Sister Wives, say what?

Sister Wives is over. Whatever will I do???  When does Big Love start? Because Lawdie, I love me some polygamous family tv. Reality. Scripted drama. Doesn’t matter to me. Of course as an ex-Mormon; which is a story for another day….but as an ex-Mormon I can tell you that never once in all my Mormon life did I ever meet up with anyone who was just a waiting for polygamy to make a big comeback.

Plus? None of the Mormon boys I dated could really handle one girl, much less four. Actually, if TLC is a listening…I’ve got some names for you. Serious comedy will ensue. For. Reals.

But whatever random splinter group of Mormonism supports polygamy, I’d like to thank them. What on earth would I do on Sunday nights without your shows?  I mean, the Big Love- Sister Wives kind of polygamist natch  The bizarro Cultish, Compound living, big hair kind that marries off it’s teeny boppers girls and kicks out it’s young boys…don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Know what I’m saying?

But I digress. Sister Wives. Are you guys watching this trainwreck of sad/awesomesauce? 

So, Barb, Nikki and Margene all live in one big house with their just sweet enough to not be a total douche husband Bill….wait, crap. I’ve got it all mixed up again. Sister Wives is Big Love true life, you know without the Hollywood casting. The threesome is Meri, Janelle and the Margene one whose name I can never remember because her look at me-ness makes me cahrayzay, but they all seem to be kind and to genuinely care about one another. They certainly seem to care about one another more than their husband does, and honestly even more than he seems to care about his hair. Which is a lot.

I must admit that my enjoyment of this show is derailed (sticking with the trainwreck analogy) by how much I worry about Barb errr…Meri. First wife or not this woman has the sads. And not the cute I has the sads, the serious kind. The possibly medication might be a good idea kind.

Also a good idea? Finding a husband who will listen when you bare your soul about how taking yet another wife will break your heart. Unless she is freaking Meryl Streep {and she is not} that was one of the most sad panda things I have ever seen in my whole life. This woman needs a hug big time. I want to take her for a spa weekend and just give her pep talks for days. She hurts my heart.

I mean just her unexplained infertility is the sadness. And then bam! Two more wives who just pop out bambinos on the yearly, and here is poor Meri. Just waiting for her time to come. It never comes, you guys. And now? Brunette Barbie Robin is on the scene. Robin is 30. Meri and Kody have been married for 20 years. Nothing says happy anniversary like marrying another woman who could have been flower girl at your wedding! I mean, if she could have gotten out of fifth grade to attend. She’s skinny, sweet and you know the Trinity just bitch about her behind her back no matter how much they say they love her.

I also was especially thrilled with how shocked they all were that they were being investigated…WHA???? Outting ourselves on TV means people know I am a polygamist? Quelle surprise.

Here is the thing I don’t understand…and I REALLY need someone to explain it to me. How is this illegal? Morally icky, yeah. Totally wonking up your kids…yes! Good TV…HELL YEAH! But illegal?  I don’t understand.

Say Kody is married to Meri (which he is legally) but cheats on her with three other women and has kids wtih them. He provides for them and is involved in their lives, but the wife doesn’t know. He’s clearly scummy, but can’t be arrested. I mean, I guess he could on adultery charges, but have they arrested anyone for that since 1702?

The only difference between that situation and this Sister Wives sitch is that all the women know and agree to it. And actually have pretty strict rules about how this whole thing works. So how is this illegal when only ONE of them is legally married and the others are basically mistresses who all agree to this arrangement.

Make no mistake, I think it’s gross. But illegal? I need some one to explain to me. Please.

I also need to know when the next season starts, and can I give them make overs??? I really want too. We’ll start with the shoes. I have a testimony for cute shoes.

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39 thoughts on “Sister Wives, say what?

  1. I thought I was the only one who was questioning the legality of this whole polygamy thing. If everyone agrees to it, why the hell should anyone else care? He’s just cheating on his wife like tons of other guys. So the other woman are okay with it… big deal. And I’m pretty sure Meri is NOT okay with it. Did you see them all on Oprah? She clearly has jealousy issues.

    • Oprah was so hard to watch! Meri was so upset and she talks herself into being ok, but you can see she is depressed. I seriously think she is clinically depressed.

      • I didn’t know they were on Oprah! Darn it! I guess I’ll have to see if they have the episode online. Poor Meri. I think you’re right, she really must be depressed.

