Definitely NOT in love with Alexandria, VA. {except that I totally am!}

Yeah…Alexandria? You’re not so cute with your darling little streets and your George Washington Church. And all that adorable fall decor? Hmpf.  You think you’re sooooooooooooo cute.

Cutesy little Antique and thrift stores filled with treasures.

And your oh-so-precious little pumpkins.

I just want to let you know Alexandria, VA that my beloved home of Los Angeles has EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Yup. Los Angeles has everything you do, cutesy adorable Alexandria. It sure does.

It’s called The Warner Brothers Lot.

12 thoughts on “Definitely NOT in love with Alexandria, VA. {except that I totally am!}

  1. Whahahahaha! I loved Alexandria! It’s beautiful when they set the huge Christmas Tree up during the holidays in the main square! & I love.adore.worship getting holiday decorations there! Oh, and the trees all lit up during the holidays while you stroll….

    It’s gorgeous!

    • oh! Good to know! My sister is coming for Christmas and I will be sure to save my pennies and take her there. I love Christmas so much I had a Christmas wedding! I want to move to Alexandria…or Savannah. I gotta be honest, I fell for Savannah!

  2. Yeah but it is on the other side of the river… I know your not a native Marylander so you can’t fully appreciate the rivalry. Mine made worse by 2 hours a day I spend in the car crossing said river. But you are right, I do have soft spot for Old Town as well.

    • I know being from LA, I think everything looks like a movie set….but the whole town was right out of a movie! I can’t wait to go back at Christmas!

  3. Haha, aw. The East Coast definitely does have some cutesy towns. Los Angeles definitely has some appeal though too. What brings you our way? Vacation or work?

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