Two. The Boss is two.

Today is The Boss’s birthday,  or as he calls it his ‘Happy Day’. I can’t believe it! He is TWO! My tiny, squeeky, baby is two and Sunday we had a lovely happy day for his Happy Day.

The Boss had a nightmare around 3 am which made me make the sad face x2000 because you should only have sweet dreams for your happy day. When I went into him he had big fat real tears running down his little chubby cheeks and he put the choker hold on my neck. After some snugs and some boo-ah-booing both sides he was back to dreamland and he finally called mommy open ah door! around 9 in the am.

Good morning, I am two now.


Headed down to the kitchen for some pre-breakfast and morning presents. Happy days are like X-mas round these parts. On X-mas morning you get your stockings first and on Happy Days you get Kitchen Table pressies first. I like to get the celebrating off asap.

Elmo and little presents.

Some celebratory finger painting. They made me handprint pictures…so cute!

After a snack, some coffee (just me and TOTT thankyouverymuch) we couldn’t wait any longer…we had planned on saving the BIG pressie till after brunch but TOTT and I were crazy excited and decided just to give it to him!

Is that for me?

Auntie Keek whipped up her famous caramel french toast and egg whites, goat cheese and tomatoes on baguette…delish!

And then back down to playroom for some more play the guitar mommy!

And then….well, then he just passed right out. The Boss who wakes if a fly sneezes a mile from where he rests slept through (my very first) severe thunderstom.

HOLY BUCKETS People! That shizz is scary!

We had planned on an afternoon at the splashground but The Birthday Boy slept until 4:30 and after the rain we decided to skip it, all he wanted to do was play guitar anyway! We had a snack and some toddler dance party before The Boss’ favorite dinner of veggie tacos!
Finally? What he had waited for all day. Guitar Cake. We had practiced singing the song and blowing out the candle, but as it turns out my little guy is a bit like Frankensteins Monster. The Boss no likey the flames. I think he has PTSD from Sean and Hallie’s wedding when a votive spilled on his wee hand. (Oh mah gah I wanted to KILL myself over that one.)

Some more presents and then…his first set of wheels. It was time. He’s two and you can’t keep em at home forever.
He saw it and cried out joyously a motorcycle! uhhhh TOTT? How does he know about motorcycles? Never fear, TOTT quickly corrected him and now he is calling it his Hog.


I hope his Happy Day was indeed happy. He is such a blessing to me I simply cannot imagine a cooler person on the planet than my kid. I’m sure you feel the same about yours. I love that he was surrounded by people who love him crazy style and his day was filled with things that he likes to do. It was definitely Max day round these parts.

But then, every day is Max day.

I love you baby. Happy second birthday.

{this is crazy rough. the power kept going off and on due to the storm I guess and TOTT put this together for me even during all of that! how sweet is he? A better B-day vid to come!}

23 thoughts on “Two. The Boss is two.

  1. This could be the absolute coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I can not get over how incredibly talented and advanced he is at 2. What a kid you both have. Love you guys.

  2. “Let me ride the hog” was one of the funniest and cutest things ever! Happy Birthday to Max!!! He is such a cool little guy.

    Oh and can you please share some family secrets and post your Auntie Keek’s recipe for the “famous caramel french toast”. I’m drooling just thinking about what that tastes like.

  3. Happy Birthday Max! Yah these kids are getting big and old… marc is in 3 weeks and really I wonder where the last two years went…. and I’m really starting to want another (WTF is wrong with me I still remember the late night [heck we still have late nights])

  4. Oh my heavens!!! I swear my ovaries just melted into a pool of goop at his cuteness!!!! Adorable just isn’t the word! How do you manage to get anything done? I’d just be sat gazing on his cuteness all day lol!!
    Looks like he had a wonderful Happy Day 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! He is pretty cool, I think! He has been obsessing over guitars for almost a year now!! As for talking…sometimes he freaks me out with his sentences.

  5. Happy, happy birthday to The Boss. Who is a cute as ever I must add. Wish we could have celebrated our babes birthdays together. Miss you. xoxox

  6. For real? I can barely take the level of adorable that is your Max. My favorite….when he “sang” You say it’s your birthday with guitar. That is just so freaking cute. And this makes me realize a few things.
    1. I MUST start using my video camera and actually capturing moments of my kids.
    2. Clearly I’m failing my duties, since my kids don’t play guitar, really know what guitar is, nor care. Oh wait, but we DO have a “comeracha” (Maraca) player in Maggie and a Comonica (harmonica) love as well.

    Looks like Max had a GREAT birthday. Kudos on the cute cake. And, I’m gonna totally need to try the delish looking goatcheese, egg white number you showcased as well. Just sayin.

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