Good Morning Starshine~

{The Boss enjoys a rare excursion outside of the house to get ice cream. Not excited at all.}

I woke up this morning feeling great! I practically bounced out of bed while little Disney birds chirped a merry tune and helped me dress.

That’s an utter lie.

I am still sick as the proverbial dog. BUT~ I did awake today determined to act as if I feel ok. My darling Boss has now perfected his imaginary soup recipe and brings me “more soup mommy” from his play kitchen in hopes it will make me well and be able to play “Weeble Weeble” with him. They wobble…but they don’t fall down, doncha know?

I’ve been giving the Unisom/B6 remedy a whirl, and to be honest…I’ve stopped puking, so I’m putting one check in the win column for that. Still dizzy, exhausted and all around yucky feeling though.

Wait, scratch that I FEEL FABULOUS!!!

{I’m trying out a Field of Dreams if you build it they will come mindset, think it’ll work?}

Saturday I felt well enough to attend a Swanky Junque swap with ten brilliant women and the loverly Miss Mustardseed herself. It was a glorious time, being among ‘my people’. You know? Those other frugalistas who dumpster dive and send their husbands 20 million craigslist posts a day saying I NEED THIS! We had lunch, we had laughs…It was just what this old gal needed. I was determined to make it there, and I did! Miss Mustarseed even sacrificed an old grocery scale so that I could have it. We picked numbers 1-10 to chose from the available ‘junk’ I had #4. I thought I was safe…no one else seemed interested in my lovely rusty old scale! But Marian aka Miss Mustarseed had #3 she made a beeline right too it.

Sigh. I must have made a noise of some kind and despite my protestations that really, truly she didn’t need to (and she didn’t, there were so many other choices of brilliant things to have!) she insisted that I take the scale and she chose my birdcage that I brought! Heavens knows if she even wanted that birdcage, but I do think it says a lot about the kind of person she is to have done that.

My beautiful scale, thanks to Sarah aka The Thriftress who brought it and Miss Mustardseed who took one for the team and let me have this treasure!

Swoon. Someday I will have a kitchen of my very own to hang that bad boy in….I lurve it. I also got a fantastic mini serving dresser which I am going to redo as the baby’s changing table and then someday it would make a great microwave cart/kitchen storage. You know, for my future kitchen along with the scale.

Soon enough.

Most importantly, I want to thank ALL of you for all your congratulations and well wishes. Also for all of the remedies for ‘morning’ sickness!  I have an appointment tomorrow and will de discussing more options with the doc, cause I can’t be laying on the couch forever! I’ve got a toddler to play with, and he is moving so fast! I’m missing it all and that kills me as I feel like our precious time alone is quickly dwindling. That’s good, another baby is on the way and I can’t wait! But still, it’s just been me and The Boss for 2 years. We are bestest buddies, joined at the hip. True loves and I don’t to miss any of this special time before our vicious gang becomes larger by one more blessing.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning Starshine~

  1. Aw, how I hope the “morning” sickness passes for you swiftly! Especially because, as you say, you have so much enjoying to do with The Boss yet 🙂 Love that pic of him. Looks a little like I imagine I must look when someone, anyone, mentions icecream!

  2. That picture is amazingly awesome!

    Hoping you start feeling better soon!

    P.S. I was on River Street this weekend and was ordering my pralines for them to ship out for Christmas Prezzies. Made me think of you!

  3. Pleasure meeting you at the “swankathon” last Saturday, Hope you begin to feel better soon! It sucks but so worth it in the end.

    P.S. Your son is too cute!!!!

  4. Oh I wish that I had a thrifty eye for things like that! We are…well eventually going to be remodling our upstairs and I was hoping to make our living room in a vintage theme. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.
    Hope you feel better soon and keep looking at The Boss’ happy face…

  5. That picture made me squee. Then I squeed again when I read you’re preggers! I’m behind, I know.
    So happy for you, darlin’.
    Don’t know if someon already told you- but Preggie Pops worked like a charm for me. Little lollipops made of essential oils that totally keep the pukey feeling at bay.
    Yay! Thanks for the double squee!

  6. Uhm, that picture is reDONKalously delicious. I could eat him. No really, hide him if I ever see you.

    ALSO? I just realized where you have been! THE PREGNANT BUG GOT YOU TOO! CONGRATS!

    ::runs to hide from said bug::

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