Just another service we offer here at the American Dream.

When Minky passed away I was very I shall never have another cat again. Then Saturday night my mother in law tentatively knocked on my bedroom door at almost midnight and said “there’s kitten crying outside, I can’t get him!” So there we were,  two women looking for a kitten in the middle of the night with a quickly dying flashlight. In pajamas. I was in pajamas. Not the cat. I should get him some though…cuz he is the cat’s pajamas. {really? Someone should take away my blogging privileges for that one} I’ve been teased about being a pied piper of stray cats on about ten billion occasions but this little guy was tricky.

He was also starving. Hunger won out and soon his little flea infested self was nestled in my arm, as soon as we were inside he took to hiding under the nightstand.  Luckily this little dude is an optimist and unblinkingly submitted to a lovely bath {or ten of them} and some flea medication. He snuggled into TOTT’s towel covered lap as flea removal surgery was administered. {just like Minky}  It was Minky all over again. We stayed up with her watching the fleas leap off her tiny kitten body and washing them down the drain.

Last night this poor stray was subjected to some more tweezering as this here squeemish gal removed even more tiny ticks than fleas. Ok, that’s an exagerration, but I did remove one from his eye lid. HIS EYE LID!

He’s a sweet little dude. Cuddlerific, that’s what he is. I forgot how fun a kitten was.  The Boss promptly announced “Baby Kitty Mo toes in paint!”

Then decidedly stated “Baby Kitty Mo a black and white guitar!”And that’s how this tiny furball came to be known as FENDER.


The American Dream boasts three other cats and one anxious Puppy Bear, so Fender cannot stay. I am on the hunt for the PERFECT home from him. And I am going to be so picky. Because I love him, I always said Minky would send me a kitten when I  was ready. When we brought him inside TOTT said ” Is your kitten here?”

I wish.  He is the awesome. Plus, he plays a mean game of tiny toddler basketball.

15 thoughts on “Just another service we offer here at the American Dream.

  1. It’s sooooo awesome that there are people like you that care about little creatures like this! I hope this little guy finds a home- Minky is surely smiling down on you from kitteh heaven!

    • yeah Im a sucker for animals. I also always buy the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I’m not sure if it’s blessing ora curse, but I do know (now) that’s hard to type with a kitten trying to play on your laptop.

  2. I’m so grossed our right now I can barely function. Good thing there are compassionate people in the world like you, ’cause aint no WAY I could take anything flea infested anywhere NEAR me.

    Hope he finds a good home. Though I’m sure he’ll be pissed he has to leave YOU.

    • dude. It was SO GROSS. I usually freak out about this stuff, I have no idea how I held it together, but now he is blissfully bug free and you can tell he is feeling much better. I’m not going to lie though. Many Silkwood showers were taken during the process.
      And everything was washes. In hot. With bleach.,

  3. oh, my goodness his markings are like my keef’s! sadly, i think keef has found another family because he doesn’t come home anymore. 😦 and, too funny, kitty mo is what we called the stray my sister found while she was an undergrad at UVa.

    i would take fender…but i’m down in va beach. plus, i think my husband would put ME out on the street. 😉

    • Boy kitty!! I am stillholding out hope that we will get to keep him, but please talk to your hubby. He is so sweet, and let The Boss carry him around like a rag doll this evening! I’ll call you tomorrow!

  4. ok, i do NOT like cats… like, at all. i am DEATHLY allergic to them and quite frankly, i don’t trust them. i *may* have once rescued a cat that was hit by a car and then throw into a bush in my parents backyard, taken it to the vet only to find out that it needed back surgery and would never be able to use its two back legs again, put signs up to find the owners of the cat i *may* have named toby… but i do NOT like cats.

    that being said, i’d totally pop some benedryl and take this little sucker if i didn’t have an 85 lb labrador who would think it was a chew toy.

    best of luck finding fender a fantastic home!

    • your unrelenting hatred of all things cat is duly noted. I mean except when they’re injured. Or lost. Dude. Playdate.Stat.You know, somewhere there are no cats. Or somewhere there is a lot of benadryl.

      • i know, i know!!! i have parents here through monday b/c we have paul’s cousin’s wedding this wknd (in g-burg of all places) but yeah, after monday i’m as wide open as a whore on a holiday.

        playdate, preferably somewhere that i don’t risk death by throat-closing.


      • I am a distinctive NO on death by throat closing, so let’s chose a safe location to let the boys run around like ragamuffins. I know it’s a drive but we are taking M to Butler’s Orchard to pick apples next weekend…

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