1997 called…

I got my hair cut. I did. I totes dig the chick who cuts my hair, but somehow inbetween when she styled it and when I styled it, well let’s just say my hair time travelled back to 1997.

Finding a great hairstylist is quantum physics hard and every once in a while I still weep for my LA love guru/ hair magician Hunky Paul. Sigh. So when I found this chickadee out here I was happy. I mean, she might not be as nice to gaze at and gossip with as the Hunk but she’s good.

Except ya know, this last time.

I always bring in a photo. Hunky Paul drilled this into my little medium brown colored head.

This would be what I brought in:

This would be what I looked like after I ‘did’ my hair today.

{The boobs didn’ t come with the haircut. sads.}

I asked TOTT what he thought and he said ‘oh honey, you look sooooooo cute. In 1997. Where’s your backpack purse?’

Then he called me Rach. I told him that made him Ross and he better get to gelling that hair up and practing saying Hi in that mopey Ross way.

So I did what any self respecting gal with an immediate gratification problem would do. I grabbed some scissors and hacked off the bottom.

I no longer look like this:

I’m now sporting something more like:

{Shelby was right. It does look like a brown football helmet.}

I kid, I’m such a jokster! It doesn’t look like that! No,  I’m not rocking a mid 80’s mom do now. I’ll be heading in later this week to have her her thin out the heavy top layers and *gulp* I’ll probably have to go a little shorter. One of my super powers is super fast hair growing so I’m not too worried. Super fast hair growing super power is way cooler than say, the power to move things with your mind.

Oh wait. No it’s not.

 more like this:

and less like this:

{*Note to Target. Garden decoration fail. I am 12 and I giggled about this ahem, mushroom for 10 minutes and took a picture. I was not the only one to do so. Several grown adults were observed mimicing my awesomeness}

But for now….at least, I can leave the house without anyone singing I’ll Be There For You.

17 thoughts on “1997 called…

  1. Oh, to have a good stylist. That you can semi-afford to pay. Ah, this is akin to the Holy Grail. Well, even if it is a little 1997 at least it’s not hideous 1997. There are worse throwbacks to be had….

    • That is no joke. It IS like the Holy Grail. And I love her so much I’m willing to give her one more shot…But seriously? I don’t want to look like Rachel.

    • I KNOW!! I giggled for like 3 minutes before I could even bust out the iphone for a pic. Couldn’t even wait for Hipstamatic to warm up…old school iphone camera. So wrong….
      I only took one picture of the rachel, ugh. I’ll take one of my hair now tonight. I looks much better!

  2. WTH is up with that mushroom? That’s just all kinds of wrong.

    And I can guarantee you that your hair looks better than mine right now. I got a bad cut in January and the growing out process has been hell, despite going to two different stylists to “fix” it. Hoping to get it fixed when I go home for a visit in two weeks.

  3. Hilarious! So this is what I am missing by avoiding The Tar-Jay these days! Thank goodness I have you to fill me in and perhaps I will never shop there again. Kidding. Me and Target are taking a break and my credit card thanks me for it although if I see that garden decoration, I am definitely running away!

  4. Yeah, that “mushroom” thing is disturbing on soooo many levels. REALLY Target? Innocent children will be hurt.

    So sorry about your hairtastrophe. It IS hard to find a good stylist, and even the good ones don’t always get it right. Mine is like an every other time genius. It’s wierd. Anyway, I’m just gonna say it..you big pansie, why didn’t you just show US what YOUR hair looks like. Now, I’m dying to have a peek. You know, just to make sure it doesn’t REALLY look like a scarey penisy mushroom. bwahahahhahaha

  5. your post had me cracking up.. this just happened to me. went in last week to get it fixed. i like it but now my hair is SHORT…

  6. Still doing some 12 year old giggling about that mushroom. Seriously – WTF?
    Yeah – I think I’d be mortified to walk out sporting the Rachel. I myself asked for bangs right after I had my babies and walked out looking like I was 12. It was bad. Very bad. I still own no photos of those bad months.

  7. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Target garden decoration, oh my! So the other day, I totally took a picture of some body wash at the grocery store because when I first saw the name, I TOTALLY read a different word and almost tripped over my own feet. This post proves, I am not alone in my thinking AND in the fact that I take pictures of stuff with my iPhone so I can tell people later.

    And ha at “hairtastrophe”! Even if you hate it, I know you still look gorgeous, because, well, you are.

  8. Haircuts always go back to the Rachel. Recently I got mine cut and she went a bit scissor happy with the layers and I felt the same way – thick layers on the top and not enough on the bottom – I’m growing it out because I was too fearful to let her hack at it again. It’s so funny years ago I would have killed for the Rachel do – now I don’t want it.

    Maybe there is some odd communication thing about those great new wavy hair images, mine always look similar to the ones you chose but longer (think not quite Kim Kardashian long but still LONG) and for some reason the Rachel layers keep showing up – even when I curl it to look right it’s still all wrong.

    Hair dressers are magic – I can never achieve what they do to my hair at home. 😦

  9. FUN FACT: Christina Applegate follows my @FatherKelly tweets and RTed me months ago. I got almost 800 followers in one day.

    (And Sarah Silverman follows me there too among others. We’ve chatted)

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