That’s what it’s all about.

Yup. That’s what it’s all about. {And it is not the hokey pokey, bee tee dub.} It’s about babies and magic and we had more than our fair share this Christmas.

While this little Stinker and his cousin Zu slept Santa came and showered these two good little boys with love and toys. Things have been so rough the las couple of years, and this last 6 months has brought a bit of breathing room…I do believe Santa got a little carried away.

But the near 2 minutes of stunned silence as The Boss looked from basketball hoop to train table to drum set  unable to say a word but an amazed whispered “Santa” was more than worth it.

I’d sell a kidney to get that look again.

God Bless us, every one.

Tomorrow is the DAY!

{Sorry I’ve been missing in action. Actually that should just be a standing apology for the last three months or so, huh? Let’s just all admit that I have been a sucky blogger during this pregnancy and man! once I get out of the habit of doing something my lazy booty takes ages to get back in the saddle. Gotta work on that}

Tonight Auntie Dub and Zu Zu the Magnificent hop on an airplane and whilst the Boss sleeps {pleasepleaseplease} peacefully they will sneak into the American Dream and when my beloved angel boy wakes his cousin Zu will be here! Yes, right here in our very own home! The Boss has been saying for ages “Zuzu is coming” and frequently takes my phone to chatter “Oh Hi Auntie Heather, when are you coming to play with my toys?”

The Answer my dear Boss is TOMORROW!!!

Today will be filled with last minute cleaning and shopping at trying to buy some food that Zu can eat. Because of his PKU he can’t have any protein. Imagine that! As a vegetarian and raising a vegetarian child I am always trying to make sure we get enough protein, but my little Zu can’t have any!

I am bursting at the seams for them to get here! It’s going to be such a blast seeing the boys play together. Especially since The Boss has finally learned the magic two year old word.


We were in the car the other day listening to Billy Joel and TOTT sang

“I don’t care what you say any more this is my life!”

And The Boss screamed


I know it’s wrong to laugh at your kids…but I did anyway.

The Boss’ morning ablutions taken care of he declares himself ready for company.

And maybe some finger painting and cookies.

From this day forward…

Today TOTT and I celebrate 4 years of marriage. For all that we have been through in those four years it seems so much longer. And yet it seems like the blink of an eye. I can’t think of anyone I would rather be in the trenches with than TOTT. He is my best friend and the love of my life. {After The Boss, natch!} Here’s to four more years, and then four more years. And then four more. NO TERM LIMITS ON MARRIAGE!

I still do.

Happy Anniversary honey! I love you! 

Grr. Argh.

{The Boss NOT annoying.}

I am not the happy glowing yoga doing Isn’t Pregnancy Lovely momma. I am, apparently, the woozy angry oh my GOD stop being stupid or I will flip out on you momma.

Now I’m just guessing…but it’s not as nice and far less likely to be featured in Pregnancy Magazine. I’m just annoyed. Everything is ANNOYING. And some things are downright infuriating.

Annoying: I know I bought veggie chili, where in the blazes did I put it? Or maybe I didn’t buy it. Also I forgot Goldfish cracker and fruit snacks.

Infuriating: My Doctor “So you suffered Postpartum Depression?” Me: “Actually I had postpartum anxiety with intrusive or OCD thoughts. Doctor: “So you had no injurious thoughts toward your child?” Me: “no, not at all. More like nightmares I couldnt stop all the time, 24-7. Anxiety about the baby dying etc” Doctor: “Hmmm. I don’t think that’s a postpartum issue. That’s not postpartum depression.”*t. sherlock.

There are many, many different kinds on postpartum issues and oh yay!  my lovely doctor has no idea that they exist, apparently if you’re not wanting to off yourself or hurt your baby you are a-ok. How many women have suffered needlessly just to be told their issues weren’t real?

INFURIATING. Every time I think about it my blood boils. Yet another reason I am grateful that Katherine over at Postpartum Progress asked me to share my story. And in a random bit of kismet I had just decided that I could my little blog to vent about how annoyed I was when Katherine sent me an email informing me I was one of the top ten writers on her site this year. I am so thankful that she let me get it out, and even more thankful that my post was not only welcomed but that I got such a response from it. Emails, facebook posts and comments saying women were experiencing the same thing, or knew someone who was and now they would insist on getting help. I’m lucky that my general practitioner recognized it and insisted that it wasn’t normal.

And now I shall practice letting it go…being infuriated that is. But dang if that doctor didn’t minimize my experience and people I am here to tell you it is no small thing to suffer something like that. Ok…again. Letting it go.