    • I think the legality is when they actually are married, so have certificates of some sort. THis particular sit, didn’t, they were “spiritually wed” so no legal docs.

      I totally agree, polygamy in my mind is gross and there is no way I would ever share my man, EVER ( and for the record I am LDS, so glad to have been born in this time 😉 ), but hey if others want to, then what the hey? You have pro athletes with 8 different baby mamas and that is ok? But some dude in total need of a hair cut wants to “wed” his baby mamas and it is no longer kosher? mmmkay?

      I only watched one episode, my friend kept telling me to watch and it is so true, they are all sweet to each other’s faces then cry about things to the camera later. wtheck?

      I used to live out in Saratoga Springs, UT just west of Lehi and we used to tease that the really big houses with 3 mini vans were polyg houses, it is nice that years later we are validated with proof they are 😉

      • That is so wild you used to live there and just KNEW they were polygs!! Good instincts! That is exactly my point, why is it okay if all the women don’t know about and or/hate one another…but if all agree to it?
        Sigh. It’s sure is gross, but whatever.

      • Thanks for the hit up on my blog 🙂 I figure slideshows save space 😀 Also, I get like 100 pics behind and so fastest way to upload and catch up 😀

  2. Didn’t you just LOVE Kody’s reaction when Meri asking how he’d feel about her taking a new husband?

    Just from that, I could go on for days on how horrible and wrong polygamy is. DAYS!

    Keeping it illegal has to do with protecting rights. It probably is no different than a husband cheating (and just getting away with it) and since he’s only “spiritually” married to the others, they technically aren’t breaking the law. This is probably why there aren’t that many polygamist prosecuted. On the other hand, making it legal would make this lifestyle “acceptable”, which it just is not. (Meri’s sad eyes says it all.)

    There are many places in the world where polygamy is legal, but their society is set up to support it. Ours is not, especially when it comes to affording a family that big. I only have one spouse and two kids and we’re barely making it. I want to know know Kody can afford 4 wives, 145 kids, and an $80K Lexus.

    No, really? What is your secret, Crazy Hair?

  3. Very interesting show!

    Just a quick note: Je suis en fille formidable (‘en’ should actually be ‘une’ unless of course you’re ‘in girl’).

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  5. Totally feeling you on the legal aspect. Know what else should be legal? Teaming up the 145 kids and allowing them to crotch kid Pops until he’s rendered permanently impotent.
    I hope there’s a season 2 and that wife #5 is a hairdresser.

  6. I started watching that train wreck last night. I am a reality watching t.v whore. What can I say ;)PS. Your rendition is hilarious. Youre like the Madden of reality tv commentating 😉

  7. Okay, those shoes are terrible… get your ex-Mormon ass in there, pronto. They’ll trust you, because you used to believe in polygamy too, right??? 🙂 Just put on a long skirt and pretend you never left the compound.

    I have always wondered why it’s illegal. Not that I have any desire to be one of five wives… well, at least not when all the dishes are done and the laundry’s caught up. When I lose my toddler under the pile of dirty laundry (whatever, I’ve only done it once), I do occassionally wish I had a wife.

  8. Oh goodness, I don’t watch this show but I loved reading your post. I can’t bring myself to watch. I just feel sorry for all the women…how low must your self esteem be to accept that you alone are not good enough for one man and agree that he needs four? Perhaps I don’t understand because I don’t watch…but it just makes me sad….=(

  9. I freaking love all things polygamy…..except when it comes to my marriage. I’m all for monogamy then. BUT, this show is so addictive. Kody seems like a big kid and I hate how all of the women gang up on him and call him an idiot. That’s not nice. But his hair, geez, before you start making over the wives puh-leeze give this man a hair cut. I hate floppy hair on a middle aged man.

  10. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Girl you got some splainin to do STAT! Keepin your ex-Mormoness from the current Mormon. WHATEVER! Get on that story pronto.

    That said, I have never seen this show, just heard people talking about it around the blogosphere. I don’t get polygamy at all. I would NOT be ok with it, it’s just wierd….and wrong. I’ve seen Big Love, ’cause someone walked up to Jer at work one time and said “You’re a Mormon….you need to watch this, then lets discuss.” It was the first season on DVD, he got totally addicted to the show and has since seen them all. I don’t love that show either. It’s just, I don’t know…unrealistic.

