the truth, the whole truth.

Max at The Wiggles ]

I cannot tell a lie. I am 25. Okay, I can tell a lie and that one was it. So now you’ll know I am telling the truth from here on out. It’s a truth that was hard to come to grips with. It’s a truth that rocked the way I feel about myself. It’s a truth I need to face.

Here is the truth:

The Wiggles? Were awesome.

From the moment we arrived it was nothing but a blast. The place was obviously bursting with all the kiddie energy and it would be easy for all the teens managing the front of the theatre to be grumpy about ten bajillion toddlers running around dressed like four dudes from australia, a dinosaur, and a pirate, but they weren’t. They were loving it.  One guy, about 18 years old charged every kid who wanted to come in a high five and a ‘beauty mate’ to get in. The Boss got a big kick out of that.

But I think TOTT and I got a bigger kick out of it.

Listen people, I have done my fair share of kids shows and it is a rare thing when the true joy of performing for children shines through. It was clear from the first note that The Wiggles, love their job and more important than that, they genuinely love children. It was a near two hour show and those cats never stopped moving. What a ride!  They take the time to read every sign the kids have made and go into the audience to collect roses for Dorothy and bones for Wags.

Someone may have made the three adults who were sitting on the aisle move so that someone’s toddler could get to the aisle and give his roses and bone to Sam Wiggle. That was a wise move on my, I mean someone’s part, because then The Boss was able to get his Hush-a-bye Your Bear groove on free range style. Seriously, the leaders of the world should attend more kids concerts. Those little buggers were dancing and grooving and playing together, no thought to race or religion or even physical ability. Further proof to me that hate must be taught. Kindness is our natural state of being, my peeps! Don’t mock but it was really very touching to look up the aisle and see hundreds of kids all dancing and singing together.

We were ten kinds of sad and twenty kinds of dissapointed that The Boss’ fav Wiggle, Murray {the king of guitars, natch} wasn’t there. The Wiggles had kindly provided a little something for the ladies in his understudy, a 6’5′ dude named- wait for it- Ringo. He was fantastic, except for one thing…he doesn’t play guitar. Never fear, The Boss’ VERY favorite character Captain Feathersword to the rescue! Now, I myself have mocked the good  Captain on the daily but that guy does it all. Guitar, bass, acrobatics, and he was high-larious.  I want to do a show with that guy!

I had been so grumpy when TOTT had spent the day getting us tickets while I took down wall paper, but it was so worth it.

 As a performer I was envious of them and I appreciate what they do. As a mother, I can only say I am grateful. It was a wonderful experience for The Boss. And judging by all the parents singing along, it was pretty good for them too.

17 thoughts on “the truth, the whole truth.

  1. Look at those big sweet eyes taking it all in! What a sweet experience for you all to share together. :> We haven’t done the Wiggles here, but give my wee girl some Curious George and a listen to Jai Ho (anything with a beat!) and she’s all eyes, ears, and wiggles!! Glad you had fun!

    • I did not want to cave into the Wiggles, but now that I have and have done a little research on them I am on board. Even with all Anthony’s plastic surgery. LOL. The Boss LOVES Jai Ho {even if TOTT sings it giant ho} Toddler Dance parties are the best!!!!

  2. Taking Little Boy to go see the Wiggles when he was about the same age as The Boss is one of my most favorite memories. We had so much fun. I’m glad you loved it and enjoyed the show. Those guys definitely put on a show, especially that crazy cast member Ben. That kid shakes it like no other!
    We braved The Backyardigans after the Wiggles. Let me tell you, not as good and a little creepy.

    • Is it lame that I totally want to take The Boss to see them again? I totally enjoyed that show. I am SUCH a mom. Ben wasn’t in this show and I was so sad about that, but Katerina was and she was SO DAMN CUTE I wanted to punch her face off I love her so much. Then we met her at Chocolate World after the show. She’s even cuter up close. Damn her and her unaging adorableness.

  3. His adorableness is melting my face off. I love his little hat.
    I have no idea about the joys of a kids concert yet. You will have to be my go-to for advice on how to handle myself when the time comes.

    • I’m here for ya. I gotta be honest, I did not think I was going to like it one bit…but it was so awesome. And there is nothing more amazing than watching your little one be amazed by something incredible. It was so cool. {I totally want to take him again}

  4. The Wiggles are the best!! We took the kids to see them on Isla’s 2nd birthday, what a blast!! It was a small show by some standards (it was in Glasgow), but man WELL worth the 8 hours of travel that day!! On another note, what plastic surgery did Anthony have? I’m a leeettle bit in lurve with him lol!

    • He’s had like everything done! If you look back at the first season his ears stick out his nose is totally different and his teeth are totally capped now! He’s friggin adorable, but he’s had a lot of work!
      8 hours of travel? Totally worth it.

  5. I took the big girls when they were 2 and 3 years old, and then Annique a few years later. I know exactly what you mean about the Wiggles – we all had a great time and as kids’ music goes, they’re a lot of fun. You have some really awesome pictures though!

    • we took about 200 pictures and so much video! I really love that the idea for the Wiggles came from three of them (well,Greg…so now two) met in early childhood education classes. Max loves them! I agree, the music isn’t as bad as some…sheesh.

  6. I loved the Wiggles. See, I told you Capt. Feathersword rocks the live show. ;o) I was bummed when son #2 didn’t get into them, so we only went to the one show.

    Glad you all had a good time!

    • You did tell me Capt Feathersword was the show and you were right! That cat was amazing. We are planning on going back next year. 🙂

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