Minky’s Monday Musing~ Target, we need to talk.

I’m ten kinds of upset and not even my swoony President Obama afterglow can settle me down. In fact, Mr. President just gets me fired me up even more! We must fight injustice! We need Equality! Our president is The Hotness!

Wait, one of those three was kinda inappropriate.  Oh well, I stand by all three statements.

It has been brought to my attention that The Target Corporation-which has by and large been pretty groovy and cool – has donated a doctorate sized student loan amount of money to a very conservative Republican candidate who is pretty dang anti-gay.  {You can read the Huffington Post Article on it here. Obviously I encourage you to always do the research on things yourself and make up your own mind, but this is my lil old blog and I am the sad over this. Esp. cause The Boss busted my gold aviators and sigh…where else to get them for 12.99?}

Now, listen…I get it, it’s legal and all. But the demographic of Target shoppers is by and large younger, hipper and groovier. And thus (one would surmise) pretty gay friendly. I myself am gay friendly. Actually, scratch that. I’m just plain old friendly. Whether you are gay or straight isn’t an issue for me at all. I do however care if you’re nice, a good person and whether you wear white after labor day.

Okay, I was kidding about the antiquated fashion rule…plus? Winter white, people.

{Why yes, that is Reverend Minky uniting The Boss’ Guncles in marriage. I lurve them.}

I am also in love with Target. You can see my problem.  And so, this weeks musing is my letter to Target, I don’t know how to quit you…but you gotta fix this!

One of these days I am going to y’know, get dressed up for a vlog instead of filming it at 11 p.m. on Sunday. I said to TOTT grab the Flip video and meet me in the bedroom.He was totes disappointed that I just wanted to holler at Target. Also, HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT TARGET????????

Target, you are the Edward to my Bella…

Target it doesn’t HAVE to be the one I suggested, The Human Rights Campaign, but I really think they’re the way to go! You have to do SOMETHING BIG to reach out to the community and make this right. Please. Cause I. Miss. You. Already.

Dude, my hair. I cry like The Boss at 3 a.m. Sob.

21 thoughts on “Minky’s Monday Musing~ Target, we need to talk.

  1. First – I am glad you brought this to my attention via twitter several days ago and had me looking it up and posting on facebook about it . It really upsets me. And I agree they need to do something drastic to get me back in their doors. I was soooo excited because in October there is a new Target opening up very close to me so I wont need an excuse to travel 30 minutes to visit one again, but at this point I dont even plan on stepping foot in its doors. 😦
    Secondly – the opening comments about the Twilight thing was hilarious – and Ive never even read Twilight.

  2. So love Target and am sooo proud they are backing a republican candidate . We must get the congress back in balance . Several people I love dearly are Gay so the candidate’s personal feelings are his so he can keep them. Most businesses will back a republican thank goodness because it is the republicans who will eventually get everyone back to work. Don’t quit buying. We need to keep the economy going. 🙂

  3. I too saw your update on Twitter and got really upset! This just seemed so not-Tarjay at all! (This is where I would insert stuff about Wal-Mart being more appropriate, but that’s a whole different story.) I am 100% gay rights and this is just so tragic. I affectionately tell everyone that Target is my happy place and it’s not so much right now!

  4. You totally were my whistle blower for this outrage the other day. I am super pissed. And it makes me not want to give them any of my money. Which puts me in a really bad spot because I spend a lot of my money there.

    Your hair looked beautimous BTW. And it’s okay to say that the Pres is the hotness. Because he is.

  5. Do we know WHY Target chose to support this candidate? Surely it wasn’t because of his stance on homosexuality. I’ve found that if I research every brand I love dearly (like my precious Target), I’ll find something they did that I decidedly do NOT agree with. Sigh…oh corporate world, why must you be so corrupt. I hate it, but if I decided to not shop anywhere that did something I didn’t agree with, I would have nowhere to shop except local mom and pop stores. And I live in Kentucky…sooooo that’s not really an option.

    P.S.- Totes love the hair! I think it’s absolutely adorable

  6. I agree with CJ. Target is most likely guilty of not doing ALL the research before the contributed to a candidate. He’s business friendly. They probably never looked at his stance on gay equality issues because that will not change how they do business. If he changes the state constitution to define marriage one way or another, that doesn’t change Target’s internal policies about domestic partner benefits. Unless he were to penalize Target for offering benefits to unmarried partners or punish them for hiring gay individuals, they have no reason to consider that portion of his platform. What Target is guilty of here is of not thinking about how their contribution would reflect back on them in the public arena. It looks bad. And they’re suffering for it in the media. But I don’t think it was an intentional statement about gay equality rights. I think it was a contribution that was designed to elect a candidate who they think is best for their bottom line. And an object lesson to all major corporations that making campaign contributions is not without risk.

