized that since you moved your blog, I no longer get your updated posts. Do you know what I do in order to begin getting your posts again? According to my list, you haven’t written any posts since the moving van came and took your blog to a new home!

    • I have no idea why but that’s really upsetting! Will you resubscribe? I think that will redo your updates. I’m glad you found me again! How are you feeling?

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