I am almost to the second tri. It’s so close I can taste it! I can taste it even through that horrible metalic taste that can only be quelled with massive amounts of pineapple. This baby will be made entirely out of pineapple. And coca cola. Which I NEVER drink. Except now. Nothing like carbonated chemicals while growing a human. Whatever! I gotta do what I gotta do! And what I gotta do is eat pineapple and drink coke. At least salad is back on the menu. Finally.

{I updated the iVillage post to embed my video! If you haven’t taken a gander please do! And then check out the new video up on the iVillage site, there is a new video every Tuesday and Friday}

How do you guys let go of things that make you crazy?

Who is that on iVillage today? oh, it’s me!

{photo from Miss Mustardseed. Can you even stand how perfect her decorations are? I die.}

So you guys remember how before I became unable to life my head without horking my guts out I was obsessed with yard saling and hunting around flea markets and upcycling furniture? How I ruthlessly, and pathetically, attempted to recreate some of Miss Mustardseed’s fabulous designs? Well, I’m still obsessed. Although at the moment the most I can do is glance at my many unifinished and unstarted projects hoping I’ll be able to get at least one of them done before we all freeze for winter and they have to stay put till the spring. I don’t have a garage workspace so I have to work outside. It’s 32 degrees right now.

That ain’t happening.

Anyway, the time came for my second iVoices report to be done and I suggested upcycling! They loved the idea and I even got to go and interview Miss Mustardseed herself. At this point I’m just gonna take that gal out for lunch, she is so much fun to be around. (also remember she’s nice. She let me have that awesometastic antique grocery scale when she totally didn’t need to. She got that scale fair and square.)

Anyway! My report is up and running! And while I look a bit green around the gills and early baby bump-ish I think it came out great! And you can even get a glimpse of The Great Catsby who insisted on making an appearance. It was either snuggle the little bugger or fight him!

Snuggling was a clear winner!

So if you’ve got a minute will ya give it a gander? I can’t wait to do my next one!

Click it….you know you want too!


I’m still standing…or rather laying about.

Well I made it. A van trip to Ohio and back for Thanksgiving. Let’s just say that when you are so nauseous you want to die while laying on a non-moving couch that 8 hours in a van is less than awesome. But it was worth it. Four days with the great-grandparents, countless cousins and Aunts and uncles! The Boss was in heaven getting to spend so much time with his cousins K and L, and I was in heaven watching him pretend to back cakes and learn to sing the Scooby Doo theme song.

Late breaking Scooby news, I have been informed that there is a new Scooby show and that VELMA and SHAGGY ARE DATING! What in all the unholy alliances is that?

We had to say goodbye to some things this past week. I love to see the new progress that The Boss shows off every day, but it’s just going too fast and my heart aches with each mispronunciation or special Boss named item that is replaced by it’s proper name.

This week “otay” was replaced with a lovely and very proper “yes, Mommy”

“not this one!” was replaced with “instead” INSTEAD people. He actually busted out this sentance: “Not Buzz and Woody! Max and Ruby INSTEAD”

Let’s not discuss his preference for Max and Ruby at the moment, it pains my heart more than just a little bit.

His mind is constantly working. He is really into pretend play right now. Putting babies to bed, bathing them, feeding…it’s really fun. He got a ‘baby’ at Toys are Nus (as he calls it, all to soon to be replaced with the proper name” and he promptly named it Baby Paul, you know, after Paul McCartney. We bath and feed and change Baby Paul’s diaper a lot round these parts. My heart always swells when he rocks his baby and tells me “mommy, I’m gentle with the baby” I truly believe he is going to be a great big brother.

He and Baby Kitty Mo (heretofore to be references as The Great Catsby) continue to be BFF and he spends a lot of time holding Catsby and rocking him. The other day he told me it was time to put Catsby to bed, so he started rocking him and singing Baby Mine to him, like I sing to The Boss every night. He used no lyrics, though he knows them, the melody was perfect but instead of the words he simply sang Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow.

You know. Cause Catsby doesn’t speak English, so The Boss spoke cat.

He has become a master of negotiation. We make deals constantly. He wanted to go to Toys R Nus, we wanted to go to Target. Actual exchange.

The Boss: I wanna go Toys R Nus!
Me: How about Target?

The Boss: How about Toys R Nus?

And his biggest sentence to date? “Do you want candy Mommy? Because I want some candy.”

I am in a lot of trouble with this one!