  11. I LOVE this show. I haven’t watched last night’s episodes yet because I don’t want it to be over. I don’t really have a problem with polygamy, provided that we’re talking about consenting adults. I think the government’s main issue has to deal with welfare fraud, and of course the extremists who are marrying off 15 year old girls. That I definitely have a problem with, too. I would love to know what he’s “selling” that allows him to afford that family though.

  12. You had me at “ex-mormon” just like Sister Wives had me at “I just let Christine do that”. ; )
    But, joking aside, I can’t wait for season two, if there will be another season with the legal issues going on. I agree – I don’t see how the police could try this case, especially since it was a high profile case only founded via their show – it would mean they’ve been targeted by the police and discriminated against – why them, why not the polygamist family down the block instead?
    Seriously it’s a fascinating situation – the dynamics involved. However, I think if polygamy becomes legal in the US, particularly in Utah…Houston we have a problem. How will the mainstream LDS church handle that? I can see the minds of hardcore Mormons thinking “God has finally spoken and given his OK again!” I don’t know. It’s just all a big mess (but I’m a reality fan so I keep watching.

  13. I haven’t seen the show. As a rule I avoid reality tv. I figure if I want to experience more reality, I can well, turn off the tv. Not that their reality is anywhere in the same universe as my reality. I’m opposed to polygamy for a couple of reasons. But the biggest is it seems to be subject to significant gender power imbalances. But the reality is, that isn’t necessarily any different that many marriages, especially historically speaking. It’s not what I want, or would consider ethically appropriate. That said, and I am sure if I ever run for political office this will come back to haunt me, I agree with you and question why it is really illegal.

  14. Polygamy was legal in Utah until it became a state. One of the concessions the government of Utah made to become a state was to make polygamy illegal.

    Read John Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven, It is a fascinating look at Mormonism. It is my understanding from that book that families like Sister Wives and families like Warren Jeffs get themselves into trouble via the welfare system. They often commit fraud when they claim welfare.

  15. This show is a trainwreck of proportions I can’t fathom. I haven’t watched a single reality show since season 1 of Survivor. this is the shit to me. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. I’m with you on why exactly it’s illegal. They’re not legally married to each other. Only Meri is married legally. I think next year, Meri’s gonna throw a wrench in it all and leave. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s a douche and probably hogs all 43 hair dryers in the house. There’s only so much of that a girl can take. Keep up the good Sister Bitches coverage!

  16. I dunno… I’m thinking of taking on some sister wives. I could use the help!

    I think the legality issues are specific to Utah where statehood was dependent on the LDS church ending the practice of polygamy. They have laws against cohabitation of unmarried people and adultery. But I think the bigger issue these days is that the “unmarried” wives often collect government aid because on paper, they look needy. (6 kids, no husband… so sad.)

    I totally get why the wives are so close, but I DON’T get why Kody? First of all, what’s with the K? Second of all, I don’t get what he brings to the equation unless it’s a lot of money.

    And yes, I want to give Meri a hug and a pony. 😦

    (Also? Did anyone else catch that Christine is such a great cook and she was making fish tacos with FISH STICKS in them?)

  17. I can’t believe this man found one woman to marry him let alone 4. He is kind of a douchebag.

    Also, I don’t understand the whole I picked the dress and one of the wives gets mad thing. That was odd to me.

  18. So against Polygamy yet so addicted to that show. Trainwreck is right. It’s horrible but you can’t stop watching! Those poor women. And the kids! Can you imagine?! I was so glad to hear that one of the oldest daughters has absolutely zero intention or interest in becoming a polygamist wife.

    And, to go back to Meri telling Kody her feelings. I loved his response, how there’s no right answer to the question and any answer would be admitting that what he was doing was wrong . . . duh big guy! Did Captain Obvious just rear up and slap you in the face?! What an idiot!

  19. Hey, as another ex Mormon, I think the issue here is equality; The Saints believe that there will be polygamy in heaven, that women should not be allowed to pray in church, that the man should be in charge, that homosexuality is evil and so let them kill themselves (Utah leads in suicides for young males 14 to 24. All of this harks back to Joseph Smith’s polygamy, 30 some secret wives, and extreme sexism. Now why does Utah use twice the anti depressants of any other state…mostly women? Go figuere.

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