Late breaking news: Ear Infections are the suckage.

Sigh. I just knew we were in for it. The Boss crashed out easy on Friday night but the whimpers creeped over the monitor every half hour like baby clockwork. He’d fuss for a moment and then back to dream land….for 30 more minute. I couldn’t sleep, Iknew itwas pointless as sooner or later I was going to be called upon to fetch the young lad. Sho ’nuff at 12:30 the wail to end all wails rang through the household and I pulled myself away from the Entourage rerun that had been keeping me entertained until the bell tolled for me.

The kiddo was not just hot, he was on fire and miserable. Popped someTylenol in him and brought him tobed with me where the poor dude informed me that his ‘ear hurts right here’ and touched his left ear. Benefit 1000 of having a hyper verbal toddle: they can tell you where it hurts! After a change into some lighter pj’s The Boss cuddled up next to TOTT and we busted out the big guns- Beatles videos on the push {laptop} and guess where he slept that night? Please, we are suckers doncha know.


A quick call to the Pediatrician the next day and some antibiotics ordered up, TOTT and I did our best to keep him happy and snuggly. Monday we marched into the doctor’s bright and early where it was quickly confirmed that my kiddo is no liar. His ear does hurt right there cause that bad boy is infected. So I bought him a ball pit. Cause I’m a total sucker. And he wanted it.

Ear infection+kid in pain+pediatrician=mom will buy a toy that means she will be chasing toys til the end of time.

Are you a sucker when they are sick? What’s the worst toy you ever bought post pediatrician trip?

17 thoughts on “Late breaking news: Ear Infections are the suckage.

  1. Awww. Poor Boss. I hope he’s feeling better. Boo is always very pitiful when he’s sick. He had strep last week & did basically the same thing. I didn’t go big guns after the Dr. visit. I just bought him a chocolate shake. For his throat, of course!

    • Great. Now I want a chocolate milkshake! I would have done the same. A cold milkshake is heaven on a sore throat! I’m sorry Boo was sick! Hope everyone is all healthy now. Strep is definitely the suckage. Hardcore suckage.

  2. poor guy!!! The sleeping with the guitar, totally melts my heart! My little guy just turned one, so we haven’t gotten into the treats after doctors, but I have a feeling after his needles this week he’ll be getting something special! Its good to distract them from the pain they are in.

    • Oh once you start you’ll be hitting the toy store after every appointment! I hate when they have to get shots, it’s the worst!!

  3. I am totally going to be a sucker when I have a sick kid. I’m glad the Boss was able to tell you exactly what the problem was though!

    So is the mustache a side effect to the antibiotics or what? 😉

    • He had to get tubes TWICE?? Yikes!! Poor guy, did he grow out of them? This is the Boss’ fourth ear infection in a year. Poor guy.

  4. Poor dude! Glad he got some meds and is on the mend. Maverick wasn’t going to watch Star Wars until he was 5. Bribed him with that when he was just 4, begged him to take some meds…then I’d let him watch Star Wars. Another time, when he was 3 and had a raging fever and would not take meds, bribed him with the husbands ever so sacred, still in the packaging, keeping it that way forever, Star Wars Potato Head. That puppy was out of the packaging and in Mav’s hot little hands as soon as he downed the Tylenol. Thank God for chewable Tylenol and Motrin. I haven’t had to do as much bribing…

    • You and I are so alike. I woulda let him watch Star Wars too. I am looking forward to being able to give him chewables. He is pretty good at taking the pain stuff, since it has more sugar in it than chocolate milk. But the antibiotics are another story. Also? please move back. I miss you.

  5. Since our pharmacy is at Target…we never get out of there with just medicine. Worst was probably when I bought her an “Our Generation” doll (Target’s American Girl knockoff) after kindergarten shots.

    I’m a sucker too.

    Hope he feels better soon!

    • I am going to go bankrupt if we havea girl. Boys are expensive enough without all the accoutrements that girls need!! I am not going to get out meds at Target for that very reason! I’d never get outta there for under 200!

    • oh! Three months is such a sweet age. Still baby-riffic but more personality coming out. I was a sucker then too…still am. I think it’s the way to be!

  6. Fortutenly no. Last year was bad. We eventually had to have Joshua’s tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes put it. Between the ER and Ped visits with both boys, we would be buried in toys, even more than we are now. I’m glad we didn’t get into the habit, but I could easily see myself doing that. My mom with a Pediatric ICU nurse. Her philosophy was if you weren’t on a ventilator, you weren’t really sick. So with my own kids I occasionally overcompensate for that.

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