What’s better than a cute boy who is funny? Nothing.

Have you met Jamie? Well if you haven’t let me introduce you. Jamie meet everyone. Everyone, this is Jamie.

Things you need to know about Jamie.

1. Funny 2. cute 3. baby gear guru 4. did I mention funny? 5. although he isn’t tight enough with Taye Diggs to help me get a groove back meet up, he did sell him a crib mattress. 6. Jamie has no blog. We must convince him to join us. Be one of ussssssssssssssssssssss.

And now I present to you…The Baby Guy himself, Jamie Grayson!

Give him some love, people. 

Hello.  For those of you who don’t know me, or haven’t read my blog (since I do not have one, I can understand how you could have overlooked it), I am TheBabyGuyNYC.  I encourage you to look at my site for a wee bit more about me, because I’d rather tell you about a few “entertaining” stories that happened to me whilst working at BuyBuyBaby in Manhattan than talk about myself.


I was originally hired to demonstrate the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Rocker, a high chair with rocking chair legs that popped out to rock your child (a nice idea, but one that didn’t quite work……at all). Je*** was hired before me to demonstrate the infamous Bugaboo Frog, whose popularity had reached absolutely absurd heights due to our friends on “Sex and the City.” They also taught you how to make a vibrating bouncer seat using sex toys on that show, but that’s another blog posting. The “stroller boys” as we called ourselves were a motley crew….around 10 of us…all young, some with college educations, some fresh out of high school, some with kids, some that probably had kids and didn’t know, and me: the token gay. When Je*** would go to lunch I would take over demonstrating what one of my clients lovingly referred to as “a chariot for yuppie larvae” and extol the virtues of the flippable handle, the lovely colors, the shock absorbers in the frame—my lord, how magical can a stroller be? This same gentleman also called the Bugaboo a “stroller for rich white men on the Upper East Side and their Japanese wives.” He then purchased one and proceeded to live the dream. Sidenote:  his wife was Asian.


That’s how this all began.


A few days after I began, a very tired lady plopped onto the computer desk next to me.  The following is a dramatization of what happened.  Feel free to grab a friend and act it out—or invent a fun voice. 


Me:  Hi!  How are you doing?

Pregnant Woman:  I am having a C-Section at 6:30 am.  I don’t know what I need.  Strollers?  Car seats?  Diapers?

Me:  Excuse me?

Pregnant Woman:  That’s right.  Just tell me what I need.  I am having it all delivered to my house in the (insert trumpet fanfare here) Hamptons.  I have a baby nurse.  I cannot deal with a baby.  I’ll be recuperating on the beach.

Me: Of course you are.


Sadly, this situation would be repeated by different women throughout my time at that store.  People prepare for a year for a nice vacation.  It’s a shame some people don’t prepare for a new life.  It grosses me out.  This is just one more reason I swear by this motto:


A Lack of Preparation on Your Part Does NOT Constitute an Emergency on Mine.


Until next time—


Jamie “TheBabyGuyNYC” Grayson

I’d like to ask Jamie a couple of questions about this encounter (having worked in a fancy pants shop in Beverly Hills I can tell you that this is a dramatization yes….but it ain’t all that dramatized if ya get my drift.) My first question would be how on earth did you not just slap that woman? Next would be, how does a strapping young lad such as yourself become a baby gear guru? And lastly, I actually heard the Hamptons fanfare…should I see a doctor for that?

I’m so glad Jamie posted over here and I hope he knows he’s welcome to crash at my blogging place any time he likes.

Even if it’s not the (insert trumpet fanfare) Hamptons.

Have you guys ever run across a mother to be such as this one? I sure have. Such mother’s may be cooler than me….but little booties make me squee. So there.

{and now, if you’ve got a minute can you guys check out a little thing I like to call “I went to the rally and all I got was to meet some amazing people” over at iVillage?}

10 thoughts on “What’s better than a cute boy who is funny? Nothing.

  1. Jamie…pleeeeeaaase do a regular blog…you’re brilliant, hilarious and a great writer! I’d love to hear more of your stories and I know I’m not the only one…all your twitter fans would love it too!

    Nice Halloween pic 😉

    Thanks Minky Moo for getting Jamie to write his first blog post 🙂

  2. I love this post. Hilarious. And yes- I know some of the momma’s you are talking about. Tis sad…albeit twistedly entertaining. Too bad for the future kids…

  3. Funny post and sad, as I have absolutely encountered that level of narcissism and entitlement in this world. I am completely torn by the fact that reproductive choice, is and should be a fundamental right, and some people should just not be allowed to procreate.

  4. Minky, love the guest post. Jamie, yes, please get your own blog and let us all follow you! I have never met such a horrific mother as the fancy lady in your story! I do believe they are out there but I have been fortunate not to meet one in person – yet. I can’t even imagine! I love my baby girl and all her spit up and poopie diapers! I have not been on a real vacation since she was born but that does sound like a fantastic reward for making it through the first year (half by myself mind you) – this is a hint to my husband of course 🙂

  5. It is hard to believe that there are women like that out there, but I suppose there are. Thankfully I have not met one like that myself I do hope that you continue on your journey to becoming a regular blogger. :o)

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