iVoices on iVillage New Years Resolutions…

Last year I made all kinds of resolutions. All kinds. This year I made none, really. I mean other than getting over my embarrassment at returning to the gym after a long absence, with all the other resolutionists. Remember when I used to go to the gym? Those were good times. I wonder if Hair Towel Turban man and Mustache Guy are still there. But I am finally feeling better (thank you second trimester) and I gotta tell ya, my booty has dropped about three inches and my thighs be spreading like butter.

I don’t think we can blame that on the fetus.

So this week I shall swallow my pride and head on out to the gym, toddler in tow and attempt to not hyperventilate on the lowest setting of the elliptical. Wish me luck, cause you know I’m gonna need it.

Oh wait! One more resolution. Sorta tied to the first one. To not break the 200 pound barrier with this pregnancy like I did with the Boss. This will be tough considering this kid only wants a few things. And two of those things are cheese and bread. And also salt. I might as well give up on this one already!

I was sweetly asked to participate in the iVoices Resolutions report! I hope you alll had a glorious New Years Eve and here’s hoping 2011 is a grand one.

With healthy babies, big raises, safe cars, new places to live and lots and lots of laughter and happiness.

Thanks for sticking with me this year. Your comments, emails, tweets and messages have been a source of inspiration, consolation and frequently you guys just plain old made me get over myself and cracked me up to the point of weeping while laughing.

And laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. (I also to resolve to watch Steel Magnolias more often.)

Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “iVoices on iVillage New Years Resolutions…

  1. Glad you got to the gym. What a challenge w a toddler, though. Is there like a childcare place there? Or did you let the little one wander through the free weights?:) I remember trying to exercise with my 2 yo (now 12). I went to this yoga class for moms and their kids. While we were meditating with our eyes shut, my son knocked over a candle and started a fire.

  2. You are adorable. And you were a gorgeous pregnant woman when you were pregnant with Max and I have no doubt it’s the same now. You are the type of pregnant woman all women want to be. Beautiful skin, gorgeous hair, glowing and just beautiful. I could only dream of looking like you when I was pregnant. Happy New Year to you, I wish for a healthy household for you in the coming days and for the entire year.

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