  7. RIGHT ON!


    Target is stupid if they back any Republican and not just because everyone should have equal rights but because it’s just bad for business.

    Target directs it business towards everyone (many classes, races,groups of people), they need everyone to have the money to spend on their many kinds of products. This is how they make money. If you give big business and the super rich more breaks what you do is grow a deeper divide between the people who have money and the people who don’t. This divide will result in more poor people and less middle-class which will result in less business for everyone but mostly a company like Target who needs the middle-class to survive.

    I can’t believe people still think that if we make people or business very rich it will be great for all. It wont be. If everyone is doing well then we all do better, if only the rich do well then we all hurt.

    EF esq.

  8. Might I say? I think you’re adorable. This is the 1st vlog that I’ve watched (ever – you’ve devirginized me for vlogs, just so you know). I think your hair is cute. And? you have great eyebrows.

    As far as the Target thing goes…ugh. I have people I love dearly on both sides of the Gay rights issue, so I don’t discuss this issue much…unless I feel like stirring up some drama. My feeling is that if you’re not gay, then don’t marry someone of the same sex. Allowing gays/lesbians the right to legally partner with their mates will not affect those of us who are straight…so why do we care so much? If you feel it’s immoral, then don’t do it. Just because someone else does, it isn’t going to affect you, or your kids. No one is going to “turn gay” because homosexuals are allowed to marry. I’ve never seen any gay/lesbian creepers hanging out at preschool trying to “convert” my kids. Come on.


    Sorry. I will put away my soapbox now.

    I just hope this was an “oopsie” on the part of Target. I don’t think I can quit them. I’m broke & the WalMart here is uber nasty…

  9. Its sad to me that, these days, the word Republican conjures up images of anti-gay equality, bible beating, hateful people. I know I shouldn’t group them all together, but lately its hard not to…

  10. you are the bomb diggity for doing this… i love, no… I LOVE when people not only address issues head on like this, but offer kickass suggestions on how to rectify said issues.

    awesome. awesome.

    ps- your hair is cute. shut your face.

  11. Excellent job on the vlog! And I would totally boycott Target over the issue. Of course, now I have to wonder what evil things my other favorite stores are up to. I refuse to think about it until after my birthday shopping spree at Bass. ;o)

    I’d pay to have your hair. I’ve got a style going on right now that would make Carol Brady proud.

  12. Wonderfully said! Since you announced this on Twitter, I’ve been able to stay away from Target. But it’s hard. And like someone above said, I’m sure you could find something each store contributed to that I don’t agree with. But, Target did. Whether they did with or without their research is unknown. You offered a great compromse though – the donation to Human Rights Campaign.

    The thing is, now that it’s out in the open – I do feel I should boycot Target until something is done to fix this. I supose Walmart may support things I don’t agree with either, but until I do my own research or it is brought to my attention, I”ll still shop there (or other stores – that was just an example).

  13. Can i just say that you are a rock star for clogging about a love affair, tokens, and equality all at the same time! I hope that Target does something to remedy this- i specifically did not go to target today to get my pre blogher stuff 😦
    Oh and your hair– seriously lady, it is beautiful!

  14. I too hope that Target does something about this, stat. While I don’t have the same love affair with Target that you do, I definitely love that place. And I DO NOT want to have to substitute with the “W” word. *shudder* In the meantime I will do my best to stay away. As far away as possible. 😦

  15. In reponse to the blog post and to Aunt Robin:

    Keeping the economy going has nothing to do with putting hateful people in office. Sure, he can have his personal opinions, but when you become a public official they kind of become, well, public opinions. His personal opinions do affect the economy as well. If we are too busy worrying about what everyone is doing in their personal lives :::cough cough, republicans::: then we take focus off of real issues. Homosexuality isn’t a real issue. It is a personal choice and, like you said, we have our right to personal choices and opinions. And I don’t think the suggestion made is to stop buying entirely. It is to stop buying at a company that is supporting, through monetary contributions, a form of prejudice. There are many other stores that offer similar products as Target, albeit not sa wonderful as Target ::::tear:::, but so be it. Oh and I am fairly sure unemployment was sucking it hard far before the democrats ever took office.

    “Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.’” -Charlotte Bronte

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