Friday Fabulousness~ Yard Sale Finds!

I have so many projects to catch you all up on! I am still crazy loving refinishing furniture and learning how to do more and different things. I found this mirror at the Humane Society Thrift store (I know, not technically a yard sale per se) for 4 bucks and I thought the shape was nice and I could practice a new aging technique I read about. (thanks Miss Mustardseed )If I messed it up…no biggie. Surprise, surprise I’m in LOVE!

It was white and the wood had a crack in it, so I glued the crack and gave it a light sand then painted it a lovely Tiffany (pause so you can be shocked) blue. ( I know right? You weren’t shocked at all.) Martha Stewart has these GREAT test samples, 8 oz of paint for like 2 bucks. I love them long time for projects like this! Anyway, After I painted it I beat it all to  heck with the sander. Happy Surprise! Under the white was a greenish blue and under that a barn red! Then I aged it with a dark mohagany stain, concentrating on the joints and where the bare wood was now showing through.

And here is the final product! You can also see one of the vintage glass lamps redid! Zach rewired them, but I scrubbed all the metal parts, treated them and then used a silver paint to stop and cover any rusting. That lampshade is just a place holder until I find just the right ones! So, Mirror 4 bucks. Vintage glass lamps 2 for 10, dresser I refinished…FREE! Refinishing furniture is the new GREEN LIVING y’all! (also I just realized that this picture was before I cleaned it up, etc. My apologies. It looks better now. Makes me happy every time I see it.)

Next up is a great antique table that TOTT and spotted at the same time at a yard sale in Silver Spring for 10 bucks. One of the feet was broken off, but the woman selling it still had the foot! Score. A little Gurilla Glue + 48 hour wait + wood fill + 24 more hours of waiting – oh how that wait killed me- and viola! foot fixed. Yay!

Next up was the requisite sanding and painting! Someone had thought gold bands sloppily painted on the legs would be a good plan. I thought no. Sadly the black paint I got doesn’t match, it’s more like a dark slate grey *shakes fist at Martha Stewart* but I didn’t touch the drawers and so it’s a bit two tone, very subtle and I dig it. I’m not going to do any more to this piece until I get an air compressor and spary gun. My birthday is coming up and my how times have changed! Jewelry no thanks ( and by no thanks I mean : YES PLEASE! But along with that jewelry…) please send paint tools!

I havent taken a picture of the completed table yet, but it looks just like this; only with fresh paint and a fixed leg.

Last, but not least is this vintage desk freebie that I painted red and used chalkboard paint on the desk top. The Boss LOVES this and sits coloring at it for ages. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! (yes, this was done for his birthday, but I never really showed it off…go with me, k? Thanks)

I can’t wait to go out yard saling this weekend! I’ve got my eye out for a dresser…I’ve got too many clothes and no where to put them all!!

What was fabulous in your life this week?

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18 thoughts on “Friday Fabulousness~ Yard Sale Finds!

    • She makes me crazy. I loathe her. She needs to shut the hell up already and honestly? You’re doing a public service by informing her.

  1. Lurvediddy LURVE the vintage desk all painted red. How adorable and perfect in every way.

    Love this whole blog post, not only for the pictures of things transformed (always a favorite for my decorator heart) but for your fantastical wit. “Me love you long time.” No you DIDN’T! My heart is full of happy and love for you!

    Happy Friday friend.

    • Oh yes, I DID! I just tell it like it is! You should make a desk for your Max! It was so. easy. I can’t even tell you!! I’m so glad I ‘met’ you through blogland. You always make me smile, and if I haven’t told you how much I appreciate your comments and support….well, consider yourself told. You are the awesomesauce.

  2. I linked today, got my kick off party for Scentsy going on ( blog land included in free warmer drawing )
    so figured spread the love 😀

    I grew up on yard sales, seriously the thing to do on the weekends in cali, esp if from a big family on a budget ( I was the oldest of 8 children )

    Sad memory of a yard sale though, we were driving down highway 99 on our way to yard sales when our trans van caught on fire. We all got out before it blew up, but yes, a wee bit traumatic.

    • Niece? Nephew? Just for decor? It was so. easy. And I love it! I am on the lookout for another one just incase we are blessed with another bebe. Let me know if you do it, I want to see! And if I can help in anyway, let me know!

      • I finally posted Friday Fabulous! No nieces or nephews, and my godsons are all too big, and my two favorite girls in the world (Boyfriend’s daughters) are too big. I think I may just have to do one as decor…. I have a table I’m wanting to redo. Totally need to get your advice on!! I’ve never refinished anything!

      • I can’t wait to see your table! You can always shoot me an email! dialmforminky @ I’m about to tackle a stepping stool for the boss and make a picture frame…good times!!

    • Thank you so much for linking up! I love that your man was your fabulousness. That’s the best! I’m just learning how to do all of this, but I just love it!

    • Girl you are close enough that if I see another one or something similar I’ll make it for you. Took no time and was uber cheap!

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