Steppin’ Out {lazy days edition}

Last week I plum forgot to take a picture and link up…shame on me. I rest assured knowingthat you would all be soooper inlove with the various yoga pants/hoodie combos that I rocked all last week, you’ll just have to imagine their glory.

And this week…well TOTT was out of town so you get a stunning self portrait taken in Auntie Keek’s room with her fun house mirror.

Coffeeย  Cup: Starbucks {what? That’s an accessory!}

Necklace: JCrew

Sweater: Old Navy

Long Tank: Nordstroms

Leggings: Target

Boots: Target

{ I love these boots. I get compliments every time I wear them. Love them}

Linking up with Harper’s Happenings. You should too! What did you want to wear this week? Enquiring (Nosy) minds (me) want to know…


20 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out {lazy days edition}

  1. You are skinny and beautiful…. I HATE YOU! Okay maybe I don’t HATE you but sheesh woman you got it going on! And I am oh so thankful that your blog posts have mysteriously decided to reappear on my Reader feeds, I have missed you.

    • Oh yay! I’m glad it’s working again…I lost over 300 RSS subscribers when I moved and have no idea how. It sucked! Glad you’re back, don’t lose me again!

  2. love those boots. It looks like i need a pair of them! everyone is wearing them, and we have perfect fall weather for them right now! And yeah, no Target in Canada ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and Zellers and Walmart just dont cut it!

  3. You’re too cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ I heard you stopped by the shop today! Isn’t it a lovely spot? Check out my post tonight about an upcoming Junk Swap with me and the Graphics Fairy. Would love it if you could come.

  4. We woke up to SNOW in Utah two mornings this week…that turns my wardrobe into the same Lucky sweats that I have slept in now for a week, my hubby’s ratty old tshirts and fuzzy socks! If I am going out…of course I never leave without a hat..maybe that is because the rumors are true and I NEVER wash or do my hair…hmmmm…maybe my husband has the right idea by shaving his head!! Love the snuggle pants, sweaters and scarves that a Utah winter brings!!!!

    Love your style!!!

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