The thing about The Boss is…

He is officially a BOY.

And dang if he isn’t the coolest cat I know. He might look bad ass, but he woke me up with a loud “MOMMY! I WANNA SNUGGLE!” this morning. Needless to say, snuggling ensued. He drums, plays guitar, sings Twist and Shout {among other Beatles hits}, he is generous with his kisses and hugs, and wants you to know he would like to go outside right now to splash in the rain. I think I will let him. As soon as I get dressed. {yes, it IS 10:30, what’s your point?} The Boss named the stuffed Dog Lara gave him Mugsy, because WWJD has a bulldog named Mugsy. He loathes diaper changes, but announces he will need one in a moment. He is open to negotiation in the matter, and will allow himself to be changed…if the price is right. Fruit snacks are like gold round these parts lately. He prefers a fork over a spoon, unless cereal is involved. He will reject any mini wheat deemed lacking in frosting. He holds a pencil properly, which blows my mind, and spends a great deal of the day doing things like puppy. He can count to ten, but only if he’s in the mood and never in front of strangers. He makes an awesome monkey and fishy face and will grace strangers with that show once in a while. He says hi to almost everyone he meets and will steal your girlfriend if you’re not careful. Flirting is one of his most practiced skills.

All he wants for lunch is hummus, or whipped cream. {mean mommy denying him the ‘zipped’ cream!} He informed us yesterday that my favorite color is pink {correct}, Daddy’s is blue {also correct} and Aunty Kelly’s is chocolate. When he gets excited he dances and sings the Hot Dog Song from  The Mickey Mouce Clubhouse.  If he really needs me he’ll sing oh mommy to the tune of oh Toodles. 

He would rather watch his guitar for beginners video (and I do mean vcr video) than just about any thing else. He refers to himself as Baby. Baby wanna sit on a couch with mommy. Baby sleep on a floor like puppy.

He’d like some hummus now, and also Ican smell what The Boss is cooking,  if you catch my drift {or his drift as the case maybe}. And I think you do. Now, where did I put those fruit snacks?

15 thoughts on “The thing about The Boss is…

  1. Your blog makes me happy every. single. day. The Boss is the most adorable thing ever and steals my heart. I miss my godsons being little.

    I wish I was still in DC so that I could beg to babysit sometime, or meet up for cocktails.

    • Aw! What a compliment, thank you! He’s a good egg, even if he have me a world of trouble yesterday! He was very…ummm…two. And if you’re even in DC let me know. Drinks are on me.

    • I know! Everyone told me two was going to be miserable (and yesterday not withstanding) it’s nothing but FUN! he is a blast!

  2. Ahh toddler boys. Somehow now that they have this big personalties they have managed to be even cuter. My Phoenix sounds like your Boss. He’s a crazy drum nut who loves Meeska (as he calls it) and loves older women and refers to himself in third person.

    • Ah yes. Sounds as if they are cut from the same cloth so to speak. I’m certain they would quickly form a band and steal all the ladies.

      Heaven help us.

    • Oh, I hope you have one! They are the best! (and If I am blessed witha girl,I’m sure I’ll be all THEY ARE THE BEST! too) I am glad to be a boy mom,but I’m opening up to the idea of a girl, someday.

  3. Ditto mybottlesup. For realz. And I also want to go home from this job that I dislike so that I can snuggle my little guy and enjoy every moment and then record those moments, ala Minky. 🙂

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