Friday Fabulous~ Pretending you’re rich edition

One of the best things about having the same random buy me things day as Keek is that she always picks out spoiling services instead of material things. Case in point Wednesday night Keek and I headed over to Red Door Spas in Bethesda and got our spoil on. See, our random buy me things day falls sooooper close to the most wonderful time of the year: SPA WEEK!

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Does your city have spa week? Check it out, cause it’s the schizz. 50 bucks for a facial, massage…all kinds of bells and whistles.

And if you can get into the Red Door Spa DO. And do what I do…pretend you’re rich and you do this all the time. From the moment you check in and they hand you cucumber water and then escort you down to the private dressing area where you will change into a big fuzzy robe…pretend this is something you do on the regular.

I had a deep cleaning facial and oh mai gah…I want to sleep on one of those adjustable bed thingies they place you on. I want to sleep under one of those warm steam wands that steams your face into youth. I swear, I have not been that comfortable since…ever. And for reals and for true I looked so glowy and fabulous afterwards! She put some sort of magic potion around my eyes that was obvioulsy made of unicorns and luck dragons. There is no other explanation for how my laugh lines  were temporarily banished to a land far far away.

There is nothing better than getting spoiled, especially when you get to go with someone you really have fun with. We had a great time and already agreed that Christmass will be filled with gifting one another with spa certificates. {although I have a project I am going to make for Kelly! I can’t wait!}

So this week’s fabulous is GETTING SPOILED!!!! And doing it for next to no money! Spa week. It’s the fabulous!

What was fabulous in your life this week? I want to know!
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8 thoughts on “Friday Fabulous~ Pretending you’re rich edition

  1. That does sound fabulous! I dont think we have a spa week here 😦 I’ll definitely have to research though and make sure that I’m just not in the know!

  2. Ummm, we’re totally not cool enough around here to be having no spa week. HOWEVER…I do LURVE me some spa treatments, and miss getting them. I have a friend who used to have money (always been a mystery as to where it came from) and she would book rooms at swanky hotels all the time and then treat us to spa days. DELISH! Then, my sis in law is a licensed massage therapist and she worked at a swanky spa and we could go in anytime and get free services or super reduced. There really is NOTHING better than being pampered like that. I’m so glad you got to. Now though, i’m totes jealous and need to figure out how to score me a facial and a massage!

  3. I am the dork who is uncomfortable in situations she’s not used to, so I always feel clumsy and like there’s a big neon sign pointing at me saying “Look at me! I’m new here!”

    I need a spa week. But I’d settle for a day. And when I get that day, I’m going to try it Minky-style.

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