Minky’s Monday Musings~ Dina Lohan

Pardon my French, but you know it’s true. She is. She’s even more of a dick than that total doucher who grabbed two beers, said ‘I’m out!” and pulled the emergency slide exit on the airplane. And now he wants his job back. Dick. Also, to anyone who calls that guy a working class hero? I protest! A working class hero is a firefighter who pulls a kid from a fire, or the teacher who stocks her classroom with materials she purchased herself from her paltry income.

Those? Are working class heros. Thank you. But I digress, quelle surprise! Where was I? Oh yes, Dina Lohan. I knew Lindsey was in for it young,  you see she and I had a run in…. and now, Minky’s Monday Musings~

Sigh. For reals I think Lindsey is really talented. I do.  I hope she figures it out asap. And also I hope she goes back to her real hair.  Sorry you have such a crap mom, Linds, but there are people pulling for ya, you can do it!

Want some more Dina Lohan snark? Check out Mom in a Million and stark.raving.mad.mommy. We all agree. Lindsey has talent and Dina is a bad mom. Bad mom, go sit in the corner! I really would like to swat her plasticine nose with a magazine. Perhaps one with a coked out picture of her daughter on it.

7 thoughts on “Minky’s Monday Musings~ Dina Lohan

  1. I love Lindsey. She is an AMAZING actress. Even in the super crap movies, she shines. It’s devastating to see her talent wasted because her family is such a screw up. It would be great to see her make a comeback.

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  3. Last time I enjoyed Lindsay was when she was playing the twins in that movie with the twins in it. Wow! Somebody has a bad case of vacation brain! Anyway, point is, ever since she went nutty she’s been dismissed by the likes of me a bit, not cause she sucks, just cause she, um is busy sucking. Maybe if her parents weren’t so rotten she’d have a chance at being normal. And if she stopped drinking and doing drugs. That would probably help to.

  4. Snort!! I was hoping you would mention her orange color. Dina get off the Today show and out of the tanning salon.

    That poor girl is such a train wreck. I for one was stoked when I heard she going to jail because maybe thats just what she needs.

  5. Clue! lol! Freaking awesome. You rock. You know, it’s a damn shame that even if she saw this it would probably not resonate with her. A damn shame.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks Lindsay is talented…she just seemed like such a breath of fresh air. And umm…hello SHE’S GORGEOUS (when not blonde). It’s really a shame to see her life spiraling out of control and her mother doing nothing but enabling her.

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