Bizzaro World and I liked it.

I really can’t blog right now, I’m too excited. It stinks too because I have things to tell you.


About how I just saw this new picture from Kate Monroe

and I felt like crying  because I don’t have that hair anymore but instead have a strange mushroom helmet. But then I went to the grocery store and saw a woman who was almost entirely bald and I got over myself. {why hello in real life parable from the Bible, I’ll take that b*tch slap now}

Or how The Boss graduated from his swim class today and even got a report card. He got an A in puts face in water and blows bubbles but needs more work on will float on back with assistance.

He even walked up to the teacher to get it. Adorbs.

I’d tell you how yesterday we took The Boss to his very first baseball game {he loved it} and to see Strassberg pitch for the Nationals {he didn’t}

And how the Nats have a great Rookies playground and a build a bear there which was suhweet! Or how The Boss took off like a shot for the top of that playground and we were so proud of him because he isn’t usually that brave. 

Then I’d have to tell you about how he realized how high up he was and tried to get to me and fall down three levels of the play ground.

nationals game playground




before landing on the soft padded ground.

I’d tell that I now know I have a blood curdling scream that can stop everyone within 100 feet in a very noisy stadium right  in their tracks.

Also how I’ve never heard The Boss screamand cry  like that but a mere two minutes later he was smiling and saying “Bounce please!” so I guess he’s ok.

I’d share with you all  how nice everyone was to us and took such good care of the Boss. Special shout out to the nice Dad who when TOTT was helping The Boss get back in the playground biz, took the time to ask how I was and reassure me that everything was fine and that his kids have done that a million times and that yes, it is scary but he is ok and that is all that matters.


Finally how I got a little bit bored at the game and took self portraits. I call this one ‘Vanity”

But the Boss just giggled and signed and said more! more baseball!

When he woke up in the morning the first words he said {after Mommy! open the door!} were More Baseball Game.

He just liked it cause they put him on the jumbotron.

Sigh. I just can’t write it all out and make it witty and funny for you because I am too excited.

Tomorrow morning I, yes lil ol me, gets to attend President Obama’s speech on education reform. I’ll never sleep tonight and I am so excited I’m afraid I’ll wet my pants with y’know, excitement.

I’d really rather not do that, for many reasons. The least of which is I’ve been potty trained for many years now and I have a perfect record.

I’d hate to mess that up.

4 thoughts on “Bizzaro World and I liked it.

  1. Rolling! So glad the Boss had an awesome time at the game (the jumbotron? really?) and you’re getting used to the haircut. I’m sure it’s adorable in person —

    Have a GREAT time today! Wish I were there with you all!


  2. 1) You are gorgeous. And I’ve seen your new hair and it’s not a mushroom helmet. But if you had a mushroom helmet, you’d still be gorgeous. And if I didn’t love you (in a online friend for 10+ years kind of way), I’d have to hate you.

    2) I’m so glad you blogged about taking The Boss to a baseball game. We have one coming up and I’ve been debating if we should get a sitter. ‘Cause you know how a toddler boy is. Holy moly. Mayhaps I’ll reconsider and take him along…

    3) Holy cow! Poor ToTT, The Boss and Mommy! So glad The Boss was okay and so glad you were surrounded by lovely people who knew what your pour heart had just gone through (the panic! the fear! the hurt!). The same type of scream would have come from me had it been my little guy.

    4) Loved your report on the President. And you were totally the right person to go.

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