I need to get out more. Or at least change the channel.

Years ago, I used to write snarky fashion recaps for my friends, I  really loved cracking my friends up, but I haven’t done it sonce we moved.  This year I thought to myself… Self, perhaps you ought to do that on the blog, even if  you am woefully out of practice.

 I mean I can’t believe someone told January Jones that if she dressed up as the NBC Peacock (or taking over for  Miss Kitty the saloon owner on Gunsmoke) she’d stand a better chance at winning.

 And Christina Hendricks’ lavendar get up nearly caused Fender the Supah Kitteh to give himself a kitteh concussion as he kept leaping at the tv for those feathers.

Courture Cat toy. {Kitteh noggin+TV screen= tiny dizzy cat.}

But more than  the fashion, I was distracted by the fact that I haven’t seen more than half of these shows! Before I had  The Boss and we moved from LA I would have known them all…and someone who was working on each one. But now I am thinking what the heck is Treme? Did Lauren Graham forget to take off her Red Lobster Bib before hitting the red carpet?

And someone feed Lea Michelle for the love of God! (The Boss will let me watch Glee)

The times they have changed for me. I’m pondering how Wow Wow Wubsy not represented in the best comedy categrory? Why was Widget overlooked for her groundbreaking portrayal of a young lesbian in a small town?

 Moose and Zee would sweep the Variety category.  Where, oh where  was Joey Fatone’s Special Guest star nomination for his gripping performance as the baseball player who had to make the heart rending choice between the big game and his son’s birthday party on The Imagination Movers?

ROBBED, I say!
I also say I need to step away from the toddler tv!

Keri Russel’s BFF was not lying when she said “you’ll totally wear this bridesmaids dress again!”

What…just WHAT IS THIS???

It’s a shame I’m not snarking, because Rita Wilson really rocked that laugh-in beaded curtain “I know we use this to separate the living room from the dining room…but I think I’ll wear it to the Emmys!”

And it was really lovely of Anna Paquin to take time out from her busy bull fighting schedule to attend.

Fer reals a lot of change has happened in Hollywood if Kelly Osborne is one of the best dressed.

{photos from cbsnews.com}

11 thoughts on “I need to get out more. Or at least change the channel.

  1. Yea, have to admit I’m mighty confused by many of the ‘fashions’ at the Emmy’s this year. Though, who am I to judge? I live in tshirts & jeans. But, really, isn’t the fashion at awards shows supposed to let me live in fashion fantasy for a bit? It didn’t this time around. Maybe a glimpse here and there, but my, the fashion police have a lot of material to work with now!

  2. GREAT snarky recap, I lurved it. And really, Rita Wilson, freakish lavendar, black, red chick, et all were just embarassing. And it is a wierd world when kelly Osborn really does look the best.

    I didn’t even watch the emmies, I was off singing for a meeting, then I forgot about them. Oops!

    • It’s like everyone got dressed in the dark this year! I had to stop because there were too many bad outfits and so few good ones this year!

  3. LOL! Love it. I missed much of the show, so thanks for the pics & recaps. Yeah, what was UP w/ Lauren Graham’s hideousness? And Rita Wilson & Ty Burrell’s date have left me speechless.

  4. Wait! Hold the phone! How did I miss the Joey Fatone Imagination Movers episode? I’m going to have to totally check On demand for that one.

    I actually kind of love January Jones’ dress. But HATE Rita Wilson’s and Anna Paquin? Seriously is trying out for a role in gladiator?

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