Friday Fabulousness~ That’s Detective Minks to you!

First off it’s Mumsy’s birthday! Happy birthday to my mom. The  bestest of the bestest! I love you Mom, you are the fabulousness for sure!

I am so tired you guys! Last night I shot ALL NIGHT, so I hope you’ll forgive this being up a little late! I dragged my weary self home at 5 am and The Boss thought the verysecondmyheadhitthepillow at 5:45 would be the perfect time to wake up. I coaxed him back to sleep, and when he woke an hour or so later (I don’t know. Mama was asleep.) My mother in law and husband got up with so yeah, they are the fabulousness today too!

I love being on set it is so fun, even when you have  a 10 pm call time! Anyway, I got to play a cop last night, and oh yeah you know I got my Markiska Hargitay on! I don’t usually get to play tough characters and although this was a very small part on a tv show {a reinactmet}  I am totes excited about it. The cast and crew were very nice and even when it got very late and everyone was very tired, the crew were still total professionals and I had a great time working on the show. Lots of fun!

After two years out of the game I have now auditioned for five things and booked three of them. How ya like them apples?
Yay me.

So this weeks fabulousness is WORK! And coffee. Because you cannot live through the day after night shoot without coffee. At. All.
What was fabulous in your life this week? I want to know! Leave me a comment and link up! I’m thinking of showcasing some of your favorites on mondays. Some of them are SO good, I think YOUR fabulousness is becoming my fabulous! I love reading your posts and find myself saying out loud to Fender, Puppy Bear and of course, The Boss:

Oh! That IS fabulous!

Plus now you can all say you know someone who has been on AMERICA’S MOST WANTED! {as a cop…not a suspect!}

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16 thoughts on “Friday Fabulousness~ That’s Detective Minks to you!

  1. Well, first of all, you look FABULOUS. And congratulations on being so fabulous and getting gigs. Your are all kinds of awesome. My fabulous thing this week was that a reader suggested I could punch bullies in the throat with my MIND. Which lead to the term “Mind Punch” which can be a verb, a noun, or an insult.

  2. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to see you on America’s Most Wanted! How cool is that?!?

    You rock.

    Love the pic of you and your sweet momma. The Boss looks just like her! They have the same sweet face!

    And my fabulousness post includes Boyfriend having two black eyes.

  3. Your Mom is adorable…Happy Birthday to HER!

    I LOVE that you got your “Mariska Hargitay on” that is just the BEST! Good for you and your bad self, booking jobs and shtuff!!

    As for me, just going thru the motions around here. I got to audition people for Oliver, and today are callbacks, and then I get to cast an entire freaking show, and THEN direct it and holy sheesh I’m freaking out. So, there is that.

    May your body and mind recover quickly from your all nighter! Let us know when you’ll air.

  4. so I hear theres something about being on america’s most wanted that you’ll end getting atleast calls to the police 3 times when the episode will air… its like an actor fact – that people confuse the actors with the real people and call the cops or something crazy!

    still cool badge 😉

    • Luckily I am playing a cop and not the suspect…but the cop who lets the bad guy get away. Well done officer! That’s wild and I don’t doubt for a second that happens! You shoulda seen my gun!

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