Flattery will get your everywhere.

A few weeks ago I got the best #FF on Twitter. @stayathomebabe tweeted “Follow @minkymoo because she likes brave” I hadn’t really thought about it…but I do. I really admire bravery. And the bravery that I see on the interwebs consistently humbles me. Every day women confess to their shortcomings. They proffess their triumphs and share how they have survived great trajedies and obstacles in the hopes that it might help someone else.

I find this astonishing.

This week I got an email asking for my help….a very flattering one at that! One of my readers is in the process of changing her life by applying to be a Mamavation Mom, a program that was started by one of those brave women on the interwebs

It just so happens that today I am cutting out the jokes and getting real about postpartum anxiety over at postpartum progress. {Click it!Read it!} Since I am guest posting there, I figured she could guest post here!

And now, I present to you the very brave CJ. Read till the end, watch the video, vote and then enter to win that gift certificate so you can buy me those boots I am giving up…day one and already I’m struggling.

Hello there! This is CJ (@CJinKY) coming to with a special guest post!Mamavation™ is a social experiment and weight loss campaign in social media with the goals of teaching moms healthy living lifestyle choices so they can share with their family. Mamavation™ is a two part campaign: (1) a virtual healthy living boot camp for two moms and (2) the home of the first virtual healthy living sorority in social media, the Sistahood™ .

Stephanie has been kind enough to allow me to tell you about a little something special I have going on:

I’ve been overweight my entire life. I remember being a child and being afraid to play kickball at recess because seriously, no one wants to be that slow-running fat kid. Instead, I just sat on the sidelines and let the cycle continue. I took dance lessons for ten years and remember my mom literally having to sew two costumes together since the largest size fit tightly instead of flowing like it was supposed to. I’m SICK and TIRED of being overweight and think it’s time to turn things around not only for me, but for my entire family. I don’t want them to suffer through the same things I have.

Now I’m sitting here in my twenties with over 100 lbs to lose. 100 LBS! That’s an entire other person. I’ve already lost about twenty, but could really use a kick in the pants to get this thing in gear.

I don’t want my children to sit in their rooms crying on a Saturday night because they’re too self-conscious about their body weight to go out and make friends like I was. I don’t want my daughter to miss her senior prom. I don’t want my son to be afraid to ask that cute girl out. I don’t want my parents to die a pre-mature death because of obesity-related issues.

I have been selected as a finalist to be one of two Mamavation Moms. What the heck is a Mamavation Mom? Here’s an explanation taken directly from Mamavation.com:

As a healthy living bootcamp, Mamavation™ is an opportunity for two moms (Mamavation™ Moms) to change their lives together by entering into a 7 week healthy living boot camp created to give them the tools they need to succeed. The will receive a professional nutritional plan created by Cynthia Pasquella @CPasquella and a fitness program created by Tracey Mallett. They will also receive  Earth Footwear, an EA SPORTS Active, Tracey Mallett and Tae Bo DVDs. The program was created and is managed by @bookieboo, with the goal of teaching moms how to live life better. The Mamavation™ campaign plans to give them the tools they need to succeed, in hopes that they will create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

All six finalists (myself included) are now up for a vote to see which two will be selected. This is where I need YOUR help!

Please take the time to view my application video and vote for me (@CJinKY) here:http://www.mamavation.com/2010/10/vote-for-mamavation-mom.html

Also, visit my blog cjssentiments.blogspot.com to enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway for voting for me.

Much Love!

4 thoughts on “Flattery will get your everywhere.

  1. Loved your post. I am so sorry you had to suffer through that for a year. And it makes me so happy for you that you a) have a kick ass doctor and b) are doing so much better.

    This: “And if you think someone is struggling, take their hand, look right in their eyes and ask “How are you?” ” gave me chills. Absolutely this.

    And I would say, even if it doesn’t appear they are struggling, ask “how are you?” anyway.

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